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Tre Arrow needs help to avoid extradition to U.S.

Hello to you all, it's Tre. I'm doing well here at Wilkie. My lawyer and I have been working on the submissions to the Minister. This is an intricate part of the appeal process. Even though I've been committed for extradition by Magistrate Gill, the Minister of Justice Irwin Cotler has the power to overturn her decision and not extradite me to the US. I'm writing an affidavit stating the reasons why I feel he should oppose my extradition. I will post this affidavit once it is complete for all to read and pass on to others, if so desired.
What is crucial in this stage of the appeal is for you, all my supporters, to write a letter of your own to the minister of justice. I'm asking as many folks as possible to do this in order to show the Canadian government, the US government, the Minister of Justice, and citizens throughout North America and the world that I have tremendous support including overwhelming opposition to my extradition to the United States.

This letter writing campaign entails a two-pronged strategy. We want to put gentle yet persuasive pressure on the minister to oppose my extradition, and also let him know that these letters are simultaneously being sent to the editors of local newspapers throughout Canada, the USA, and beyond. By doing this, it will not be as easy for the minister to turn a blind eye to the letters concerning my politically motivated extradition if he is cognizant that many voters throughout Canada will be reading these letters in their local newspapers. It will be harder to extradite me if there is published wide-spread outcry about the injustices and persecution I face.

The letter should include:

  • Please address the letter to the Minister of Justice, Irwin Cotler.
    The Honourable Irwin Cotler
    Minister of Justice
    284 Wellington Street
    Ottawa, Ontario
    Canada K1A 0H8
  • Please have your letters sent to the Minister, my lawyer Tim, and the editors by November 7th.
  • The letter should be hard copy, not email (exception: your letter to the editor can be in email format)
  • Please send a hard copy of your full-length letter to my lawyer, Tim Russell, so he has a legal record of who has sent a letter, and it's contents.
    Tim Russell
    c/o McCullough, Parsons, Blazina
    2nd floor, 1011 Fort St
    Victoria BC V8V 3K5
  • Send an abbreviated version of your letter (no more than 400 words so that it is more likely to get published and not edited) to your local newspaper(s) editor. If you reside outside of Canada, please consider sending an additional letter to the editor of a Canadian city or town of your choice;
  • Include your name, your occupation, and/or status in the community;
  • Include how you know me and/or your relation to me, how long you've known me, your impression of my character, your experience with me, or your knowledge of my involvement in non-violent activism;
  • Please let the Minister know that you are a voter, and that you are sending a copy of this letter to your local newspaper's editor;
  • Please express your opinion as to why you feel I shouldn't be extradited (that this would be a disgrace to Canadian justice, the fact that the US is trying to sentence me to life imprisonment, that I am declared my innocence, and the only evidence against me are the words of three "witnesses" who exchanged testimony for less than 3.5 year sentences, that I am being targeted and persecuted not because I am guilty but because I have been involved in effective activism that has garnered enormous public support, that I can't get a fair trial because of wide spread media bias, that my diet will not likely be honored, etc...)
  • Please be polite and respectful and non-accusatory as we don't want to do anything to jeopardize him being sympathetic to my case.
  • Make sure the letter includes your signature.
  • Please use tree-free or 100% post consumer recycled paper for your letters and envelopes. The trees, wildlife and rivers thank you!
Once you have sent your letter to the minister, a copy of this letter to my lawyer Tim, and your abbreviated email version to your local newspaper's editor, please send this email to at least two other people who would be willing to do the same. We are aiming for at least 2000 letters to be sent to the minister and local newspapers. This figure is achievable!!! However, it can't be done without you. We are making an effort to tally the numbers of letters sent to the Minister and are planning on posting this to our website: www.trearrow.org. Please, once you have sent your letters, send a quick email to clerk@telus.net and put in the subject line: letter to Minster, and in the body: your name (or initials, if you would rather) and the city you are from. If you would like to include an email copy of your letter, please do so, and we will post some of the letters on the website.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart and soul for your love, support, and help with this crucial part of my appeal. These letters could be the pivitol factor in achieving my freedom.


sample letter 11.Oct.2005 08:20


Dear Minister:
I write to you on behalf of Tre Arrow, an ecoactivist and former Green
Party Congressional candidate from the US state of Oregon. I write to urge
you against allowing his extradition to the US to face charges of "ecoterrorism."

The rhetoric of officials in his case has endangered his right to fair trial. He has been deemed "America's most wanted terrorist" against all reason, despite the fact that he is accused of no crime against human beings, only property. This man faces life in prison for burning a cement truck!! Meanwhile, the United States refuses to promptly extradite the known terrorist Luis Posada Carriles for crimes involving mass murder of civilian airline passengers.

The US justice system is broken now, particularly at the level of the federal executive branch. I say this as a US citizen! The Bush regime has engaged in torture and murder around the world, including sending Canadian citizens to be tortured in third countries! Surely you must know of the case of Maher Arar, a 35 year old professional man, never charged with any crime, who was a victim of the Ashcroft Justice Department's despicable practice of "extraordinary rendition," sent to Syria despite his protestations that he faced possible torture and even death there at the hands of authorities in that country.

Canada's extradition treaty with the US should be considered inoperative until such grave violations of basic humanitarian and international law have been rectified. This is particularly the case with a man such as Tre Arrow, who has been threatened with penalties grossly in excess of any reasonable punishment for the acts of which he has actually been accused, and certainly in excess of what he would face in Canada for the same alleged acts, and especially when the basic judicial principle of the presumption of innocence has been so violated by authorities in the case.