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treesitters still under fire
Yesterday (Sunday), another attempt was made to murder a treesitter in the Sten timber sale in the McKenzie watershed. The activist reported that "bullets whizzed through the branches over his head." On Friday hired climbers came to the base of the tree and threatened to remove the sitter.
Forest Service Law Enforecement officials have done nothing to protect activists from violence at Sten, despite names being given and official reports being filed at the Willamette National Forest headquarters in Eugene. The same white pickup with toolbox (license # YBK 722), whose driver previously fired both .45 caliber shells and hunting arrows at treesitters, has returned and travels throughout the area with impunity. Meanwhile, Forest Service officials spend our tax dollars in ticketing and harassing activists, hiring climbers (to remove treesits and threaten the sitter), repeated surveillance of other concerned citizens, and even hiring an infiltrator (dressed in white) to try and talk the sitter into abandoning his tree.
Freres Lumber of Mill City is currently decimating the old growth ecosystems of the Sten timber sale. Logging, hauling, and bulldozing continue within 100 meters of the tree "Katrina" which has been occupied for over a month. The treesitter was visited and cheered on last Thursday by a large group of schoolchildren from Eugene.
Violent goons with no brains 10.Oct.2005 16:07

Another Cascadian

I commend you folks for not stooping to their level and escalating the level of violence. It has taken some serious guts and fortitude to stay in the woods under constant threat of being seriously wounded or even killed for your political beliefs. Keep up the good work, even if you save one tree you've done a great job-after all saving trees and keeping the forest intact is the goal isn't it?

May earth mother bless the treesitters! 11.Oct.2005 22:45


Blessed be, treesitters! Thank the powers that be.... for the likes of you. The times, they have been changed. Gone are the days when people respected and considered trees ( and other acts of nature) very sacred. The only thing that saves me in this iron day and age, is to look to the natural ways....those industrial A-holes are brainwashed! May the nature spirits bless you, children of the trees.

So, We Know Who the Shooter Is? 13.Oct.2005 08:15

Silent Type silent_type_productions@yahoo.com

As impressed as I am by the behavior of the sitters, I am outraged by the lack of response from LEO's.
We have the shooter's license plate number? And no one has questioned this person?
What are the LEO's doing? Does anyone know? What is their official line?
I would think that if/when someone is killed by this shooter (god forbid) that local law is going to have some explaining to do, and a sizable lawsuit.

Come out to the woods! 27.Oct.2005 20:52

Sliver Thistleprick

It's great that people SAY they're supportive of the Sten campaign after four--count 'em!--FOUR shootings! But saying you're supportive from the safety of a computer desk is not going to protect activists' asses. This is a historic opportunity for folks to actually SHOW support, rather than just mouthing it. Come down to the Sten for a day, a weekend, or a week. You'll be warmly received and there's plenty to do. Protect these folks the best way you can, by making a huge public presence. The shootings only occur when staffing is low. When large groups are around, the murderous rednecks stay at home and watch professional wrestling. See you in the woods.

bummer 31.Oct.2005 18:39


i would totqally love to be there. in fact i fantasize about it. but it would take a plane ticket i cant afford and a 12 hour flight to get me there right now. sorry i know it is totally lame that i aint in the trees, but i am trying to do some major outreach in the far east. and i think that i am being somewhat successful. so once again sorry for my lame ass