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The Tragedies Sketch Comedy Revue Necrophabulous!

The Tragedies announce their latest comic offering with special musical guests the Sassparilla Jug Band and proceeds going to hurricane victims through the United Way.
The Tragedies
The Tragedies
PORTLAND, OR—SEPTEMBER 27, 2005. Best known for their darkly sharp humor and vaudeville-inspired themes, Portland-based sketch comedy troupe The Tragedies have announced their next comedic outing, the Halloween-themed "NECROPHABULOUS!" Following up their sold-out run this year, The Tragedies have promised to donate a portion of final night ticket proceeds as well as a portion of total merchandise proceeds from their new production to help benefit the Hurricane Katrina survivors through the Oregonian's United Way contribution drive. The troupe, which has performed in benefits for Mercy Corps alongside other notable local sketch and improv troupes in the past, have also agreed to donate an additional $500 to the United Way Hurricane Relief Fund if they are able to fill the theater for all four nights. The show will run Friday and Saturday nights, Oct. 14th, 15th, 21st and 22nd at the historic Interstate Firehouse Cultural Center at 5340 North Interstate Avenue. The final performance on Saturday, October 22nd will include a costume contest with prizes for the most outré get-ups as well as an after-party with the location to be announced. Doors open for all performances at 10:15pm. Merchandise, including stickers and T-shirts, will be available at all 4 shows. Tickets are $10 each or $7 with student ID. For more information or to pre-book tickets, call 503-367-2100 or visit www.TheTragedies.com.

homepage: homepage: http://www.thetragedies.com
phone: phone: 503-367-2100

where does the United Way money go? 10.Oct.2005 22:45

eat the rich

there are a few bona fide groups that really are helping down inNOLA. Sounds like Comon Grounds and the Pagan Cluster are doing good work in the Algiers neighborhood, witht hose who defied the evacuation orders.

Seems like United Way and Red Cross and the Oregonian are corporate troughs.

in response... 13.Oct.2005 16:06

Brian Linss albeitcrazy@comcast.net

The Oregonian has a yearly drive to raise money for the United Way. One of the beautiful things about the United Way is that they allow the donations to be applied to any charity you wish as the donater. The money from our shows will count as part of The Oregonians annual contribution to the United Way, but the funds themselves will be filtered to Mercy Corps. A couple of our performers work for The Oregonian, and last year alone, the employees of the Oregonian raised over $350,000 for the United Way. This money will go to help those affected by the Hurricanes. You have my word.