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Saturday NE

query about incident
Does anybody know what was happening Saturday (October 8) at around 5pm on MLK just north of Prescott? There were LOTS of police there, several blocks closed off, and some Tri-Met busses stopped with hazard lights on. Thanks.

P.S. Where is a good site for police-report type info?
ummmm..... 10.Oct.2005 16:25


Over turned SUV on I-84, It also could have been a police plan to gather us all up to maximize chem-trail potency.

a tip 10.Oct.2005 16:49


Call outside the box, a local pcm show that covers police state issues with this news.
Thursdays, 7 to 8, ch. 11.

good show

Bomb scare 10.Oct.2005 18:10


They thought there was a bomb on the bus. Seriously. I asked a cop blocking a sidestreet.