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fouad kaady, followed home

Followed home to Damascus

i don"t know what happenend to that last post
Fouads sister, a cousin, and I just went to Sandy to post flyers for Fouads memorial this Saturday. We were careful not to post anywhere that would be inappropriate; we were very quiet and courteous. Only one Sandy police officer saw us and went on his way. We just got to my house, we were just outside say goodbye when a Clackamas county Sheriff came and turned in my street. He pulled over to my side of the road and drove and eyed all three of us slowly. When he had gone up a couple of houses my cousins quickly drove home because they were frightened. I grabbed my night vision camera and jumped in the bushes. I just videotaped him driving back down to my house, then seeing no one around then driving off. They know who I am, they know where I live. I have spoken to their captain recently and revealed myself and my want to be forgiving and peaceful. I have his plate #. I am afraid for my safety and the safety of my wife and children.
Followed 06.Oct.2005 03:39


Thank you for spreading the word about your experience. Do you have any legal advice or a lawyer to contact just to have some leverage? Do friends have your phone # and address, maybe friends can come stay there for a while; you could set up a camera or a light sensor motion detector on your street if need be for protection from any thuggish or intimidating people.
I hope this helps somehow, please keep in touch w/indymedia on the developments and if any ongoing harassment continues.

since you know the name of this Deputy 06.Oct.2005 09:56

helpful person

then please post his name so those of us that have access to the database on membership in the Brother-
hood of the Strong can run his name through it and ascertain his status with them. If he is a member,
we can alert the community here and devise stategies to bring "pressure to bare" on him and his employ-
er, for these kinds of people--being the cowards that they are--can not stand too much publicity! If
this dude is a Brother, then we'll expose him and name names and give out addresses. Please post his
name! Thanks!