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KBOO is great, but why don't they give us WIN?

Nothing wrong with making a great radio station greater, is there?

The Workers Independent News service is a wonderful new resource that fits right in with KBOO. Yahoooo!!!

It is time for KBOO to include Workers Independent News in its daily line up. Time for WIN, now!

The WIN website:  http://www.laborradio.org/
What is WIN?

WIN producers gather news from labor unions and activists from across the country. WIN then packages the material for distribution to radio stations and for print publication.
Our producers and reporters come from a diverse background encompassing all fields of media journalism, from print to radio, video to the Web. We share one common goal: to create media that puts people over profits and empowers citizens to become journalists in their own right.

Explore the website to learn more about WIN  http://www.laborradio.org/ and ask KBOO to provide WIN to its listening audience

homepage: homepage: http://www.laborradio.org/

Proof In Posting 05.Oct.2005 21:46


I posted the newswire that claimed to be posted by Workers Independence News. I admit it.

Having confessed to that one, let me restate the message loud and clear:

KBOO and WIN are a great pair!

I know first hand the crew that have built WIN, these media leaders from Wisconsin, and I stand here to declare real proof in posting. It was me, Wes Brain (labor media junkie) who makes the most supportive KBOO post you have seen, for a day or two...

WIN on KBOO, now

how to 06.Oct.2005 00:56


Call KBOO (503) 231-8032 or pull up kboo.fm, find out the next program committee meeting, make a brief and cogent presentation backed by literature, and suggest a late-night trial. Success could then get it bumped up into daytime programming.