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Support is needed for Grand Jury Trials

needed support
The grand jury trial for Fouad Kaady who was shot and murdered by the Sandy and Clackamas Police Departments a little over a month ago will be this Monday and Tuesday October 17th and 18th. The jury will convene at 10:45 a.m on Monday and at 8:30 a.m on Tuesday and will be meeting at the Clackamas County Courthouse located at 807 Main Street in Oregon City. We are need of as many individuals to come and show our power in numbers. We need to show the people responsible in attaining justice that we loved Fouad and we expect those that perpetuated this heinous crime to be held accountable. We have ten posters with Fouad's picture and a few words about what happened to him that need to be held by his friends, family, and citizens. The ruthless killing of our beloved bretheren needs to stop! Fouad could have easily been your son, brother, nephew, cousin, or much beloved friend. The time is at hand to make a change. Please come out and stand in unity with us.
Report 15.Oct.2005 07:56


I am going to attempt to make hourly posts from inside the courthouse, totally covert, maybe even pics.

be there! 15.Oct.2005 09:19


I am not certain how close they will allow us to come to the actual chambers (grand juries are secretive), But we will be there, in support.

Write to DA 15.Oct.2005 19:55

Foot doctor

Write to John Foote, District Attorney for Clackamas County ( johnfoote@co.clackamas.or.us)
Remind him that he works for all of us, not just for the cops. Also reminds him that the voters are the ultimate arbiter, and will decide how faithfully he has carried out his duties.

In our hearts forever 16.Oct.2005 05:40

Michael of Sydney luvemichel@hotmail.com

It is a great loss and a tragedy beyond any words of expression.
Fouad Kaady is and always will be in our hearts..and most important in our prayers, as well as His parent and family.

His killing is babaric.

His killing is unforgettable.

They have also killed with him many other innocents souls...

The whole community of Portland should be outraged.

Will the Police car video be conveniently lost? 17.Oct.2005 11:59

I wonder

Fouad was suffering from burns and perhaps removed his burning clothing as a result. Tazers might not have any affect on someone who's central nervous system is already lit up, and the human body's defense mechanism against severe pain is what we call "shock". He was not armed unless he had a flesh colored Uzi. The Police are becoming judge, jury and executioners under our New World Order regime in Washington and I am getting sick of the police departments arrogance.