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Impeachment Then and Now: Clinton, Bush and the Polls

Impeaching Bush may seem far-fetched but among the public, it's a lot more popular an idea than the impeachment of Clinton was only days before the House impeached him.

Here's a fascinating bit of news: More people today want to see President Bush impeached than wanted Clinton impeached on the eve of the House's vote on his impeachment.

According to a poll by the Zogby organization, just released by the group Afterdowningstreet.org, 50 percent of the American public now would like to see the House impeach Bush if it were found that he had lied about the reasons for going to war in Iraq (if?).

Compare that to December 17, 1998, only days before Clinton's impeachment by the House of Representatives, when an AP poll found that only 36 percent of the American public wanted to see the president impeached.

Clearly Americans view the flawed invasion of Iraq and other actions by the Bush administration, like the placing of business cronies in high places, the bankrupting of the federal government, and the failure to come to the rescue of an American city as far more serious than Clinton's sex romp and the lying about it that followed. And there's plenty more bad news to come for Bush, beginning with likely indictments in the Plame outing affair.

So, is the campaign by After Downing Street and other organizations to seek Bush's impeachment just tilting at windmills? It certainly isn't likely to happen with the current Republican domination of the House, but if public anger against Bush continues to grow, that could all change in November 2006, when all House seats are up for reelection.

The latest poll suggests we may have an entertaining 2006 and 2007.

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Impeach Bush 12.Oct.2005 09:05


Impeach Bush
Castrate Dick Cheney
Place Condi Rice in a minefield
Pop out Rumsfield's eardrums with a nail
Stay busy Do them all in

You are fucking dreaming 12.Oct.2005 15:12

Orwell's long lost cousin

if you think the Grab Our Profits (GOP) Party will allow fair elections in Nov. 2006! They stole it in 2000. They stole it in 2002. They stole it in 2004. So you think they are going to allow the Congressional races to fall into the hands of the Democrats (who by the way are almost as corrupt as the GOP) who will start a thousand investigations. You are dreaming. They will steal it again in 2006. The American Sheeple have shown they accept getting fucked over and will do nothing. There is a track record. It will happen again. Stock up on the vaseline.

please, mister anchorman, 12.Oct.2005 20:09

say the word "lie" ...

The sheeple are waiting for the corporate media to do their thinking for them.

If it comes out of Bush's mouth, and it's a lie, does that mean Bush lied?

Apparently this is too complicated for the average American.