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40 day memorial for Fouad Kaady

40 day memorial for Fouad Kaady
There will be a 40 day memorial for Fouad Kaady at St.George Orthodox Church on Sunday, October 16, 2005 at 10:00am. The church is located at 2101 N.E. 162nd Ave. between Halsey and Sandy Blvd. Fouad passed away on September 8, 2005 at the age of 27 from multiple gunshot wounds. He is remembered by his mother Samira, his father Rachid, and his sisters, Vania and Andrea. We ask all friends and family to please join us in honoring our son and brother. Thank you for your thoughts and prayers.

You will love to experience this 11.Oct.2005 17:49

zaki prozak@tmail.com

If you would like to see a true Orthodox service, do not miss this one. It is so beautiful, sounds kind of like The Lord of The rings Elvish track. There is no crazy right wing evangelical persons jumping around, loud clapping or singing, any pressure, or any want of money (they have lots of money), just a most enchant full thanks to our first TRUE LIBERAL, Jesus Christ. It is so elegant and soft. You will remember it as a dream. It also marks a 40-day period for Fouads Death, which is an important date to the Orthodox Ways. His Fathers sings with the chanters, I do not know if he can do it that day, but if he did, it would be... boy I could not comprehend that moment. Please, anyone, do not worry about who you are, or the way you look, or what your feeling is about god, just come and observe.
Why do weirdoes think that they can be right wing Christians, when The Messiah was put to terrible death for being too liberal? I mean, just the phrase "Right Wing Christians" makes no sense. THIS IS A SYRIAN ORTHIDOX CHURCH, ANY JEWISH FRIENDS PLEASE COME, dress in your own attire and come as you with PRIDE for Fuad, lets us make a model for the world. Maybe a little gesture like that alone can help not make his death vain.


With you in heart and prayer 14.Oct.2005 07:18

Linda Sifri

Dear Samira and Rashid,
I have been thinking of you and your beautiful family since I heard the terrible news of Fouad's death. All I can offer your from this distance is my heartfelt prayers. I can only hope that you find some comfort in knowing what a wonderful young man he was and that he loved you both so much. I know that words can't really comfort you any more than they can convey how very sad I am.

Love, Linda
Charlottesville, VA

From Florida 14.Oct.2005 15:23

Kathy Fuerth fuerth@mail.usf.edu

Although we are miles away, we will be there in spirit. Your family has been in our thoughts and prayers everyday single day. We love you!
Kathy and Family

Lost for words 18.Oct.2005 18:40

Jason Tubania jasetubania@yahoo.com

Fouad.... I grew up with your sister Andrea and I barely got to spend any time with you, but I feel as though I have lost one of my best friends. You trully had a smile and personality that could warm the hearts of anyone. I remember the little time that we had together so clearly. I will miss you my friend, very much.
To the family of Fouad: I want you all to know that you will be in my thoughts and prayers for the rest of my life, Please let me know if I can help in any other way. You can contact me at  jasetubania@yahoo.com.
P.S. Ann, stay strong

Fouad 20.Oct.2005 14:39

Robert Fuerth rfuerth@hotmail.com

To my aunt and uncle, and cousins in portland, we might be away from you guys phisically, but our hearts and prayers will be with you always. The times weve spent with each other have been memorable and there was no one else i knew who enjoyed taking care of those he loved more than Fouad. He was a great person who always went out of his way to make those around him happy and we have all lost someone special. Those responsible for this tragic crime will soon realize the mistake they have made. We are here for you guys, we love all of you and you guys are in our thoughts everyday.
Bobby and Your Family in Florida

Prayer from Los Angeles 22.Oct.2005 13:27

Connie Jackson jackson.connies@sbcglobal.net

My dear friends, the Kaadys,

Just a note to say I am keeping up the articles via internet. You are in my prayers. I wish I could be with you for the 40 day period of mourning.

God Bless,