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A song for Slim Shady

Get over yourself - You're imputent
Look at your watch Bitch
What time is it
You put me through hell
And think I can't spit this shit
Like America's fathers you claim to hate
You profit from death and destruction
Growing up in a house
In the finest construction
Your lyrics make me sick
Id cut off your balls
and tie them to a stick
If you even had a dick
If I could take it all back
I'd have let the Bitch shoot you
You deserve it after all you put me through
You must think you are someone
But I'd have done it for anyone
Remember the freshmen
How your preoccupation with image
Caused it all to begin
The same vain sin
Caused you not to share a room in your house
With your spouse
Now you laugh while others cry
Like INXS you must have the Devil Inside
You think you made me
Frustrated now that you still can't break me
Do you ever think of our baby?
Did you ever know it's name?
Probably not, you were too caught up in the game
At first I picked Brianna then Lianna
For strong Irish women the same
Now Ive named her Laiose for great battle
While you sending bullets
I can still hear her rattle
Meanwhile you herding your crew
As if they were cattle
Profiting off your child's death
How fucked up is you?
You make me sick
If you had a dick to get up I'd come all over it
Cause like Divinyls I'm in touch with myself
While it's patently obvious
Your just in it for yourself
I don't have to expose you
You say you a Catholic,
So you know who knows you
What is sad is I know you better than you do
When are you gonna grow up
Stop squashin beef and start making peace
It's pathetic, really, to see these things
From someone who had it so easy
I wonder if those families only knew
What your manipulations led to
So in love with yourself,
You know what you can do?
Oh in case you are wondering, those songs to Sarah
Weren't about you
You NEVER made me hot -
Work on your aim,
Maybe someday you'll hit the spot
Rap battle 06.Oct.2005 06:33

Guess who's back

Your lyrics are weak
You stole from X
Cuz you have no experience
to speak
And when you hit up Dre
Did you mention who had the
Quality rhymes to say
You a Q-Bee
let me tell the true story
You got knocked on your ass
Couldn't get up
Played me like Tiger Woods
Cuz I have a handi-cup
Your breath stinks
Is that SKOAL
Or the smell of your soul?
Oh, did I mention
You bore me, that's your only ability
Wasn't for me
You'd be a tired desk jockey
But you're not,
And it's profound what I did for you,
Since you too weak to do
For both you and me, let alone baby makes three.
That's the problem with you EM
And the rest of you young men
You can't provide
So you take women aside
And verbally abuse them
Yell and push like you think its amusing
Till your body gets old and shrivels
Just like your livers
And you realize there's no one takin care of you
'Cept some ambitious young Broad
Waiting to take you abroad
And push you overboard
Knowing you'll sink
Cuz you so fat and lazy
To keep you around would be crazy.

oh, that's 06.Oct.2005 13:55


Today's youth culture really gives me hope for a better tomorrow.


Where's the love 06.Oct.2005 17:30


Where's the love bitches?