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Big Changes at DMV at least 2 years away

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September 15, 2005

Oregonians can expect big changes in the future in how they get driver licenses and identity cards under both federal and state legislation passed in 2005. But those changes won't begin to take effect for at least two years.

By mid to late 2007, DMV will compare the facial images of applicants for driver licenses and ID cards against images already on file. This check will prevent people from obtaining a license or ID card in more than one name or in someone else's name. The 2005 Oregon Legislature approved this change under Senate Bill 640.

This process will require DMV to issue a temporary license or ID card and to mail the final version to the customer after completing the facial recognition check.

SB 640 allows a fee increase of up to $3 per card to pay for the facial-recognition check and other requirements under the bill. Yet that fee increase is unlikely to take effect until at least 2008.

Oregonians will see even bigger changes under the federal Real ID Act of 2005, signed by President Bush in May.

States will have until May 2008 to comply with the act. If a state does not comply with the new federal requirements, the state's license or ID card will not be accepted as proof of identity by federal agencies for purposes such as entry into federal buildings or air travel.

Oregon already complies with many of the federal requirements, such as requiring proof of date of birth, documentation residence within Oregon, and retention of digital photos of drivers and ID card holders. But the law will add several new requirements for people who apply for driver licenses or ID cards. Among them:

* Proof of citizenship or legal presence in the United States.
* Verification of identity documents with the issuing agency - for example, Social Security number with the Social Security Administration and Alien Registration Number with the Department of Homeland Security.
* Rejection of all foreign documents except official passports.
!!!!* Photograph of all applicants even if they are denied a driver license or ID card.!!!!
!!!!* Electronic imaging of all documents that customers present.!!!!

In Oregon, the new requirements under the Real ID Act are not expected to be in place until 2008. Several provisions of the act need federal rules to clarify details, and changes to Oregon laws won't be considered by the Legislature until 2007.

The Real ID Act also requires changes to DMV's back-office operations - expansion of document storage capacity, verification of identity documents, and electronic sharing of driver data with other states.

Customers can start preparing to make their future visits to the DMV more convenient by checking to see what forms of ID they have, other than their driver license, and making sure that they are safely stored. Customers also may consider obtaining other forms of ID for which they qualify, such as a passport.

Oregon's cost to implement the Real ID Act is not yet known.

For more information, contact:

David House
DMV Public Affairs
(503) 945-5270


more info 06.Oct.2005 14:24



The REAL ID Act: How It Violates U.S. Treaty Obligations, Insults International Law, Undermines Our Security, and Betrays Eleanor Roosevelt's Legacy

even more info 06.Oct.2005 19:55


what software? 06.Oct.2005 23:35

life on mars

>Electronic imaging of all documents that customers present.

This is the part that bothers me. What electronic programs will they use to deploy such a system? Oregon State University uses Oracle software for rosters/official transcripts. If DMV takes the same route and chooses Windows it means your private information "will go down" and you won't know what comes up (literally: where data gets sent and in what ways it's being protected).

Another thing is if, somehow, the war on drugs continues uninterrupted for the next 10 years consider the potential abuse by state police, local law enforcement and interagency forces not to mention DEA & ATF. Anyone ever see the cops scoping out drivers along interstate highways "to make sure passengers are wearing their seatbelts"? they could add this imaging capability and remotely profile people in their cars without consent. Chalk one up for the pharmaceutical companies who want everyone hooked on viagra, purple pills, Diet Coke and sudafed.

oracle 07.Oct.2005 05:09

no one in particular

While Oracle certainly can run on Windows, not that many people really do it. Most people with serious availability requirements run it on a more stable UNIXy platform like Solaris or Linux.

1984 12.Oct.2005 23:59

Afraid of Freemasons

Resist facial scanning, they cant run an economy and tax us if we all resist. Ghandi was a forerunner of the civil disobedience movement, we need to follow his example.