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Rally for Fouad Kaady is Tomorrow Oct. 15

rally on
The rally for Fouad Kaady is at hand, and I am making another public call for support from our community. The rally will begin at 2p.m in front of the Subway located in downtown Sandy off of Proctor Blvd. We have flyers and large posters ready for all those that want to help inform the citizens there of what has transpired to our much beloved Fouad. It is very difficult for us (his immediate family) to go back to the city whose police officers murdered our precious son and brother, so we need all of our friends, family, and concerned citizens to be there. Standing united we are a much stronger power which is beyond the lethal force these lost souls used against the light that Fouad was and still is to us all. May he be glorified and remembered for who he really was. A grand soul with a grand purpose which was to love unconditionally and to feed all who crossed his path with a precious smile, sincere word, or to share his blessed bread. Thank you all. If you have any quesions please email me at  vkaady@yahoo.com.
are the Kaady's related to the Kahl's? 14.Oct.2005 17:07


I feel as if I knew your brother, is your family related to the Kahl's? Please write us some stories about him?
love you


are the Kaady's related to the Kahl's? 15.Oct.2005 06:57


yes, the Kaady's are related to the Kahl's.

no relation other than brother 15.Oct.2005 09:51


We have been following this story quietly, and we will be in Sandy to stand with you. Sometimes just being there is a start toward change.

Message from an old friend of Fouad's 17.Oct.2005 14:52

Sarah assen1@uaa.alaska.edu

Unfortunately, I heard of this news today. I am shocked and disgusted. I was friends with Fouad for a short while, and we then went out separate ways, he was such a beautiful person, and I am very sorry for what happened to your family, though, I want you to know, that if I would have known of this sooner, i would have rallied with you, I rally now, and stand by you and your family. At one time, I was able to taste some of your awesome cooking Mrs. Kaady, Fouad brought some over to me once!
Your family is definately in my heart.
Thank you,

very sorry 18.Oct.2005 19:08


I just wanted to say to the family of fouad I am so sorry for your loss. Fouad will be remembered by many forever. I had not spoken to him in many years but I do remember as kids playing ball on 208th. He will always be loved.

Sorry for your loss 18.Oct.2005 20:20

April april-morgan@comcast.net

I just heard the news today about Fouad. I used to work with him at Round Table Pizza, and we would hang out with eachother all of the time. But of course, there is life after Round Table Pizza, so I haven't seen him since. He had such a good heart, he definately will not be forgotten. I am disgusted with what happened, and I want you to know that my thoughts and prayers are with all of you.
Sincerely, April

news 24.Oct.2005 13:57


did you hear that the Clackamas county GJ found "No true bill" against the officers. They are free to work and roam once more.

I am so sorry for your loss 24.Oct.2005 23:05

Sherry mervgal@yahoo.com

Although I do not know you personally, I want you to know I am so sorry for what happened to Fouad. I am also a Kaady. My grandfather was a Kaady and my Grandmother born Teeny. I feel the connection as family and my heart aches for you. You will continually be in my prayers. God bless you. Love to you all dear ones, Sherry Kaady Smith

It makes no sense. 25.Oct.2005 00:40

Cloud Writer cloud_writer@yahoo.com

I am SO sorry to hear what has happened. A friend just sent me a news article about the grand jury finding along with their own rant about how there HAS TO BE some kind of ACCOUNTABILITY. So I've been searching for more and found you here. The killing of Fouad is a more than a tragedy - it appears to be a sanctioned murder. I share the trauma of the witnesses and offer to the family my DEEPEST love. A pressure MUST be maintained on this. (Fouad needed to be cooled and relieved of his pain - brought out of shock, not shot down for being naked, bloody, and possibly for...?)
BLESSINGS and STRENGTH to you in your agony.
God will hold you up - for Fouad - to do what needs to be done.

All My Strength to You 09.Nov.2005 11:30


All of my strength is with you "V" and "A". Your search for justice will not end empty handed regardless of court decisions. May your beautiful family (of which I spent some of my best years) honor Fouad (Foofoo) in the future however you see fit. Peace be upon him.

Sorry for your loss 20.Nov.2005 00:46

Danie danieb10@yahoo.com

I worked with Fouad at Dairy Queen about ten years ago. I remember him being so sweet and cute and quiet. I can't imagine him ever seeming a threat. I am so sorry for your loss and sorry I didn't have the chance to know him better. -Danie