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Rally for Fouad Kaady against Police Violence is ON

Protest against unwarranted lethal police force
The rescheduled rally for Fouad Kaady is officially back on. We will gather at 2p.m. in front of the Subway in Sandy, Oregon located at 38950 Proctor Blvd. It is almost directly across from the police station. The purpose of this rally is to protest against the unwarranted use of lethal force which has needlessly killed thousands of people. We appreciate anyone who is interested in supporting us to please come and we thank you all for your thoughts and prayers. And, remember, faith without action is dead, so continue to use your voice in crying out against atrocities that are simply unacceptable.
Please give more info 10.Oct.2005 22:43


Place, time ok but need date, and if folks need to bring signs or candles or other stuff- or if you specifically need them NOT to bring things....

Fouad Lives On 11.Oct.2005 00:56


Your statement of purpose for the demonstration:

"The purpose of this rally is to protest against the unwarranted use of lethal force which has needlessly killed thousands of people."

Are you going to leave the context of the protest this broad?

It's been more than a month since the incident. A general demonstration against unwarranted use of force as specified in the statement is fine, but you'd likely draw a wider base of support with a more specific context and/or the revelation of a few more pertinent details.

Has the family decided it's too early for this?

When is the rally? 11.Oct.2005 08:14


We plan to be there , but on what day is it ? And I agree with Virgil..making the focus too broad may dilute the original reason we are there ...Fouad. The focus needs to be kept on his death , I believe , if there is going to be any semblance of justice out of this. Unfortunately , there usually never is. And we need to call the local TV stations (all of us) and let them know about this.

Rally on 11.Oct.2005 16:36

Vania Kaady

The rescheduled rally is going to be this Saturday, October 15, at 2p.m. The purpose of this rally is to demonstrate our outrage at the unlawful death of my younger brother Fouad, age 27, who was shot and murdered by the Sandy Police Department while he was naked, unarmed, and burning. I'm sorry if the general description of my article is misleading. We will be marching for Fouad. And, by making a stand and articulating how we feel about his premature and needlessly violent death, we are contributing to the fallen memory of many. We have flyers with Fouad's picture which we will be passing out as well as posters with his face and a synopsis of what happened to him. Candles can be brought by anyone who chooses. If there is any further questions please email me or post a comment at  vkaady@yahoo.com. The media still needs to be contacted and if there is anyone out there who wants to help out in that arena, we would greatly appreciate it.