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9.11 investigation

Letter From S herlock Holmes in London

An Englishman's view on 9/11 and a suggested way to finally discover those who are guilty.
There is something very remarkable to us British people in seeing how many ordinary Americans are questioning in a sustained and generally coherent way the 'official line' given by their government on the tragic events of 9/11 in New York. Remarkable too are the contributions of experts and non-experts in well designed internet forums such as this whose common aim includes 'getting to the bottom of what really happened on that awful day in New York'. I've personally visited many websites and forums with that feeling of hopelessness and outrage at that terrible crime.

I confess that the hurt of it came only slowly to me. I gradually begun to feel (as I still do) that hurt that ordinary Americans felt on that momentous day. It was the shock of its reality unfolding (some of which I witnessed myself on live television broadcast at an electrical store while on my way to work in London that day) that at first took away any sense of pain. But the pain became very real much later - and it came when I began to appreciate there is a campaign that would even whitewash investigation in to the truth of those events. I honestly believe men and women of integrity in the USA who still call for a fair and open disclosure on these issues are already greatly admired worldwide. In fact I know they are.

Here in Britain, dissent at street level on such issues as 9/11, the 'war on terrorism' and the illegal war/occupation of Iraq (for example) is unfortunately viewed as part of a national pastime - rather like cricket and warm beer. The reasons for this apathy are complex but have much to do with our history. Such rules as exist here on peaceful dissent or non-conformity are that vast crowds will be permitted to wind their way through central London in protest at state crime on the tacit agreement that politicians and military experts 'will continue to do what they damn well please anyway'. One makes one's point and it is recorded but.....

It is not considered wise here to remind the all powerful (and far too highly praised) British media that vast British protest against going to war in Iraq was, statistically, the greatest ever assembly of human beings ever witnessed for any single event in the nation's entire history, bar none. For the reply given to such a bald and indisputable fact will be to halve or quarter the numbers who 'officially' came to London on that day and to bury coverage of that event.

From this distance and time I am personally convinced that the events of 9/11 were carefully designed by those who perpetrated them, and were carried out after years of preparation with a whole series of diversions of similar sort so as to make it virtually impossible that any single lead or any single investigation would provide the 'killer fact'. And since we are talking here of the fact of a vast conspiracy (this involving many powerful but crazed people) it follows that we in some ways are better able to tackle its causes today than in those days, weeks and months when the 'dust was still settling'in New York.

I think we can look at it this way. Some time has passed and some things are now more in focus than they were before. We can acknowledge that all sorts of inconsistencies and contradictions are features of this case. We can note the fact that many forums (some of them highly specialised) could offer evidence of many kinds that a great crime has been committed. We can agree that to date, little has been achieved in bringing these same criminals to justice. I think we can therefore tackle the case as follows -

The evidence before us consists to a remarkable degree of images and testimonies. And it's a feature of our time that images are so crucial. Therefore, I suggest, the image makers of 9/11 and those who employed them (even years before they actually made those images)must be a vital factor in the investigation. I am certain that if all aspects of these films, photographs, versions, reports etc. were to be studied in detail (with the most famous films, the most famous photographs etc being studied in forums along with the careers and parts played by those involved in their making) we can find at that human level a whole series of interesting but, till now, unknown facts. Who actually took those images ? What was their career/personal background prior to 9/11 ? In what sense (not obvious) are those who put together these videos/images bonded together ? In what did they/do they believe ? And, finally, what single motive could have existed to which they were all a willing or otherwise party ?

If these same films were falsely manufactured or tampered with a study of the background of those film makers and of those who employed them as part of this vast crime must surely bring new and even crucial evidence to bear on this issue.

S. Holmes
Baker Street
Oi ! Sherlock ! 20.Oct.2005 17:56


See 911hoax.com, mate.

Also, the three WTC towers were brought down by controlled demolitions - this has been proven beyond a shadow of doubt - see  http://www.wtc7.net/store/books/wakingup/samples/index.html

Who had the means, motive and opportunity to place explosives in those buildings?

Should be easy for someone like you to figure out.

Eh, Sherlock?