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Fouad Kaady

I can no longer post here. Thankyou so much for your help and support.
The family thinks that there is going to be an inditment from the grand jury. they don't understand how it works. They still believe in America and the justice system. It's going to destroy them at the foundations of their entire souls. They are going to testify that he was threatening the officers life, I know this for my source is very high up in the Clackamas County Sheriff's department. I am so afraid for them after the officers are not indited by the grand jury because I have been a victim of Police violence myself, and I know how it works, they will be cleared. that clackamas officer patrols my area and he will be back at work within weeks, me and my wife are terrified, he has responded to accidents by my property before and he knows me. This is a close family of over 500 people here in portland alone.

Thanyou you all so much, and please come to his menmorial in Sandy on saturday, it helps the family like you would not believe.

I truly love all you people,
May god bless you all.

Good bye
Re: 06.Oct.2005 12:33

xiu xiu

I wish for peace for you and your family and I hope that this death was not in vain.
There are many people who do understand you. Please do not give up hope.

just curious 06.Oct.2005 15:14

Auntie Diluvian

Do your folks own the big carwash chain here in Portland?

I think Zaki is gone, i would not expect a reply from him 06.Oct.2005 16:37


I can tell you this, that carwash is tied to the family, so is Hanna, Atiyeh's carpets including Victor Atiyeh (Governor Of Oregon for 8 years), a Judge who sat on the Oregon Supreme Court for many years, they have Family in USA, Lebanon, Syria, Australia, London, Brazil and probably many more. I know this family because they recarpeted my whole house twice now. These are the kindest most generous family that I know, including my own. They have been probably the most caring business owners in Portland for over 50 years. You people would not believe this family's values. It is such a gift that they came all the way to Oregon to live here with us. Beautiful left wing Christians. This is such a shame; I cannot comprehend how many people have been torn and hurt. Just to think they came to the US decades ago for one thing, the promise of liberty and freedom. They have to be some of the most patriotic people I know, and how their religion goes hand in hand with them being so liberal is amazing. Saying all this and I have only had a chance to meet a handful. I cannot imagine over 500 of these people among us. Portland is so gifted to have this family here. This brutal crime has been committed against the most innocent people around us, and I am afraid for what the handling of the legal system in this case, which is going to be obvious, we all know law enforcement practices here in Portland metro is going to do. This is going to end up hurting the entire metro area. You would not believe hoe many business are owned by these people. When I read that Zaki wanted us to pray also for the Police officers and their families, I broke down and cried. How can a people be so forgiving? I know I could not. And I am ashamed for that.

a long road ahead for the kaady's 06.Oct.2005 17:02


It's notable that 4 wks after the incident, beyond the initial statements to the news, there has been no additional information from the Sandy Police Dept, or the Clackamas County Sheriff's department. Except for bits of personal anecdotes posted here on indy by friends and family, and heresay reports about what witnesses have said happened, a lot of really important information information neccessary for the public to know what really happened hasn't been released.

Probably for good reason. This thing probably is going to court. Somebody, the departments or the officers or both, are probably going to be looking at a very scary wrongful death lawsuit. It's so important that the family has good lawyers and investigators. Witnesses accounts are going to be extremely important. Hopefully, somebody other than the officers, actually saw Fouad being tazed and shot. Answers to these questions shouldn't be posted here until they're officially released by the family.

There must be hope though. Even if Fouad really was intentionally threatening the officers, but was naked and indisputably unarmed atop the police car, shooting him to the death seems indefensible.

We should all pray for the family, those who can, because it looks like it's going to be tough going. Who would trust the Sandy and Clackamas departments under the circumstances? Looks like they're up shit crick on this one unless they can get really creative in the fabrication and excuse department.

Compassion and forgiveness has it's place but so does being wary. I wouldn't dismiss the cop in counseling rather than vegas story so readily. In portland, they also make a big deal about itchy trigger finger police being so traumatized after fatally shooting a person, that they rush to counseling. They're traumatized because they're worried about a wrongful death suit or worse.

The family should be very carefull who they talk to where the news is concerned. Get a good journalist not associated with one of the weeklies.