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And then there is this bit of info about a spy in the whitehouse

What is wrong with this current administration? Can't they find a spy in the woodwork? Why did it take three years to cache this spy?
"FBI agents examined computers in Vice President Dick Cheney's office and talked to former and current White House aides Thursday as they investigated an FBI intelligence analyst accused of passing classified information to Filipino officials."

 link to sfgate.com
It's difficult... 07.Oct.2005 08:07


to notice one particular piece of shit among a very big pile.

another possibility 08.Oct.2005 20:50

Converse Murdoch umlaut@idir.net

Don't underestimate these assholes in the White House. Maybe they used this guy to plant bad info and then "exposed" him to give the bad info some credibility. Generally speaking, if it's on TV it's bullshit.