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J.Crew Went Back on Their Word To Not Sell Fur

info on an friday's fur protest downtown in front of j.crew
J.Crew is selling fur in their fall clothing line--despite a promise that they would not do so. Undercover video footage from Chinese fur farms (where their fur comes from) show regular atrocities, including animals being skinned alive. Please join concerned citizens in letting J.Crew and the public know how unacceptable and barbaric and unfashionable fur really is! Smart people don't wear fur!

Friday, October 7th
11:00 am
Pioneer Place Mall
The Corner of 5th and Morrison
Portland, OR
Would you expect any less from an unaccountable tyranny? 06.Oct.2005 21:59


Them: Corporate citizen

You and me: Normal citizen

Of course a protest is in order because we (normal citizens) are the only ones to hold them accountable.

WHERE IS MIKE D? 13.Oct.2005 08:17


what happened to mike d at this protest?

sick video 13.Oct.2005 12:58


watch a fucking disturbing video at peta.org of cats and dogs who have been captured in China's fur trade. try not to cry.