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Fouad Kaady

thier family
I can tell you this, that carwash is tied to the family, so is Hanna, Atiyeh's carpets including Victor Atiyeh (Governor Of Oregon for 8 years), a Judge who sat on the Oregon Supreme Court for many years, they have Family in USA, Lebanon, Syria, Australia, London, Brazil and probably many more. I know this family because they recarpeted my whole house twice now. These are the kindest most generous family that I know, including my own. They have been probably the most caring business owners in Portland for over 50 years. You people would not believe this family's values. It is such a gift that they came all the way to Oregon to live here with us. Beautiful left wing Christians. This is such a shame; I cannot comprehend how many people have been torn and hurt. Just to think they came to the US decades ago for one thing, the promise of liberty and freedom. They have to be some of the most patriotic people I know, and how their religion goes hand in hand with them being so liberal is amazing. Saying all this and I have only had a chance to meet a handful. I cannot imagine over 500 of these people among us. Portland is so gifted to have this family here. This brutal crime has been committed against the most innocent people around us, and I am afraid for what the handling of the legal system in this case, which is going to be obvious, we all know law enforcement practices here in Portland metro is going to do. This is going to end up hurting the entire metro area. You would not believe hoe many business are owned by these people. When I read that Zaki wanted us to pray also for the Police officers and their families, I broke down and cried. How can a people be so forgiving? I know I could not. And I am ashamed for that.