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9.11 investigation

Fouad Kaady, Grand jury meeting monday at The Clackamas County Courthouse

They have selected very carefully the witnesses, and excluded some that were actually there and saw it. We plan with several family members on going to the courthouse even if not called and offering our testimony. They have chose the most obscure witness for a character witness. It is someone who had only known Fouad shortly and was dealing with a serious event (he drove into a restaurant), he has been mentally unstable, is under prosecution from Clackamas County. Why him? THE TOXICOLOGY REPORT HAS NOW SHOWN THAT THERE WAS ONLY A SMALL AMOUNT OF THC IN HIS SYSTEM, that's all, he was a medical marijuana patient and had no availability to any of the medication (something many patients deal with) for some time, no meth, coke, PCP, nothing. It was all traumas from his most serious burns.

Please come this weekend to Sandy to show support on Saturday, please come to his memorial on Sunday, and then Monday and Tuesday the Grand Jury is meeting. We are attempting right now to get an attorney to help with strictly the family's rights as victims, and to see why all the witnesses have not been called. This was a DEATH, the DA Dave Paul needs to do his job on trying to get an indictment, he is not supposed to be representing the officers but the people of Oregon. Please read my invitation to his Sunday memorial. (Below)

If you would like to see a true Orthodox service, do not miss this one. It is so beautiful, sounds kind of like The Lord of The rings elvish track. There is no crazy right wing evangelical persons jumping around, loud clapping or singing, any pressure, or any want of money (they have lots of money), just a most enchant full thanks to our first TRUE LIBERAL, Jesus Christ. It is so elegant and soft. You will remember it as a dream. It also marks a 40-day period for Fouads Death, which is an important date to the Orthodox Ways. His Fathers sings with the chanters, I do not know if he can do it that day, but if he did, it would be... boy I could not comprehend that moment. Please, anyone, do not worry about who you are, or the way you look or what your feeling is about god, just come and observe.
Why do people think that they can be right wing Christians, when The Messiah was put to terrible death for being too liberal? I mean, just the phrase "Right Wing Christians" makes no sense.
THIS IS A SYRIAN ORTHIDOX CHURCH, ANY JEWISH AND MUSLIM FRIENDS PLEASE COME, dress in your own attire and come as you with PRIDE for Fouad, lets us make a model for the world. Maybe a little gesture like that alone can help not make his death vain.

Only those subpoenaed enter courtroom 12.Oct.2005 13:43


Probably everyone know this but me, but just for general info, only those people who have been subpoenaed will be able to enter the courtroom. I called up the Clackamas County Courthouse. You actually need to call the D.A.'s office regarding this case: 503 655 8431

Zaki, unless you're not supposed to say, in regards to the comment you made here:

What about the THC and the toxicology report?

Are you saying the THC was in the system of the person they've called as a character witness?

Or in Fouad's system? Who was a medical marijuana patient? Whose burns are you talking about here?

THC 12.Oct.2005 21:07


Fouad had a small amount of THC. The character witness is a very good loving guy, but they caught him initally off gaurd and he was shocked. He unfortunately tried to make some kind of sense out of this and was with other things grieving for Fouad when they called him for his statements. He meant no harm and is distressed now even more.