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Portland Anti-Imperialists?

This is a call to Portland's anti-imperialists. What are your organizational thoughts, or what are you involved in, if anything? How do we come together to remove Imperialism from the world's stage?
I know there are some of you in Portland. Is there any organization of anti-imperialists in Portland? Would any of you be interested in creating one if there isn't? Perhaps some of you think something you work on is worthwhile. Could you post it, so I, and hopefully others, can check it out?

Personally, I'm involved with an online activist community. There is I believe one other person from Portland on it. There's also a lot of people from Seattle. Thus, I hear a lot about Seattle's local politics, and their anti-imperialist efforts seem ahead of Portlands. Seattle has a working anti-imperialist commitee and I think it would be good for Portland also. That is the point of this call (if your interested in checking out the community, goto  http://mediaweapon.com and click on the POF-200 e-mail list. I think it's a worthwhile endeavor).

The purpose for this group would be to bring together different sorts of activists who understand the anti-imperialist view (or want to learn about it), and understand the need to remove imperialism from the world. Your personal philosophy doesn't matter to me, whether your an anarchist or a marxist or a whateverist, as long as you see the need to make radical social change. I think such a group would go a long ways to organizing demonstrations and making changes in our local communities, our city, our state and our country. I also think debating and criticism will create the best path forward.

Would any of you be interested in such a group/community? Post your thoughts and comments. Or you can e-mail me if you like, saying your interested. If there's interested people, we can figure out ways of meeting, organizing, and agenda.

homepage: homepage: http://mediaweapon.com

Dedicated Anti-Capitalist 05.Oct.2005 20:54

Leonard Bamboo

It's about time that Portland get moving on an anti-status quo agenda. If we fail to mobilize opposition to the exploiters, the future does not bode well. It's time we all start to "participate" in this here democracy and see what our freedoms can produce in the way of revolutionary change. No more military budgets in the billions, no more corporate give aways, no more inept regulatory agencies,big brother needs to be exorcised from the clan. Polluters who knowingly pollute should be forever dismantled. The corporate stranglehold on our society cannot be tolerated any longer. Let's break through the malaise that the elites have us in and start marching and charging in the name of all the oppressed peoples and animals of the world! We definetly need to get like minds together and start discussing the logistical side of things.Lets make arrangements for a meeting place and time. I will not give an e-mail address to respond to, so you should answer this request back through this publication.Looking forward to hearing back from you on time and place.

how bout a network? 05.Oct.2005 21:29


Hey, I think this is a great idea. To me, imperialism means the expansion of the empire, and that is what we have with this corporate capitalist structure. I think it's awesome that people want to start more anti-imperialist focused groups. Some of us are already doing work with imperialism as our target for dismantle- it'd be cool if we could get together in a network so that all our work could reach more people.

yup 05.Oct.2005 23:36

Anti Imperialist

Yes, but we have to do so in a way that is inclusive to as many as possible. This includes reaching out to other progressives with a radical and not-so-radical bent who do not already think of themselves as anti-imperialists, specifically. There are many within the American Indian community who are beginning to explore the issues of corporate-led globalization and how it adversely affects those of us across the globe, including themselves. In fact the so-called centrist John McCain is attemping to force the Navajo and Hopi off their traditional land as we speak. As if they haven't endured enough over the last few centuries. They are of course resisting with some outside help. They need more.  http://blackmesais.org/index.html

You people speak the truth, but it cannot be done unless we think of ourselves as an alliance movement. I hear so many people speak about current issues with such eloquence and wisdom yet have not an iota of knowledge that an anti-imperialist movement has been in the works since the days of Seattle. NOT A CLUE. Although we've done wonderfully already, we have to make ourselves known to the mainstream world. We had an opportunity this past September 24th (in D.C.) to expose our radicalism to the mainstream liberals protesting Bush's Iraq policies, yet instead chose to hold the direct actions 2 days later, on the 26th, in effect, isolating ourselves. The same thing happened in NYC during the RNC last year. Why are we not willing to show ourselves to the world?

Let's Rise once again.

fascism or cars 06.Oct.2005 00:22


History would indicate that unless you get really busy and really serious - as in agreeing to a platform and a plan of action - you cann jaw bone and "organize" forever and nothiong will be accomplished...

Wondering if anyone has considered the fascism of this world's direction?

Unless you think that everyone on the planet can have a car of their own then you must be against all private vehicles OR you are a fascist because you allow/enforce a system where some get things and others are excluded (know their roles).

Unless you think that everyone on the planet has the right to be middle class consumer pursuing the American Dream then either you are against anyone being in the middle (or upper) class or else you are a fascist because you allow/enforce a system where some get things and others are excluded (know their roles).

Fascism exalts the nation (WTO Trade Regime/Neoliberalism) and party (USA/capitalism/Materialism) above the individual, with the state apparatus (WTO/Trade/Growth)being supreme.

It stresses loyalty to a single leader (the Market), and submission to a single nationalistic culture (Globalized Free Trade with the USA exempt from all law).

Fascist ideology engages in economic totalitarianism through the creation of a Corporatist State (multinationals + IMF + World Bank), where the divergent economic and social interests of different races and classes are combined with the interests of the State (WTO).

Forming the Commitee (or Network) 06.Oct.2005 11:53

Marik marik@aracnet.com

I'm excited some people have seen my post and replied! Indeed I also think it's extremely important for those of us who already understand the need to remove Imperialism from society (or Socratest's definition of Fascism) hence the post. The reason I made it a call to anti-imperialists specifically, is because I think there's already plenty of liberalish activity in Portland, but almost no anti-imperialist agitation. I also think that someone who considers themself anti-imperialist would be more inclined to show up and participate. However, that doesn't mean I want to exclude anyone from participating, quite the opposite in fact. Good debate and thoughtful exchange will lead the way forward.

Anti-Imperialist addressed some of my concerns with the anti-imperialist movement (and anti-war movement). I feel that leadership of the movement, especially the anti-war movement, is the reason for our inability to 'show ourselves'. These reformist leaders, groups like answer who supposedly have the world's workers needs in mind (world workers party), have an alliance with the imperialists of this country. Look at the results of our demonstrations (such as sectioning off activists from each other, or putting Imperialists like Jim Mcdermott as their headline speaker). I feel that it would be a goal of our group to expose these weaknesses in the movement, and at the same time, add much needed energy and development to the anti-war movement as a whole.

Here's an example of what I mean: The Seattle anti-imperialist group called for an anti-imperialist feeder march, marching under the slogans "Stop Democratic Hi-jacking of the anti-war movement" and "U.S. imperialism out of Iraq! No to war for oil, military bases, and world domination! " Yet they also still participated in the ANSWER organized protest. This is an excellent way to bring out the anti-imperialist line, without secluding ourselves (being sectarian), add much needed energy to the greater movement, and try to show people our thoughts on the way forward.

"J" mentioned a network. I think this is a very good idea, to form a network of activists. This call, is in a way, an attempt to do that. My intentions were to organize a portland anti-imperialist group, and then introduce you to the seattle group, in an attempt to hash out some strong anti-imperialist work in the northwest. The group I mentioned in the article ( http://mediaweapon.com) represents an attempt at creating a network of activists also. That is why I participate in it and try to get other activists to join it. I don't want to sound like a cheerleader here, but, I think this group has a much better foundation then other 'left' groups out there. For instance, there's no 'leader' of the group. There's no 'chairman' 'chancellor' or other sense of 'rank'. People are limited to one message a week, or two if you participate in protests and demonstrations. There's also another e-mail list that's open to everyone on the other list that allows for unlimited posting. People on the list decide where to put their energy and time. Above all, theres no overwhelming force directing you on what to do from above (as there is no 'above') You don't have to be a marxist to be in the group, for example.

However, the list is very small, only a few dozen of regularly posting people. However, lots of those people who DO make posts often, do a signifigant amount of work where they live (mostly Seattle). I think it would be an excellent way to strengthen ourselves for the battle against imperialism, if we were to work with other anti-imperialist groups in the northwest and the nation.

The Seattle AIC is having a meeting on the 9th of October "Which way forward". I've never really done this sort of thing before, so, I'd like to see the results of the Seattle AIC to kind of form a way of approaching the meeting. I'd encourage everyone to look at the results of this meeting to draw ideas. Or perhaps you have your own ideas on how to go about this meeting. If so, please share them with me! Some of you who are interested in this call should post some topics for the meeting, and good times for your participation.

Personally, Wednesday's and Thursdays are best for me (these are my days off). However, after 5:00 on Sunday, Monday and Tuesday would also be good for me. I know the Midland Library branch has a public meeting room, and I assume that other Libraries will have similiar, if you'd like to meet at a more populated library (such as Central).

Feel free to e-mail me if you like.

scared 06.Oct.2005 22:38


I forgot to mention a catchy, yet key-word: counterculture. We need to begin reclaiming public space. Semi-permanent tent-cities for example. This type of movement will garner enormous attention from communities across the country. You've heard of Reclaim the Streets. Well, why not the parks as well? It would of course entail large numbers of willing revolutionaries. This will also of course be considered a revolt against capitalism itself. Well, as an anti-imperialist, of course I'm opposed to capitalist aristocracy which ultimately leads to where it is almost at right now: global corporate-military rule. A monopoly planet. Yep, things are now that dire folks. Some say that we are literally one catastrophe away from permanent martial law. Holy shit? Holy shit.

empires fall 06.Oct.2005 22:45


"Fascist ideology engages in economic totalitarianism through the creation of a Corporatist State (multinationals + IMF + World Bank), where the divergent economic and social interests of different races and classes are combined with the interests of the State (WTO)."

Yeah we understand that. But the point is, that's where we are at now and it's getting worse, so what the FUCK are we going to do about it??? Or actually, WHEN? We already have the tools, it's now a matter of using them appropriately, and soon.

great let's get going 08.Oct.2005 23:46

camping anyone - what else?

I love the idea of camping in the parks but I'm not sure how it fits into the anti-imperialist "platform." What are some other ways we can "articulate" the message through actions that help people understand the greed and selfishness of this capitalist culture, and our ability to get along fine without it? It's very hard to change a paradigm rapidly even for those who reject imperialism in theory. Education is a huge and tricky task. I think the alliance/coalition building of like-minded folk is a good focus. The creation of a platform should include as many people as possible.
Perhaps we could all go out visiting our community groups, asking what worries them about the status quo and what they'd like to see changed. Then we could meet or post our observations here and formulate a platform - with an effort to engage those groups in the discussion.
Using our critical listening skills is best in the beginning consensus building phase. Here's an example by the Democracy Cell Project. A lot of common ground here it would seem...?

The Progressive Pledge weaves together a vision for America in the 21st century as a nation that:

Ensures that every vote counts, with jobs and health care for everyone;

Takes real steps to guarantee homeland security; a country developing alternative energy sources and ending its dependency on foreign oil;

Is dedicated to ending the scourge of poverty and developing an environmentally sustainable world;

Brings American troops home from Iraq as soon as possible, ending our rash pre-emptive strike military policies, and abandoning efforts to radically expand the use of nuclear weapons on the battlefield