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DC demonstrators attacked with tularemia

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A caller to Randi Rhodes' Air America show Wednesday complained that "something was being sprayed" on the anti-war demonstrators at the nation's capitol in late September. Then there is this from the Wayne Madsen Report:

"Recently, biological hazard sensors in Washington, DC detected traces of the highly-infectious tularemia (rabbit fever) bacteria on the Washington Mall during the anti-war demonstrations held in the nation's capital, a gathering that brought together over 300,000 people from all parts of the country."

Tularemia "occurs naturally" but is nevertheless rare. It doesn't spray itself into the air. This was a biological attack against dissent.

And then there's this: Tularemia Bacteria Found
The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) notified health officials in Maryland, Virginia and the District of Columbia last week that an airborne form of Tularemia bacterium was detected by air sensors in the vicinity of the National Capital Mall during the weekend of Sept. 24. Since then, additional tests from these collectors have all been negative.
Subsequent laboratory tests performed on the Sept. 24 and Sept. 25 samples have supported the presence of low levels of the bacterium in the environment. Public health officials do not believe the finding of low levels of the bacterium near the National Mall indicate a public health threat.
Tularemia, which occurs naturally, is easily treated with common antibiotics. It cannot be transmitted from person to person. Tularemia is found naturally in the environment, and health officials are doing additional environmental sampling as well as reviewing other possible causes of the positive reading.
State health departments have alerted local health departments, acute care treatment facilities, health care providers and veterinarians to be on the alert for signs of respiratory infections related to Tularemia. Also as a precaution, CDC and public health officials have alerted the medical community to be on the lookout for possible cases of Tularemia.
As a precautionary measure, CDC and public health officials are recommending that anyone who visited areas around the National Mall between 10 a.m. Saturday, Sept. 24 and 10 a.m. Sunday, Sept. 25 should see a health care provider if they experience symptoms related to Tularemia. Symptoms include, sudden fever, chills, headaches, muscle aches, joint pain, dry cough, conjunctivitis and pneumonia.
People who do not have symptoms of Tularemia do not need to seek out medical attention.
The Centers for Disease Control is the lead agency investigating this incident. Information about Tularemia is available from the CDC at  http://www.cdc.gov. Similar information is available on the Virginia Department of Health Web site at  http://www.vdh.virginia.gov.

Were you infected by this apparent Bushite biological warfare crime? You'll need this information:

Glandular (GLAND-dew-lar): This is the second most common type of tularemia. In glandular tularemia the symptoms are fever and sore, swollen glands. There is no obvious ulcer.
Typhoidal (tie-FOY-dul): This type is usually caused by breathing in the tularemia germ, but may also be caused by being bitten by an insect. You may also eat or drink something (meat, soil, water) with the tularemia germ in it. Symptoms of typhoidal tularemia include fever, extreme tiredness, and weight loss. Your glands will not be swollen with this type of tularemia. Almost everyone with this type of tularemia also has pneumonia.
Oculoglandular (ock-u-low-GLAN-dew-lar): This type of tularemia is caused by the germ getting into the eye area. It can happen by touching your eyes with hands that have the tularemia germ on them. It can also happen if fluid is splattered into the eye area or if the germ is sprayed into the eye area. With this kind of tularemia you will have an eye infection in one eye. Pus will come from the eye area. The glands in your neck will be swollen. The area around your eye will be swollen, too. The inside eyelid area may have an ulcer.
Oropharyngeal (or-o-fair-n-GEE-ul): This type of tularemia is caused by the germ getting into your mouth or throat. Your throat will be sore and the glands in your neck will be swollen. Your throat will make a lot of phlegm (flem).
Pneumonic (new-MON-ick): This type of tularemia can be caused in two ways. You can get it by inhaling the tularemia germ, usually as a dust or spray. You can also get it with another type of tularemia.
How is tularemia treated? Several antibiotics (an-ti- bi-AH-tiks) work well on tularemia. Make sure to follow your caregiver's advice about taking antibiotics. Tularemia can be hard to get rid of if your antibiotics are not strong enough, or you do not take them long enough. Tularemia symptoms may go away while you are taking antibiotics, making you believe that you are disease-free. The symptoms may then come back a week or so later.

Is it revolution time? Is it OK for the government to attack peaceful demonstrations with bacterial warfare?

Please re-post this widely.

Theresa Mitchell
KBOO Commentator
yeah well 07.Oct.2005 08:27


I would suggest that we take this as an official attack against dissent. And notice how it was done quietly.

How pathetic that we still march in circles holding signs, discussing lobbying. Lobby my asshole. It's beyond our so-called representatives now folks.

more info 07.Oct.2005 19:16


Test Results Cited in Delay of Mall Alert
CDC Explains Why Local Officials Weren't Told for Days About Bacterium Detection

By Susan Levine and Sari Horwitz
Washington Post Staff Writers
Wednesday, October 5, 2005; Page B01

Area health officials were not notified for five days that sensors on the Mall had detected a potentially dangerous bacterium there last month because subsequent tests were not conclusively positive, a federal official said yesterday.

The Department of Homeland Security delayed in alerting the federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention for the same reason, said Richard Besser, who directs the CDC's coordinating office for terrorism preparedness and emergency response. More than half a dozen sensors showed the presence of tularemia bacteria the morning after thousands of people gathered on the Mall for a book festival and antiwar rally, yet the CDC was not contacted for at least 72 hours.

Is this the most irresponsible headline posted on Indymedia this month? 08.Oct.2005 12:57

Not a CDC official

Anyone can post almost anything on the newswire. This simple fact has guaranteed the almost complete lack of usefulness of this site for some time.

Of course, anyone can also promote racist and otherwise outrageous 'facts' on the mass media. The former police chief of New Orleans took to Oprah's show to let the world know that 'babies were raped at the Superdome'. This complete falsehood was useful in justifying every action taken by the New Orleans police (at least those who were not busy looting) against the evacuees.

Let us look at this headline, "DC demonstrators attacked with tularemia".

First, it is one week since protestors gathered in DC. Has a single active case of tularemia been reported in the U.S.? Where?

Have tens of thousands of cases of tularemia been reported in the U.S.? Where?

Anyone with the slightest working knowledge of microbiology knows that you could not miss such an occurrence. There would be MDs, NPs and public health officials all over the U.S. filing reports and demanding an explanation. Especially given the worries over an avian flu outbreak, this would be showing up in Emergency Department reports, letters to the editor and cluster studies in places such as New York City, where tularemia would stand out like a, I almost wrote like a 'sore thumb', but it would be far more uncommon than a sore thumb in NYC.

So, Ms. Mitchell, where is the follow-up? Give me something more than a lone wacko caller to a radio program. The CDC website that you list does not have a major alert about tularemia posted, as is the case when they wish to arouse the public. The Virginia site you list has an alert posted, but has nothing to indicate that any active cases have been found in Virginia or elsewhere.

But from the little evidence existing you make a major leap of logic to "DC demonstrators attacked with tularemia".

Wait, didn't someone at that obscure U.S. agency responsible for attacking demonstrators remember that the Capitol area also is host the rest of the week to most U.S. government agencies (including the FBI, IRS, etc.) as well as Congress, the White House, Supreme Court? Was it another Bush appointee who fudged his resume put in charge of the biological warfare program?

Please enlighten me, Ms. Mitchell. And re-post this.

PS it is always appropriate to be calling for revolution in this country. Has been since at least 1876. But people who post false headlines should not be the ones who are calling for uprisings. And hold off on taking antibiotics, people. Save them for real illnesses, not rumors.

do the work 08.Oct.2005 19:49


Google it: CDC Washington tularemia. You'll find articles from all over the world, the Washington Post, ABC news, the Indianapolis Star--some confirm and others deny.

It should be top-headline news. How do I know? I do the work.

rumor mill 12.Oct.2005 16:11

Politicus sal@electrobotanica.org

You'll find articles from all over the world
The fact that tularemia was detected during the war protest weekend is not disputed, but your article was reporting something different entirely. The following assertions, embedded in the title, are completely baseless:
  • this event was an attack
  • it was perpetrated by the US government
  • the motive was to cause harm to anti-war protesters
You make no progress when you get people to reject one set of lies for another set of lies, no matter how noble your cause.

I was infected on september 24th 25.Oct.2005 20:25


I cant believe that the sensors detected the biological attack and the Dept of homeland security did nothing to warn anyone so we could take precautions. Now what say that it was a natural thing? Get real! The dept of homeland security should do its job and find the killer responciple. The inaction makes me believe its a military test. I havent fully got over it yet (chest is clear now, but still feeling tired) My blood work is on its way...