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Let's get the hell out

A way out of this mess called Iraq
Position paper on Iraq

The democrats must come up with a clear and simple position on this complicated subject, a way of allowing the American people to understand what we stand for.

Many of our Senators and House members voted for the authorization and the continued funding of the war in Iraq. This has placed the democrats in the position of not wanting to say it is time to get out of Iraq. My position is that we should first talk about making the decision to get out, the next question is how do we accomplish our departure.

I believe that you and many others confuse cut and run with proclaiming that the war is over, what we are doing now is occupying Iraq. Once you make that distinction it would allow you to say to the rest of the world we have done all that we can. We have saved Iraq from the terrible dictator, and have trained the Iraq forces to such a degree that we now need the assistance of the UN.

The democrats must push Bush on the issue of building permanent bases in Iraq. You can call them embassies or bases, makes no difference. They are a big hindrance when you try to convince the world we have no desire to control the internal affairs of Iraq. The democratic position should be no permanent bases.

When the Bush Administration goes after you on cut and run, relate what at least one general has said----it would take 12-18 months to get our troops out of Iraq if we decided to leave today. There is no cut and run.

We can ask Jordan to help set up peace talks with all the interested parties. This must include as many groups as possible, and we should not exclude anyone that has a power base.

The Lone Vet

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Best way 06.Oct.2005 13:13


As long as we are importing oil from the mideast we will need a military over there and the war will last forever. The only way we could pull out is to stop importing oil from the Persian Gulf entirely. To do this we should demand better conservation and ban all gas guzzling vehicles that dont get at least 20 mpg.

do i need troops at the plaid pantry 06.Oct.2005 13:45

in order to import a corn dog?

"Importing" is when you make a deal with the people who live there. Importing requires no military presence. The activity that requires troops on the ground is called "stealing."

If oil is the real reason 07.Oct.2005 01:30


the war will be over in about twenty years.

Then the troops will be brought home. More likely abandoned.