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Black Hat

(plausible deniability)
Stephen Hawking was a prince among his peers, the magister ludi, the elegant universe summed. He wrote a Brief History of Time after Fritjoff Kapra had created such success with his Tao of Physics. The masses were enthralled. They were to be admitted into the sacred halls of physics!
Imagine a pastoral scene. Ewes have just been put to pasture with the ram. A billy is with his two nannys. The rains have begun, but let up, and the chill has caused the biting flies to retreat. If a ewe or a Nubian nanny were asked their definition of paradise, it would be this - minus some indefinable something. Of course, the indefinable something is the Lord of the manor. If on occasion the Lord brings some shred of tasty morsel - a piece of kale, a scratch under the ears - and if the Lord does it in such a manner that it is unassuming, with genuine affection - then a herd animal feels content.
Human masses pursued their various endeavors, some smart, some - not so smart, but all content to work within the rubric of the scientific revolution. In this time, the emperor withered in his mechanical chair, his voice box holding at bay the inevitable progression of disease. The emperor was ecstatic, for he lived in the realm of the abstract, and many were his loyal adherents.
Some time before, in the long ago, fifteen hundred A.D. to be precise, Padma Sambhattsava, the then current reincarnation of the Dalai Lama had unraveled the weft of time and probability through deep meditation. He prophesied, "When the Iron Bird flies, the People will be scattered like the sand of the sea, and the Dharma will come to the West." As Tibetan Buddhism evolved there were two well-known sects on the Greater Path, the Yellow Hat sect and the Red Hat sect. This came to be as man entered the twenty-first century.
Little known in the West, at Rikon in Switzerland; at the summit of Woodstock; in Boulder, Colorado; along the Rio Grande; and in a monastery near San Francisco - bastions of Tibetan Buddhism were becoming established. These adepts of the highest order understood string theory and found that physicists most closely resembled their own priesthood. Since most physicists were highly disciplined within abstract pursuits and remained social inepts, they were ideally suited for western monastic tradition.
Our story begins with Stephen Hawking. The Emperor remained in residence in England, holding his chair in mathematics. He had three children and one grandchild. He was safely ensconced on a lecture circuit and in quiet English family life. He was ecstatic.
The Panchen lama and the Dalai lama had consulted. Americans were far more problematic than Europeans. Their herd instinct was imbued with a wild gene for anarchism - question authority was their motto. For that reason, an extensive groundwork of Buddhism had been cultivated in the U.S. The first indication that things were amiss came during the presidency of George W. Bush, Jr. Jesus had always been a cursed word among Buddhist followers. His exclusivity of my way or the highway threatened the Way of Enlightenment. Never before had such an imbecile been elevated to the Presidency, and claimed to follow the teachings of Jesus. The assault on reason and science threatened to undermine the Buddhist priesthood within the scientific community.
The Dalai lama consulted with his advisors. "What is the meaning of our failure? Have we not provided hope for the masses? Have we not prompted the great physicists and mathematicians to include the masses in their deliberations?"
A counselor answered, "It is as you say, Holiness, but perhaps we have let in too much darkness in the balance of Yin and Yang."
"When our subject, Stephen Hawking published a Brief History in Time, the masses concluded that we lived in a closed universe - a deterministic universe."
"In India, the masses are content that the Wheel of fate decrees their existence," the Dalai lama replied. "Although, Americans think they are in charge of their own destiny."
A western trained lama interjected, "We recognized that the determinism of Laplace could be circumvented with quantum probabilities - that allowed a ray of hope."
A representative for the Panchen lama began, "We suppressed part of Hawking's research from the awareness in the common man by stifling its resonance within thought and the media."
"What part was that?" His Holiness inquired.
"In 1976, Stephen Hawking declared probabilities with quantum mechanics is violated by the presence of black holes. Wave functions disappearing down a black hole disrupt probability. Thus not only is the hope of probability disrupted, but the underlying solace of determinism is disrupted."
The Dalai lama called for tsampa and the chanting monks in the alcoves signaled with a dissonant blare from their bone whistles. Guttural chanting filled the air. Butter lamps danced in perfect accord as the high lamas meditated on the direction of their council. A gong silenced the chanting monks.
The Dalai lama began, "Knowledge of the wave functions of all the fundamental ingredients of the universe at some moment in time allows a 'vast enough' intelligence to determine the wave functions at any prior or future time. We have proof that Padma Sambhattsava understood this premise with his prophecy of the Iron Bird. By our collective thought as we chant Om mane padme hum, we have seen this truth many times over."
Another lama who had remained quiet during the deliberations addressed His Holiness, "Blessed One, the Emperor of the Black Hat sect may need replacing."
A look from the Dalai lama encouraged the lama to continue, "Stephen Hawking has strongly claimed that the information from black holes does not re-emerge - that black holes destroy information by splitting photon pairs and radiating dark energy."
The Dalai lama summated, "This then is the meaning of an imbalance in the Yin and Yang? We have allowed too much darkness to disrupt the light of hope?"
"That and one other unforeseen development," the quiet lama finished. "George Bush claims to follow Jesus, but we know his inner thoughts. He does not worship the God of his fathers in his heart. He worships the god of forces, the science behind HAARP - a technology to control thought. In that way he is like us. We only failed in empowering such an imbecile with our hubris. We have given power to an utter fool, and it may bring us to ruin."
The lamas sipped their tsampa, slurps punctuating the silence. The stench of rancid butter overwhelmed the pungent incense.