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Zionist Black Propagandist exposed

IndyMedia subject of Zionist Black Propaganda campaign.
As you are aware, IndyMedia is subject to a vicious Zionist Black Propaganda campaign. As a result, I committed my energy and resources to unmask the individual or group behind these relentless attacks.

The above mentioned Black Propaganda operation is based in Hiafa, Israel. Moreover, the Black Propaganda campaign is the work of an inveterate liar and con-artist named Steven Plaut. Mr. Plaut, I was shocked to discover, is a tenured professor of Economics at Israel's Haifa University. In addition, "professor" Plaut has well documented connections to the ultra-right-wing--and ultra-violent, I might add--Kahanist fringe movement.

Readers who require a working definition on propaganda and its sources and objectives, please have a look at the following definition provided by Wikipedia.


A recent photo of Haifa University's "professor" Steven Plaut.

How to contact Haifa University's administrative staff

I have a suspicion the administrative staff of Israel's Haifa University are unaware of "professor" Plaut's unethical Zionist Black Propaganda campaign. It is a virtual certainty that the administrative staff of Haifa University would censure or perhaps punish a professor involved in such an unethical campaign. As a result, I think it's appropriate that IndyMedia readers contact Haifa University's administrative staff and inform them of "professor" Plaut's extra-curricular activities. E-mail your complaint's to "professor" Plaut at splaut@econ.haifa.ac.il. Or, if you prefer, give him a call at 972-4-8240110 FAX: 972-4-8249194. Snail mail: Graduate School of Business Administration, University of Haifa, Haifa, Israel 31905.

Please contact Haifa University's administrative office at 942-4-6240111.
details please 11.Oct.2005 13:14


The original posting makes claims about attacks on indymedia that are not in fact substantiated in the links provided. Some additional details, please, to allow some independent assessments. Thanks.

Another bit of information that would be helpful 11.Oct.2005 15:05


Would be an explanation of exactly how you define "black" propaganda on Indymedia, together with examples of the posts involved.

In addition, the OP makes an affirmative claim, which places the burden of proof on the claimant. It's not hard to find evidence that this Plaut fellow is a far-right hatefreak with a habit of shooting his mouth off online, but that doesn't constitute evidence to support the specific accusation made in the OP.

Anonymous, unsupported accusations against individuals are shit no matter what the political perspective of the accused or the accuser. Post your evidence if you've got any; without it the claim isn't worth the pixels it's dsiplayed with.

Please provide the following. 11.Oct.2005 15:52

Interested reader seeking information on a specific IMC trol

Could you provide links to his posts on IMC? Who has he targeted? Please name the victims. I may be one of them.

I can supply SOME information 11.Oct.2005 16:56

Mike stepbystpefarm <a> mtdata.com

<< why I even knew Steve a few decades ago >>

The writer of the article apparently is unaware that Steve Plaut opinion pieces appear with reasonable regularity in the standard media. So Haifa U could scarcely be unaware of his politics.

His politics is most certainly "right wing" but within the spectrum of Israeli politics (remember they use proportional representaion with minimal threshold so even the fringe groups hold seats in the parliament) --- NOTE: so do the left wing fringies

maybe 11.Oct.2005 19:39

this is

a form letter

you still don't get it, do you? 11.Oct.2005 20:43


"Ultra- righ--wing and untra-violent"

Just like not ALL Nazis personaly murdered a pole to steal Poland, not ALL Zionists personaly murder Palestinians to steal Palestinian lands, even as you read these words.

you're right, Mr. Troll, I still don't get it 11.Oct.2005 21:19


Several thousand Palestinians have been killed in the intifada. The population of Israel is someething like 6 million, I believe. Let's say that 20% are Arab. That leaves something like 5 million non-Arab Israelis. So yes, I think I can be fairly sure that not every Israeli has killed a Palestinian. But The Troll should of course double check my math.

One can go on and talk about the pig-headedness of The Troll and all the other folks who use "Zionist" as an insult or worse, and stubbornly refuse to understand that ZIonist does not equal Israeli does not equal Jew. But why bother? The Troll is not interested in these fine points.

Why would I not? 12.Oct.2005 15:40


Maybe because the fine points don't give Zionists a birthright of murderous theft of 1 fucking rock in Palestine. If you want to believe that the Zionist's religion changes a damned thing, go ahead and continue looking prejudiced/stupid.