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Be Real Scared

BushCo Automaton
BushCo Automaton
BushCo Automaton

We all ought to be real scared of this woman...
Yuk! 05.Oct.2005 19:59


This is the woman who was quoted as saying that "George W Bush is the smartest person she's ever met."

jail that nut 05.Oct.2005 20:56


From an Iraq war vet in Portland....

----- Original Message -----
From: "SeanT" < pdx42@yahoo.com>

My skin is broken out right now. There's this rash that crops up
occasionally. Two years ago was the worst. The dermatologist said that I had three different types of rashes covering more than 90% of my body. Nothing ever makes this go away but time. Ice will reduce the swelling. Caladryl will help, so will this prescription hormone ointment, but nothing makes it go away until it is ready to go.

For the past few months, I've been getting boils and blisters on my feet.
This week, the current iteration of this, is a weepy rash of blisters in the
crook of my left elbow. Sure, this is annoying and embarassing, but that's not the worst of it.

Unexplained skin rashes and hyper-sensitivity to skin allergies are symptoms of Persian Gulf War Syndrome (PGWS). When I look at my arm or clean my feet, I'm reminded of that.

I was not wounded during the war. As far as I know, no one ever shot directly at me. But I carry the physical scars through PGWS: my skin, my joints, my cognition. No scars from shrapnel, but I have all these things to remind me.

When I look at my arm, I can see the things I'd rather not think about.
The rash on my arm reminds me of the desert -- and what the fuck were we doing there?? It reminds me of that boy we killed, and the mass graves that we created. It reminds of the moment that I realized that I was not a soldier of freedom, but a protector of monarchy -- an Imperial Stormtrooper.

There are times that I wish that I could wish everything away. Other times, I want to stand naked in front of the entire nation to force them to see what they've done to me. I want people to know what war really is.

But I can't show them the deepest scars -- the scars that come from killing innocents, the scars that come from being a guinea pig for untested vaccinations and chemical weapons. I can't show America the nightmares that they have inflicted upon me while calling me "hero". America will never know that their yellow ribbons give me flashbacks to a time that I only want to forget, that their fervent "patriotism" is serving only to create more "heroes" like me.

I have felt alone most of my adult life, like no one understands, or the ones who do understand can't talk. I'm very lucky with the ones closest to me in my life now. They get it. Even without going through what I've gone through, they get it. They've a gift of empathy that allows them to understand me. It is only because of the loving support of those closest to me that I have not gone completely insane.

Peace and solidarity,

Support troops, support veterans:  http://www.soldiersheart.org/
Veterans for Peace:  http://www.vfpchapter72.org/
The Angry Patriot:  http://pdx42.livejournal.com/info

"No, war is not Hell. War is worse than Hell. There are no innocent bystanders in Hell, but war is full of them."
- CPT Benj. Franklin "Hawkeye" Pierce, 4077th M*A*S*H

revolution we must 05.Oct.2005 23:19


What we need to fear is not one lone woman. What we need to fear is the extremist agenda that these "neo-cons" are successfully pushing.


I suggest we start becoming Revolutionary...as in getting 100 people to stage sit-ins in major intersections on RANDOM days for the sake of stopping business as usual because "it's wednesday". (you catch my drift) The idea is that we can no longer wait for IMF delegates to show our power. We have to do it every day. We need to begin reclaiming physical space to become a radical movement to overturn the current tide of events sweeping our culture into a literal dictatorship.

But I don't care about this woman who reminds me of Clair Higgins in "Hellraiser". It's an agenda we need to fear. We need to fear the people who are physically carrying it out. I mean the stealthy folks who planted the explosives in the Twin Towers prior to 9/11. The mercenaries (feds) are those we need to fear...and openly protest.

Regardless, we need to do ANYTHING but stall...and since 9/11 we've done not much other than that (although now things seem to be slowly improving, finally). After Quebec City, things were going very nicely. Then things changed because nobody at the time was willing (or courageous) enough to conceive of the notion that 9/11 was an Inside Job. (I suspected it from at least day 2...but was afraid to mention it to anyone other than close friends...some of whom concurred) Imagine we did collectively....the anti-globalization movement would have risen to unimaginable heights and possibly completeted its mission at the time. Now we are fractured (not broken) and need to begin the alliance building once again that we witnessed from Seattle to Quebec. We are down people, but we are not out.

I still feel that underlying pulse of momentum that I felt before 9/11. It never vanished. It sunk way down for awhile, but it never disappeared. We are still here people and we need to feel that wonderul surge in our stomach that makes us want to Chant and lock-down till the cows come home. We must Rise faster than the Empire.

you with the rash 06.Oct.2005 01:01


You need heavy-metal removal--chelation treatment. Find a reputable practicioner. If you have no access to such doctors, start with 7-10 grams/day l-ascorbic, aspirin, and over-the-counter chelating agents. You have been poisoned with alpha-emitting "depleted" uranium (and its daughter isotopes).

Demons Unleashed 06.Oct.2005 01:20


The Chamber of Horrors multiplies!

Who is Harriett Miers and why is she dangerous? 06.Oct.2005 19:06


Today Mr Bush put forward a candidate for Associate Justice with no obvious qualifications for the position. Supreme Court Justice is an interesting position. The job requirements are kind of minimal; you have to be able to breathe now and then, and you or your sponsor have to have enough clout to drag you through the Senatorial inspection. Strictly speaking, that's it. There's not even a threshold of lawyerdom.

Most people are surprised to discover this fact. After all, we're so used to judges being lawyers and all. But, there are municipalities, counties, and even states in the US that don't require that law school ticket before elevating someone to decide your fate and future. I suppose it's not so bad when we're talking about a fine of $250 and a 30 day suspension of your driver's license, because you can usually finesse a "sunshine" authorization to drive back and forth to work. But for the serious stuff - life, liberty, pursuit of happiness and so forth, the nation has this presumption that a judge must have some idea of what a law book is and why it exists. Article I, Section 8, of the US Constitution enumerates the carious powers of Congress. Clause 9 states "To constitute Tribunals inferior to the supreme Court." That's it. Not even a capital 'S' in supreme. In Article III, Section 1, we find "The judicial Power of the United States, shall be vested in one supreme Court, and in such inferior Courts as the Congress may from time to time ordain and establish. The Judges, both of the supreme and inferior Courts, shall hold their Offices during good Behaviour, and shall, at stated Times, receive for their Services, a Compensation, which shall not be diminished during their Continuance in Office."

Traditionally, of course, we've always taken it that someone with the power to affect a major portion of the population should have some trial experience, and traditionally, that's what we've gotten: lawyers who done some bench work as judges.

Harriett Miers has been a lawyer for a long time and she's been a corporate lawyer for a good part of that time. But she's been George Bush's lawyer for over 10 years, and that's her qualification. He knows her reactions and opinions on a large variety of issues. She's a bought-and-paid for Bush soldier, and as the man sinks lower and lower in the opinion polls and more and more of the citizenry view him with a new-found sense of disgust and alarm, he will surround himself more and more with loyal vassals. He fears an electoral backlash, a Democratic majority in both houses of Congress, and a resultant impeachment in the House and conviction in the Senate. Miers and Roberts are Bush soldiers. Roberts was deeply involved in the 2000 election theft in Florida. In fact he was one of the primary tacticians on the ground. As counsel to the President, Miers was involved with the legal footwork required to create the policies authorizing torture, rendition, abrogation of civil rights for US citizens deemed :"enemies" by Mr. Bush, and a pure totalitarian reframing of our entire Federal judicial system.

Justice Scalia was of course disappointed that he wasn't designated to the Chief Justice chair, but he can console himself with the fact that he's a bought and paid for Cheney soldier, and he's got - you know - those advantageous and fortunate investments. He knows he'll get the chance within the next two years to help establish a state religion and he's good to go with that. Thomas does what he's told to do, and dreams of the day when he can deny his background and heritage, and that's what he wants for Christmas.

So, when the legal retribution starts at some point in the future, Mr Bush knows he's got a lock on 4 votes for sure. He can surely find one more vote if it's ever needed to prevent his extradition for trial before the International Criminal Court.

Life is good.

UPDATE: I may have written the above in haste. Several things have happened within the intervening two hours that have made me take a slightly different view of Ms Miers. For one, it appears that Ms Miers is not just a Bu$hCo sycophant and loyalist. It seems she's also a blogger, with a great sense of humility and humanity. Plus, she's also a blogger! Yes! Just like you and me, bunky!

 link to harrietmiers.blogspot.com

heres the link 06.Oct.2005 19:25


to the articals source.i came across this early this week thought you might be interested  http://www.mainandcentral.org/

Blogger Since 2 Days Ago 06.Oct.2005 21:59


Following up on FIXER's link provided to Harriet's blog, I get the impression that the paint is still damp on that Rovian billboard. The link to "view my complete profile", under the cute photo at the top of the right column, turns up, among other things, a box that says "user stats" and "On Blogger (the host server) since October 2005".

If that means what it says, the whole pink "Harriet Mier's Blog" comes off as instant history. Something cobbled together to achieve a face, conveying some sort of continuity in time, for the heretofore shadowy sycophant. Suddenly there's a chatty little Texas (or, as the nominee states, Texas!!!) cutie just jumped out of a bran sack! Tee Hee!

We await FIXER's next band aid from Rove Central.