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Bird Flu.. Is it Because Terrorism isn't Working Anymore? Save us cororate masters!

Is the bird flu danger going to occur in all the cities that are protesting the war? Will it be used to keep all of us inside when we aren't working or consuming? They've already taken as many lives and liberties as they can for the war on "terror." Next the war on germs. War drums.. war drums.. 100 dead! Stir up the paranoia!
I work in a place where CNN is always on and I read the ticker from the corner of my eye. I happened to catch 4 ticker messages and snippets of nuse related to the prescription drug companies responding to the crisis.

"SponsorCo is the only maker of this drug that we need for this epidemic" (go stocks go!)

"ArabCo Drug Inc can come up with a generic by early next year. (Not our bosses!)

"SponsorCo vows to remain the only company that can make Tamiflu." (Go stocks go!)

"Arabco claims big bad bug is becoming resistant to Tamiflu."

The whole while there are tons of PR ads from prescription drug companies. While them and the media are in bed together they might as well sell some ad space.

The prescription drug companies get most of thier research done by the government, which has an easy time justifying paying for all this because its good for the common people. Isn't it good for the common people when they find a new medicine to help our sick? Of course! The only problem is they then use that information to develop a drug (they just basically decide that to call it and what shape pill to form it into. they gotta have some research and development, even though most of it is just focus groups.) So anyway they take this knowledge aquired by tax dollars and sell it at a huge markup.


Tamiflu for me Tamiflu for you Cipro for Bush 15.Oct.2005 00:03

Big Bird

We are due for another pandemic like 1918? Bullshit.

flu feature flies 15.Oct.2005 07:30


Is it not interesting that on the same day the (p)Resident sez he wants congress to authorize using the militagy in event of flu epidemic, that CNN conjures up a serious flu feature story for multiple repeats?
- lots of people wearing paper masks and stories of ths Spnish flu that killed gazillions.
mutating viruses are a genuine health threat possibility, but this smells more like a campaign to control the unruly masses so BushCo can do something really nasty.

it's all terror - the Bush/Cheney excuse for martial law 15.Oct.2005 15:12


plague buster link

think about:

1) a dozen of the world's top microbiologists mysteriously die, disappear, commit suicide or are murdered between 2003-2005. therefore one of the top lines of defense against an epidemic or bio-agent are removed.

2) the rigging of 9-11 as an excuse to invade Afghanistan and Iraq becomes all the more obvious.

3) the ridiculous moron, Brown, is appointed to "lead" FEMA

4) Brown's "response" to FEMA leaves us with a thousand dead in New Orleans, plus a de-facto ethnic cleansing of the city under the machine-guns of hired Blackwater thugs.

5) Bush declares that the problems of the failed response to Katrina need to be "fixed" by allowing US Armed Forces to intervene in the case of "natural disaster" or "terrorist attack"

6) now Bush declares that posse comitatus should be discarded so that US Armed Forces can "control" an outbreak of avian flu

what does all this add up to? think about it! Bush, or more correctly his masters, are practically telegraphing that they will introduce some kind of "flu" which they will use as a means of declaring martial law to "isolate" the affected population.

for any of us who rise up and cry "LYING TRAITOR BASTARDS!" they mildly declare "oops, you must be "infected," off to the "quartantine zone" for you!"

and this Bush is the grandson of the man who built concentration camps in Nazi Germany for cash!

face it, we are already infected! infected with the treacherous scum of AIPAC, PNAC, OSP, who would slay us to slake their insatiable thirst for power and money.

indictments and impeachment proceedings have to start NOW or you will find yourself in the "zone" soon enough!

U.S. military to buy huge quantities of Anthrax 16.Oct.2005 15:36

Jody Paulson

Hmmmm. We went 30 years without having to worry about an outbreak. What's changed?


"Newscientist.com reported that Edward Hammond, director of the Sunshine Project, a U.S.-German organisation that designed to prevent the use of biological and chemical weapons, discovered numerous contracts that relate to the U.S. army's Dugway Proving Ground in Utah, in which they ask companies to tender for the production of huge quantities of a non-virulent strain of anthrax, and equipment to produce of other biological agents."

Oops, I was thinking about smallpox ... 16.Oct.2005 15:38



neuriminidase inhibitors 17.Oct.2005 19:27

angry AU

TAMIFLU was stolen from taxpayer-funded Australian research that resulted in the world's first neuriminidase inhibitor, effective against all strains of influenza (Italian for "influence").

The USFDA thwarted the approval of the Australian product (Relenza) until the stolen version of the drug (Tamiflu) was approved.

As an American, you are not supposed to know about Relenza.

As an Australian, I'm supposed to forget about Relenza,
because the U.S. controlled nazi-media here
is more interested in the hysterical promotion of Tamiflu.

Pretty kewl, isn't it?

One Flu Over The Bush's Nest 18.Oct.2005 13:47

Drenchlands drenchlands@comcast.net

It is funny how you people who don't own televisions are still working with the same information it pumps out. You all put information together from different media sources and come up with some paranoid conclusion based upon another persons article that you have no real information about. Drenchlands calls this Dissed-Information. (hey Drenchlands had a band called that once). Basically, Drenchlands agrees with the non-paranoid approach to the governments usage of Dissed-Information. Look realistically at who and what you are and keep you feet on the ground and maybe your ass will stay where it belongs. Drenchlands could come up with pages of paranoid theories of state controlled schemes even based upon leftover facts. But enough of Drenchlands picking on you people. This is Drenchlands' theory on the flu. If you are part of a political party that claims "no new taxes" how do you get money for your military complex? Scare the shit out of people, that's how. In the 50's if was UFO's "We better be prepared for the alien invasion" In the 60's and 70's it was the cold war. And now the flu. It is perfect. How we gonna fight it. We do what Americans always do. Pump a lot of money into "military type" research. As you smarties realize, all of our weapons that we now have came out of space exploration research. Even the computers we are now communicating on are a product of the chain of events basically started as "WEAPONS" That's the great thing about creating new weapons, they can make great new products to spur on the economy! go america go!! All the little secret labs you people have read could be true or not. It makes no difference. Our elected officials are already aware that there are people like you. They count on you to keep people paranoid. It is just like dumpster diving. There wouldn't be a dumpster without the the gigantic chain store to go along with it. Your just part of the food chain. Understand the analogy? Too bad Drenchlands isn't actually a citizen of this great democracy. Drenclands can just smell the freedom (Hey remember the apocalypse in 2K? Drenchlands felt the wrath of God didn't you? The God Guy/Gal sure can scare the HELL right out of a mammal. It is too bad we can't have an apocalypse every year) America has always had chemical weapons. Remember the War To End All Wars. What number of world war was that? Improvment in Research in the world of microscopic organisms has been going on for a while now. There is gonna a be a few more flu outbreaks mainly in the area of Asia. Since India and China are gonna be the next revived empires, we have already alligned ourselves with India. See a World War around the corner anyone?? Hey, more people are buying cars in China. Maybe you people can buy a few used bicylces from them. For those of you who have seen Drenchlands flyers, there are more, much more on the way. You can now send your hate mail to Drenchlands directly.  Drenchlands@comcast.net Don't worry Drenchlands will eventually piss you off in one way or another.

Chess 18.Oct.2005 14:28


Another analogy for you. To be a good chess player one must think of many turns in advance. That is why the clock in timed play is hardly used until there are either too many choices or "no choice".

Many hidden meanings here. Can you figure it out?? It's a game, just a game

bird flu scares me 03.May.2006 09:36

melody mcduffy

If this is fake then someone needs to say it because im really scared and i cry every day

meanwhile... 12.May.2006 19:35

randomrob robzilla2001@msn.com

while the fear storm ramps up, legislators in washington state strike down state alcohol control board laws, opening the door to similar suits nationwide, could lead to reduction in alcohol prices across the u.s.... drunk & afraid... hmmm.