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A Thought on the Fouad Kaady Story

Just a thought about what's inside the mind of the "protective imperialist";;;it becomes "necessary" to kill someone who has become afraid of being killed by someone who is supposed to be protecting someone whom one would rather kill.

More explicitly they (the state) find it necessary to kill (Fouad) someone who has been made afraid because (he knows) those who want to kill him are expected by someone (the state) to protect him (dark skinned Americans) but (they) would rather not have to do that. And why?

Because, simply imperialists don't really want to rule. Imperialism, is a state of "grace" created by Kings who are looking for a vacation on someone else's property. True governance would require a love of the original, the indigineous population. Most Imperialists won't mingle with the colonized .

What does this have to do with Fouad? America has within itself a series of colonized countries. The antithesis of integration and Democracy. Zones, ghettos and reservations. Areas. Miniature little colonized nations, attempting to maintain their integrity within the mother country. Secular.

The guise of Democracy is getting a bit repressive. I suppose we should all be thankful that we have ipods to escape from...does anyone hear airplanes?