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Desperate quake victims mob relief trucks - from the Oregonian

From the big O -

"We have to loot for petrol because it's not available in the petrol station, and the government of Pakistan didn't provide any assistance," resident Mustafa Qurshi said. "We have our children and women who are badly injured at home, and we have to take them to the hospital by any means."
seems like General Pervez Musharraf takes his orders from GW, or is this karma for helping the infidels?

Seamless spin control 11.Oct.2005 11:10

Corporate Media Watch

no, don't you see what's happening here? bush just got reamed in the media -- even the corporate media -- for doing the most piss ass job ever seen of "responding" to a disaster. It was the grossest thing ever. And the corporate media accidentally covered some of it. So now, spin doctors are going to make much of any disaster that comes along, trying to show that it wasn't just him, that no one could possibly respond in a way that is actually helpful to something like this. ....!

karma? 11.Oct.2005 13:17


Karma is not some sort of cosmic balance sheet, some sort of cosmic principle of retribution. Please do not propagate this silly misconception.

To anon 11.Oct.2005 14:01

Pravda or Consequences

Ain't freedom of speech a wonderful thing?

[Sanskrit, deed, action that has consequences, karma. See kwer- in Indo-European Roots.]

old stuff, for me. 11.Oct.2005 20:52


Bush sends 8 helicopters. EIGHT! With 5 million destitue Pakistanies, that is 1 helicopter for every 650,000. Or, it would be like Bush sending 1/8th of a helicopter to NO after Katrina.

Recall when Bush's limp responce to katrina cost him. There was even someone FIRED. In America the controled, you don't see that happening to much, do you??? Well, Pakistan's puppet khan is feeling the heat to. If he gets the axe (pun intended), there is no telling who will end up with the nukes. It might be someone who responds to the suffering of Muslims in ways the democraps and repulitrash don't dictate.