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911 Cover-up, Katrina blew away the Protests too

There is tremendous evidence that 911 was governmentally orchestrated and Covered up.
Katrina blew away many of the Protests. New evidence connects all three attacks on our country, with governmental knowledge and cover up.
911 Cover-up, Katrina blew away the Protests too
author: researcher
Oct 05, 2005 09:00

There is tremendous evidence that 911 was governmentally orchestrated and Covered up.
Katrina blew away many of the Protests. New evidence connects all three attacks on our country, with governmental knowledge and cover up.

This is a four part analysis with photos etc., that summarizes why the official theory of 911 is false.
9-11 and the IMPOSSIBLE
The Pentagon

 http://portland.indymedia.org/en/2005/10/326183.shtml?discussThe Butcher of New Orleans (Michael Chertoff= the Cover upper
Drugs, oil, and full spectrum dominance 04.Oct.2005 04:23


researcher link

The incredible power of secret agencies are supporting the elite, and that elite would love Amerca to become a dictatorship. They fund themselves with profits from drugs, oil and money laundering and are into assassinations, destroying democratc regiemes, and carrying out attacks of terror; WTC 1 was done with FBI knowledge as the above article shows, also Oklahoma for the purpose of making public opinion de-arm Americans, and 911 for invading Iraq to get its oil, and begin a crusade against Moslem people. Their aim one world government and the invasion and take over by UN Troops carrying out Agenda 21. Their motive, power, and control of the world from Jerusalem. Thier backers, Rosthchilds, bankers and some of America's richest families.

see these articles and more damming evidence in the Comments at
Why is the Federal Government destroying National Security ?
author: researcher


Who has the elite allied themselves with?
author: researcher

NY Times publishes Firemens' tales of Terror

Also must read:





Lobbies ( foreign government funded.),corporations, and secret operations of our own government= political gifts that keep Congress controlled .

I am almost convinced, because Michael Chertoff is not removed, that Dick Cheney is behind the Katrina and Rita disasters. If the DoD has used HARRP and
figured out how to control the weather,and possibly blown the levies, this disaster has funded his primary investment companies, struck more terror into every America's heart, and announced to the citizenry, the government is doing all it can...To kill off as many poor social security recipients it can and not account for it
Search For Bodies Ends In New Orleans, Louisiana Death Toll Stands At 972...
Associated Press | Amy Forliti | Posted October 4, 2005 12:48 PM

Officials ended their door-to-door sweep for corpses finding far fewer bodies than once feared and some schoolchildren returned to classes as New Orleans revved up efforts to recover from Hurricane Katrina.

The search for Katrina victims ended in Louisiana with a death toll substantially less than the 10,000 victims some officials feared. A private company hired by the state to remove bodies was on call if any others were found. The toll Tuesday stood at 972, eight more than Monday, the state health department said. They didn't search imp the 9th ward.



President taps Texan
who`s never been judge
Supreme Court choice of Harriet Miers apparently pre-approved by Democrats


Posted: October 3, 2005
9:22 p.m. Eastern

© 2005 WorldNetDaily.com

President Bush today nominated a Texas lawyer who serves as White House counsel, Harriet Miers, to replace Justice Sandra Day O'Connor on the Supreme Court - a pick that apparently was pre-approved by Senate Democratic leadership.

In choosing Miers, Bush tapped a person who has never been a judge and therefore has no judicial record for opponents to criticize.

"She has devoted her life to the rule of law and the cause of justice," Bush said, announcing his choice from the Oval Office with Miers at his side. "She will be an outstanding addition to the Supreme Court of the United States."

Added the president: "She will strictly interpret our Constitution and laws. She will not legislate from the bench."

The Miers choice will likely be a disappointment to conservatives who hoped Bush would choose someone with a stronger "originalist" record.

"It looks like he flinched," commented Fox News analyst Bill Kristol. "It looks like a capitulation."

If Bush had nominated a jurist with a long "paper trail" of decisions and conservative writing, he would have faced a much tougher confirmation fight in the U.S. Senate.

Miers, who has never been a judge, was the first woman to serve as president of the Texas State Bar and the Dallas Bar Association, the Associated Press reported.

If confirmed, she would be the third woman to serve on the Supreme Court, after Ruth Bader Ginsburg and O'Connor.

"If confirmed, I recognize I will have a tremendous responsibility to keep our judicial system strong and to help insure the court meets their obligations to strictly apply the laws and Constitution," Miers said.

Miers apparently had the pre-approval of Democratic leaders.

AP reported Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid, D-Nev., had urged the administration to consider her, two congressional officials said. There was a long list of staunchly conservative judges that Democrats were poised to fight, Miers not among them.

The president reportedly offered the job to Miers Sunday night over dinner at the White House. He met with the attorney on four occasions during the past couple weeks, White House press secretary Scott McClellan said.

I think Bush is hoping to pack the court to make the "national defense and executive priviliges, and the Patriot laws permanent. Just like he made executive orders to protect corporations in Iraq, he's making sure laws will protect government officials,...

Faced with fewer recruits who better to hit, than areas of poverty, hoping to gain new poor enlistments?

Being bombarded daily by the pictures and plights of the victims, on Mass Media, CNN,Fox, MSNB, etc. is numbing the populace, and taking their minds off the political issues , Rove leak, Abraham's spying, etc.

Occurring at the time of 911 was most beneficial for them, the massive protest against the war went largely unmentioned, and the calls to reopen the 911 disaster silenced.
Fake Terror: Briley: OKC bombing was a National Security Council (NSC) operation

Monday, October 03, 2005 - 03:36 AM, (17 Reads)

"There have now been at least 19 government provocateurs identified who helped and encouraged McVeigh to do the OKC bombing. None of the 19 known provocateurs has been brought to justice, but they worked closely for or with and were protected by the FBI, CIA, DEA, BATF, Secret Service, US Army, State Department, or DOJ or a combination of one or more of the named entities. Many of these provocateurs had very close ties to the HW Bush and Clinton administrations.

The NSC, FBI and CIA also used an Iraqi national military member in the US, an Israeli intelligence agent inside the US, a US Black Muslim terrorist provocateur, and a German national in the US to monitor, provoke and orchestrate the OKC bombing."


Patrick Briley
September 30, 2005

The OKC bombing was a National Security Council (NSC) operation. The groundwork for the operation was laid in the HW Bush administration. The operation was carried out and covered up during the Clinton presidency, and further covered up during the GW Bush presidency.

Within weeks of the OKC bombing Clinton convened an NSC meeting. An attendee of the meeting has said that after Clinton left the meeting, officials of the NSC, DOJ, FBI, CIA, and BATF remained behind and engaged in heated arguments as to who was to blame for failures that would require extensive damage control and cover up.

Prior to the OKC bombing US Senator Arlan Specter as well as Clinton and Clinton's NSC director Anthony Lake had been advocating federal national security operations to stop militias in America. Anthony Lake gave a speech to the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) in the Fall of 1994 in which Lake said the chief cornerstone of US foreign policy was to "pit our tolerant society against... ... .militias and domestic and foreign rogue groups in the US." The Lake speech was quoted in an August 1995 issue of the New York Times Sunday Magazine.

After the OKC bombing, Specter and Anthony Lake as well as Clinton blamed the OKC bombing on militias who they claimed had helped McVeigh. FBI documents obtained recently in Salt Lake City via federal judge Dale Kimbal now show that the FBI had provocateurs in and/or visiting several militias including the Arizona militia prior to the OKC bombing.

Oklahoma Congressman Ernest Istook told a victim in a taped conversation in 1995 that the OKC bombing was a failed a national security operation that used an FBI provocateur associated with a militia.

In February 1997 ABC's "20/20" program presented the first of a three part series filmed on the NSC orchestrated OKC bombing operation. The White House asked ABC executives not to air the remaining two parts based on national security grounds claimed by Clinton. "20/20" had learned that by the third day after the bombing, the FBI and US Army used national security operation grounds to threaten Army recruiters with court martial if they described publicly the John Doe provocateurs the recruiters had seen with McVeigh in the Murrah building.

There have now been at least 19 government provocateurs identified who helped and encouraged McVeigh to do the OKC bombing. None of the 19 known provocateurs has been brought to justice, but they worked closely for or with and were protected by the FBI, CIA, DEA, BATF, Secret Service, US Army, State Department, or DOJ or a combination of one or more of the named entities. Many of these provocateurs had very close ties to the HW Bush and Clinton administrations.

The NSC, FBI and CIA also used an Iraqi national military member in the US, an Israeli intelligence agent inside the US, a US Black Muslim terrorist provocateur, and a German national in the US to monitor, provoke and orchestrate the OKC bombing.

Only NSC officials would be capable of and authorized to conduct, coordinate, and manage such a large, complex, covert and compartmentalized operation that spanned a six-year period during the HW Bush and Clinton presidencies. Only the NSC would be able to coordinate and manage the ensuing federal cover up of the OKC bombing that spanned the Clinton and GW Bush presidencies.

German national Andreas Strassmeir was a provocateur who helped and encouraged McVeigh. Strassmeir was in the US illegally without a visa but was brought into the US by the HW Bush administration with the help of CIA Vincent Petruskie in the late 1980s.

CIA pilot Dave Hollaway later brought Strassmeir to Elohim City in far eastern Oklahoma during the HW Bush administration. While at the heavily FBI infiltrated Elohim City compound Strassmeir was a military training officer who encouraged McVeigh to do the OKC bombing.

In 1989 Strassmeir was arrested by the OK state highway patrol only to be released because of the direct intervention of the HW Bush State Department without his being deported back to Germany.

Dave Hollaway also gave McVeigh advice as to how to rent a Ryder truck to avoid detection and where to park the truck bomb in front of the Murrah building for maximum damage. During the Clinton administration FBI Director Louis Freeh knew of Strassmeir's presence at Elohim City and knew that Dave Hollaway helped Strassmeir escape the INS by driving Strassmeier to Mexico after the OKC bombing.

The NSC was instrumental in having the FBI meet with the BATF in March 1995 to call off a BATF planned raid against Elohim City and Strassmeir, a raid that if held would have averted the OKC bombing.

Roger Moore was building high speed, nitromethane powered boats for the CIA and HW Bush's close associate Mr. Aranow in Florida when and where Moore first met and started helping and encouraging McVeigh. Nitromethane was an ingredient McVeigh added to the OKC truck bomb to make it more powerful. Roger Moore also sold McVeigh "Kinepak" explosives to be used in the OKC bombing and encouraged McVeigh in letters to attack the "New World Order."

An Iraqi national and Iraqi military member, Al Hussain Hussaini, was brought to Oklahoma City after the first Gulf War. HW Bush made the decision to bring Hussaini to the US and CIA director James Woolsey carried out the decision at the beginning of the Clinton presidency. FBI and CIA used Hussaini as a provocateur to directly help and encourage McVeigh to do the OKC bombing. Hussaini was seen with McVeigh at the scene of the bombing and in numerous locations in OKC before the bombing.

After the OKC bombing, the Iraqi national Heidar Barbouti, a close CIA operative of HW Bush reportedly protected Hussaini in Houston. Heidar and his father Ishan Barbouti had illegally helped HW Bush transfer WMD materials and technologies to Iraq before the first Gulf War. Admiral William Studeman was the acting CIA director at the time of the OKC bombing whom HW Bush had directly used to cover up the illegal transfers of WMDS to Iraq.

Anis and Asad Siddiqy and Mohammed Chafti were with McVeigh in OKC moments before the OKC bombing. The witness to this, Debbie Burdick, was threatened to not talk to the press or to defense attorneys by FBI agent Odom out of Denver. FBI and CIA agent Floyd Zimms (wife was an active HW Bush Presidential Republican delegate) arranged for the release of the Siddiqys and Chafti after they were arrested on the day of the OKC bombing, even though dogs had found bomb material remnants in their luggage.

The Siddiqys and Chafti had been recruited for the 1993 WTC bombing by an FBI operative and trained in the use of explosives by CIA and FBI provocateur Ali Mohammed, all with the knowledge and approval of HW Bush DOJ appointee Michael Chertoff. Chertoff is currently GW Bush's Homeland Security Director.

The 1993 WTC bomb making materials had been purchased with the credit card of a US Black Muslim and an FBI provocateur, Melvin Lattimore.

Melvin Lattimore was with McVeigh's car and two other FBI provocateurs, James Rosencrans and Sean Kenny, at the OKC Travelers Aid adjacent to the bombed Murrah federal building one day before the OKC bombing. 6 FBI agents spent 9 months browbeating 4 witnesses at the Travelers Aid trying to make them change their story about seeing Lattimore at the Travelers Aid. Lattimore was also seen in OKC with the provocateur Al Hussain Hussaini.

Retired Air Force General Benton K. Partin informed AG Ashcroft in August 2001 of the Travelers Aid story in writing and in person. Yet intentionally nothing was done by Ashcroft about Lattimore.

Lattimore was the roommate of the 20th 9/11 hijacker Zacarias Moussaoui while he attended the Airman flight school in Norman Oklahoma in 2000 and 2001. Lattimore also briefly roomed with 9/11 hijackers Al Hazmi and AlShehhi in Norman.

The recent assistant AG of GW Bush's DOJ criminal division, John C. Richter, was brought to OKC in the fall of 2001 after the 9/11 attacks to prosecute Lattimore only on a minor firearms charge. Richter's prosecution was an intentional effort by Ashcroft, Chertoff, the GW Bush NSC and White House to put Lattimore out of the public limelight to keep the public from learning the details of Lattimore's direct roles known to NSC officials as a provocateur in the 1993 WTC and OKC bombings and the 9/11 attacks. Lattimore only served 14 months and is back on the streets.

The NSC knew in advance of McVeigh's and Nichols OKC bombing plans also by FBI and CIA close monitoring of an Abu Sayeff cell in the Philippines filled with Iraqi explosives experts and 1993 WTC bombing masterminds Ramzi Yousef and Khalid Mohammed. Nichols had visited the cell in December 1994. By February 1995 the FBI learned of the plans from the computer shared by Yousef and Khalid Mohammed, from Philippine undercover agent Edwin Angeles, from CIA operative John Lebney, and from captured cell member Abdul Murad. The computer contained a letter to the Siddiqys, the 1993 WTC bombing accomplices who were with McVeigh on the day of the OKC bombing.

The other man with McVeigh's car and with Melvin Lattimore at the Travelers Aid in OKC was US Army member Sean Kenny. Kenny was used directly by FBI Director Louis Freeh to help McVeigh rob Mid Western US banks to finance the OKC bombing.

The Secret Service and FBI took Peter Langan out of prison in Georgia in 1994 to conduct undercover operations that included the same Midwest bank robberies with Sean Kenny. When taken out of prison, the FBI and Secret Service publicly claimed that Langan was needed for the work to protect Presidents HW Bush and Clinton from white supremacists. Sean Kenny and Peter Langan also spent considerable time at Elohim City with Strassmeir.

William Northrup was a dual US and Israeli intelligence agent who worked closely with CIA and FBI agents like Kerry Myers monitoring the federal OKC bombing operation in Florida and OKC. Northrup specifically warned the OKC FBI office of an attack on the Monday of the week of the OKC bombing and has said the German government gave a similar warning. Northrup had been deeply involved with the HW Bush and NSC's Iran-Contra operation. Northrup had known Clinton's Pentagon terror advisor, Jesse Clear, for over 15 years before the OKC bombing.

Current FBI Director, Robert Mueller, wrote new "Brady rules" in advance of the OKC bombing that were later used by the DOJ during the OKC bombing trials to exclude evidence of the NSC orchestrated OKC bombing operation. Mueller wrote the new rules while serving as a US attorney in Northern California under the Clinton administration. Mueller had originally been appointed by HW Bush to serve in DOJ.

Federal Judge Richard Matsch enforced the new "Brady rules" even though the US prosecutor Beth Wilkinson admitted in a November 1996 hearing that a serious federal government warning had been communicated to the federal law enforcement family and federal judges in OKC before the OKC bombing.

Mueller, the FBI and the DOJ are currently stonewalling court orders from Salt Lake City federal judge Dale Kimbal to turn over un-redacted copies of FBI documents which already are known to reveal the orchestration of the OKC bombing operation by the FBI and NSC.

In July 2005 DOJ officials serving in the Clinton administration gave an interview in which they admitted cover up of the OKC bombing operation.

When McVeigh defense attorney Stephen Jones filed his "Writ of Mandamus" in March 1996, a three-judge federal panel in Denver quickly denied Jones request for evidence of government prior knowledge of the OKC bombing based on national security operational grounds. Federal judge Richard Matsch used national security operation grounds to seal FBI confiscated surveillance tapes showing government provocateurs with McVeigh. These tapes have not been released to this day even though the OKC bombing case has been officially closed by the DOJ.

List of References at Link

Also by Patrick Briley (OKCSubmariner): US Provocateur for Al Qaeda Freed for New Terror Mission?

Dov Zakheim
resigned as Pentagon Comptroller and Chief Financial Officer at the beginning of March

Now here's a new wrinkle for conspiracy theorists who believe that the hijacked planes were actually remotely controlled from the ground and that the hijackers were actually themselves turned into suicide mission patsies. Put this name into your system: Dov Zakheim

1985 to 1987 he was deputy under secretary of defense for planning and resources, and held various other senior Pentagon posts in the Reagan administration. He was previously with the Congressional Budget Office. Zakheim is currently corporate vice president of the Systems Planning Corporation (SPC), a high-technology research, analysis, and manufacturing firm, and chief executive officer and president of SPC International, Inc. In 1998, Zakheim, an expert in ballistic missiles, worked in 1998 with Rumsfeld Commission. More significantly, he is a long-time Bush associate, having served as a policy advisor to the governor during the 2000 campaign. In May, 2001, Zakheim was sworn in to the Bush Administration as Under Secretary of Defense (Comptroller) of the DOD.
As a policy advisor to the governor during the 2000 campaign. In May, 2001, Zakheim was sworn in to the Bush Administration as Under Secretary of Defense (Comptroller) of the DOD.

Here's the wrinkle:
Zakheim's company produces advanced Command Transmitter Systems, Designed to provide "remote control and flight termination functions through a fully redundant, self-contained solid state system." The unit is just 5 feet high and can be mounted easily on a mobile platform. Although designed to control unmanned flights such as Global hawk from remote positions on the ground, one British aviation engineer said after 9/11 that the planes used in the attacks could have been equipped with, or suitable for, such remote control units.


this website]


Not just Americans were murdered on 9-11. Nearly 500 foreign nationals from over 80 different nations were killed in the World Trade Center. 63 As a center of world trade and finance this is not surprising. It is also commonly known that many Israelis work in the field of international trade and finance. The laws of probability dictate that among the nearly 500 dead foreign nationals, from over 80 different nations, there should have been a considerable number of Israelis. But the number of Israeli dead was suspiciously low, especially when we consider the report, contained in the September 12 Jerusalem Post, that the Israeli embassy in America was bombarded on 9-11 with calls from 4,000 worried Israeli families. 64 George Bush had told the US Congress that he also mourned the deaths of foreign citizens including "more than 130 Israelis". 65 But Bush was either misinformed or he was lying. The actual number of Israeli dead at the WTC was far less than 130. It was far less than 100. It was far less than 50. It was far less than 25. It was far less than 10. It was... zero!* 66 That's right! ZERO Israeli nationals lost their lives in the WTC while citizens from over 80 different nations, including such powerhouses of world trade and finance as Granada, Bermuda, Ireland, and the Philippines, all lost people in the WTC.

*(One Israeli was killed aboard each of the flights that crashed into the WTC. None were killed in the WTC itself.)

We learned earlier about the employees of the Israeli instant messaging company Odigo, who were anonymously informed of the attacks two hours before they took place. 67 Even more intriguing than the Odigo warnings was the narrow escape of 200 employees of an Israeli government run company called Zim Israel Navigational. With over 80 vessels, Zim Navigational is the 9th-largest shipping company in the world. Just one week before 9-11, Zim Navigational moved out of its World Trade Center offices with over 200 workers. 68, 69

Company spokesperson Dan Nadler said: "When we watched the pictures, we felt so lucky. Our entire US operations were run out of the 16th floor." 70,71 Zim moved to Virginia. Nadler added that the aim of the sudden move "was to save on rent". 72, 73 Somehow the claim that a major global shipping firm, backed up by government money, needed to save a few bucks on rent lacks credibility. And oh what perfect timing!

So who tipped off Zim? Who tipped off Odigo? Who tipped off those Pentagon officials? Who tipped off those Israeli workers in New York? I think it's safe to say it wasn't Osama Bin Laden.

Al-CIA-duh: US Provocateur for Al Qaeda Freed for New Terror Mission?

Saturday, September 24, 2005 - 01:37 AM, (29 Reads)

Thanks to the GW Bush DOJ, AG Gonzales and John Richter, Ali Mohammed and Melvin Lattimore were not fully prosecuted, did not serve time the full time required for their crimes and now are free once again to work together and roam the streets of America and OKC to monitor and perhaps provoke yet another terror attack in America.
US Provocateur for Al Qaeda Freed for New Terror Mission?

Copyright 2005 by Patrick B. Briley

The GW Bush DOJ arranged for the early release of convicted FBI and CIA provocateur Ali Mohammed in July 2005. When released Ali had not served a full sentence commensurate with his convictions for the 1993 WTC and Kenyan and Tanzanian bombing attacks during the Clinton Presidency. AG Gonzales and John C. Richter were instrumental in the release of Ali Mohammed. John C. Richter was a former assistant attorney general for the GW Bush DOJ criminal division who had served in the DOJ criminal division with current Homeland Security Director Michael Chertoff.

John Richter was also instrumental in protecting Melvin Lattimore, another FBI provocateur involved with Ali Mohammed in the 1993 WTC and 1995 OKC bombings. Richter was brought to OKC in October 2001 by the DOJ to prosecute Lattimore for a firearms violation. But at the time of Lattimore's conviction the FBI and DOJ as well as Richter and AG Ashcroft knew that Lattimore had been used as an FBI provocateur together with Ali Mohammed in the 1993 WTC and the 1995 OKC bombing. They also knew that Lattimore was the roommate of 9/11 hijackers Moussaoui, AlShehhi and AlHazmi and had been with Mohammed Atta in Norman OK just before the 9/11 attacks. Richter's 2001 prosecution of Lattimore was done to get Lattimore out of the limelight to avoid press and public scrutiny of FBI, CIA and DOJ corruption, murder and treason involving these attacks with Ali Mohammed and Melvin Lattimore.

Thanks to the GW Bush DOJ, AG Gonzales and John Richter, Ali Mohammed and Melvin Lattimore were not fully prosecuted, did not serve time the full time required for their crimes and now are free once again to work together and roam the streets of America and OKC to monitor and perhaps provoke yet another terror attack in America.

Ali Mohammed worked for the FBI, CIA and Army Special Forces and with Bin Laden and 9/11 mastermind Khalid Mohammed, all at the same time! After Ali's conviction during Clinton's Presidency, DOJ AG Janet Reno made a special deal with Ali Mohammed and only held him under house arrest and never with the prospect of Ali having to serve out his full sentence. Ali Mohammed has always enjoyed a protected status with the DOJ, first with Reno and now with Ashcroft, Gonzales, Chertoff, and Richter. Because of this DOJ protection and his roles with so many different government agencies it is highly likely that Ali Mohammed was and still is a tool of the National Security Council (NSC) under Clinton and perhaps even under GW Bush and HW Bush.

The following is a summary review what is known about Ali Mohammed's protected role as a provocateur for USG officials in the attacks mentioned above:

Ali Mohammed was an Egyptian military officer who worked for the CIA, US Special Forces and later for the FBI out of Sacramento, California all while Ali Mohammed moved Bin Laden between Sudan and Afghanistan when Cofer Black was in Sudan to monitor the operation. Cofer Black became the CIA director of the joint FBI/CIA counter terrorism center set up in 1996. During this time Ali Mohammed wrote Bin Laden's terror training manuals. Former CIA official L.C. Johnson has publicly stated that the USG's use of Ali Mohammed was a tremendous mistake. Johnson also confirmed that Ali Moahmmed had written terror-training manuals for Bin Laden.

Ali Mohammed was at the Special Forces school in North Carolina where McVeigh attended the school briefly after the first Gulf war in 1991-1992. CIA pilot Dave Hollaway was also at US Special Forces in North Carolina and may have known Ali Mohammed. Hollaway brought German national and FBI provocateur Andreas Strassmeir to Elohim City in OKC where Hollaway and Strassmeir trained and encouraged McVeigh for the OKC bombing. Ali Mohammed met and knew AlQaeda terrorist Khalid Mohammed. Khalid, like Ali Mohammed, was in North Carolina and obtained a college degree in engineering while in North Carolina.

Ali Mohammed was a close friend and associate of Mr. Batouti, the copilot of Egyptian Air intentionally crashed his plane into the sea while on a suicide terror mission, killing all the high level and US trained Egyptian military officers onboard in December 1999. National TV news correspondent Andrea Mitchell (wife of Alan Greenspan) reported that Batouti crashed the plane as a protest for Ali Mohammed being held by US authorities after the Kenyan embassy bombing in 1998.

Ali Mohammed trained seven Middle Eastern men in bomb making skills for the 1993 WTC attacks with the knowledge and approval of the FBI, DOJ and US Attorneys including Michael Chertoff and Patrick Fitzgerald. Bomb maker Emad Salem had recruited the seven men. Salem was paid to do this by the FBI according to 1993 WTC trial documents. The seven men trained by Ali Mohammed were associated with a Brooklyn mosque infiltrated by the FBI and included Anis and Asad Siddiqy, Mohammed Chafti, and Mr.Yassin. The bomb making materials used by the Ali Mohammed trained men were purchased with FBI provocateur Melvin Lattimore's credit card.

The Siddiqys and Chafti, like Lattimore, were seen by credible witnesses with McVeigh close to the scene of the OKC bombing. The FBI tried to threaten and suppress all of these witnesses even though the Siddiqys and Chafti were arrested and later released. Lattimore was seen with Mohammed Atta at an OKC motel in July 2001, the same OKC motel Lattimore had visited in 1995 with McVeigh and another CIA provocateur, the Iraqi, Al Hussain Hussaini.

Ali Mohammed was close to the mastermind of the 1993 WTC attacks, Khalid Mohammed, and the bomber recruits Ali had trained, the Siddiqys. So it should not come as a surprise to learn that a letter to the Siddiqys from Khalid Mohammed was found on Khalid's and Ramzi Yousef's shared computer in the Philippines in January and February 1995. Yousef was also convicted for the 1993 WTC bombing and was Khalid's nephew. In fact, the plans for the 9/11 attacks on US skyscrapers using hijackers were found on the same computer. Ali Mohammed's associate, Khalid Mohammed took these plans to Bin Laden and convinced Laden in 1996 to carry out the 9/11 attacks using the plans.

The FBI and CIA seized the same computer in early 1995 when they had learned of McVeigh's and Nichols plans for the OKC bombing after Nichols had met with Yousef, Khalid Mohammed and 5 Iraqi explosives experts in the Philippines. It came as no surprise for the FBI or CIA that Ali Mohammed's cohorts the Siddiqys, Chafti, Khalid Mohammed and Lattimore were in OKC for the OKC bombing.

Ali Mohammed escorted AlQaeda leader Dr, Ayman Zawahiri and Khalid Mohammed in the US and in OKC in March -April 1995, at the time of the OKC bombing. When arrested in 1998 Ali Mohammed was carrying training manuals on how to hide and set off explosives in public buildings like was done in the 1993 WTC, 1995 OKC and Kenyan and Tanzanian embassy attacks.

The FBI had used Ali Mohammed and El Hage to also monitor AlQaeda pilots training in the US for the 9/11 attacks in 1996 through September 11, 2001 with the help Dallas police officers and Dallas FBI agents under the control of Dallas FBI SAC, Danny Defenbaugh. El Hage was living in Dallas at the time until his arrest in 1998. The FBI 302 reports of the Siddiqy's and Chafti's arrests and release in OKC and in Dallas on the day of the OKC bombing were hidden in Defenbaugh's Dallas office until January 2001. Defenbaugh had been the FBI's inspector for the FBI OKC bomb task force. Defenbaugh was fully aware that OKC's FBI and CIA agent, Floyd Zimms, had arranged for the release of the Siddiqys and Chafti after arrest by local authorities, even though the FBI knew that they had been seen with McVeigh moments before the OKC bombing and were known to have been involved in the FBI orchestrated 1993 WTC bombing. OKC witness Debbie Burdick was repeatedly threatened by FBI agent Odom about her seeing McVeigh with the Siddiqys and Chafti in OKC.

The Brooklyn mosque attended by Ali Mohammed's 1993 WTC bombing trainees was the same mosque visited by and associated with 9/11 hijacker Mohammed Atta at the time Atta was being tracked by Able Danger and the Pentagon as well as the FBI and CIA in the US in 1999-2001.

The 9/11 Commission staff director Philip Zelikov and current NSC director, Steven Hadley, both former NSC deputies for Condi Rice, intentionally lied about and hid the facts of what the Clinton and GW Bush NSC and Pentagon knew about the roles of Atta, Lattimore and Ali Mohammed. They intentionally kept these facts out of the 9/11 Commission and 9/11 Congressional reports. PA Congressman Curt Weldon and Able Danger military officers provided part of this information to Hadley and the 9/11 Commission staff but the commission staff deliberately withheld it for GW Bush and Rice. Similar information about the roles of these FBI and CIA provocateurs associated with the 9/11 hijackers and the 9/11 plans was provided to the 9/11 Commission staff under Philip Zelikov via my report Counter Terrorism Antecedents for the 9/11 Attacks. My report was sent to and discussed with Speaker Hastert's office and 9/11 Commission staffer John Roth.

The FBI and CIA and even the DOJ have publicly admitted that they were also tipped by Ali Mohammed and Bin Laden's secretary El Hage about the Kenyan and Tanzanian embassy bombings, a full six months before the embassy bombings. Yet the FBI, CIA, the NSC and Clinton intentionally did not try to stop the embassy bombings.

This week, less than three months after he had Ali Mohammed released, GW Bush cited the Kenyan and Tanzanian embassy bombings (staged and provoked by Ali Mohammed) as one of Bush's pretexts for a global war on terror. But Bush's war on terror is designed not to succeed because it intentionally avoids doing anything about the role of the HW and GW Bush ally, Communist China, as the leading backer of terrorism in the world. Communist China is a great benefactor for Bin Laden and AlQaeda along with Syria and Iran.

With the GW Bush DOJ putting Ali Mohammed and Melvin Lattimore back on the streets and with GW Bush suddenly sending DOJ's John Richter back to OKC on September 6, 2005, there may once again be another terror attack mission created for AlQaeda and used as a pretext to establish even more police state controls.

See New Police State, Terror Pretext Mission for DOJ Official?.

See Chertoff Created Terror Pretexts for US Police State.

Using terms like national security, and executive privilige, the administration has succeeded in silencing Sibel Edmunds, who probably has to say the monies from Special operations earned by drug trade are going to Congressmen's campaign contributions to not rock the boat.

An outbreak of biological disease is also in Cheney's interests since it will attack the elderly, getting rid of more social security recipients.

Chertoff worked with Fitzgerald...
Do you think any of the info sent to Conyer's blog actually gets to him? I suspect Georgetown graduates summarize what they want and give him thier views.

This whole thing of campaign finances is a good key.......

I've written to Joe Biden, Curt Weldon and others, but haven't seen any action other than
For Immediate Release
September 15, 2005

Hinchey Leads Broad Congressional Coalition
Calling For Expansion Of Plame Name Leak Investigation

Forty-One Members Of Congress Ask Special Prosecutor Fitzgerald To Examine
Bush Administration's False Uranium Claims That Led To Disclosure Of CIA Operative's Identity To Determine If Additional Federal Laws Were Broken
Chertoff responsible for torture 05.Oct.2005 18:57


In this article below Chertoff approved and santioned torture. Personal terror was also written into the Patriot laws, where if you're investigated, your proprty taken, you maybe told to tell no one about what happened.Fascism.

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Chertoff and Torture

[from the February 14, 2005 issue]

Back on Friday, June 12, 2002, the Defense Department had a big problem: Its new policy on torture of captives in the "war on terror" was about to be exposed. John Walker Lindh, the young Californian captured in Afghanistan in December 2001 and touted by John Ashcroft as an "American Taliban," was scheduled to take the stand the following Monday in an evidence suppression hearing regarding a confession he had signed. There he would tell, under oath, about how he signed the document only after being tortured for days by US soldiers. Federal District Judge T.S. Ellis had already said he was likely to allow Lindh, at trial, to put on the stand military officers and even Guantánamo detainees who were witnesses to or participants in his alleged abuse.

The Defense Department, which we now know had in late 2001 begun a secret, presidentially approved program of torture of Afghan and Al Qaeda captives at Bagram Air Base and other locations, had made it clear to the Justice Department that it wanted the suppression hearing blocked. American torture at that point was still just a troubling rumor, and the Bush Administration clearly wanted to keep it that way. Accordingly, Michael Chertoff, who as head of the Justice Department's criminal division was overseeing all the department's terrorism prosecutions, had his prosecution team offer a deal. All the serious charges against Lindh--terrorism, attempted murder, conspiracy to kill Americans, etc.--would be dropped and he could plead guilty just to the technical charges of "providing assistance" to an "enemy of the U.S." and of "carrying a weapon." Lindh, whose attorneys dreaded his facing trial in one of the most conservative court districts in the country on the first anniversary of 9/11, had to accept a stiff twenty-year sentence, but that was half what he faced if convicted on those two minor charges alone.

But Chertoff went further, according to one of Lindh's attorneys, George Harris. Chertoff (now an appeals court judge in New Jersey) demanded--reportedly at Defense Department insistence, according to what defense attorneys were told--that Lindh sign a statement swearing he had "not been intentionally mistreated" by his US captors and waiving any future right to claim mistreatment or torture. Further, Chertoff attached a "special administrative measure," essentially a gag order, barring Lindh from talking about his experience for the duration of his sentence.

At the time, few paid attention to this peculiar silencing of Lindh. In retrospect, though, it seems clear that the man coasting toward confirmation as Secretary of Homeland Security effectively prevented early exposure of the Bush/Rumsfeld/Gonzales policy of torture, which we now know began in Afghanistan and later "migrated" to Guantánamo and eventually to Iraq. So anxious was Chertoff to avoid exposure in court of Lindh's torture--which included keeping the seriously wounded and untreated Lindh, who was malnourished and dehydrated, blindfolded and duct-taped to a stretcher for days in an unheated and unlit shipping container, and repeatedly threatening him with death--that defense lawyers say he made the deal a limited-time offer. "It was good only if we accepted it before the suppression hearing," says Harris. "They said if the hearing occurred, all deals were off." He adds, "Chertoff himself was clearly the person at Justice to whom the line prosecutors were reporting. He was directing the whole plea agreement process, and there was at least one phone call involving him."

"It is outrageous that Chertoff didn't allow testimony about Lindh's torture by American forces to come out," says Michael Ratner, president of the Center for Constitutional Rights. "It is off the charts in terms of morality, and it should definitely be a line of questioning at Chertoff's confirmation hearing: What did he know about Lindh's treatment in Afghanistan, and why did he go to such lengths to silence him about it?" But that might never happen at Chertoff's (as yet unscheduled) hearing, since the ranking Democrat on the Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee, Joe Lieberman, has endorsed the nomination.

Chertoff's judicial office is referring all inquires to the White House press office. Calls there and to the Justice Department, asking for comment, were not returned.

Ratner says Chertoff's role in the Lindh trial could well have contributed to the torture scandal that has so undermined the US effort to win over Iraqis following the invasion of their country. "Had testimony from witnesses under oath about Lindh's torture come out in court in 2002, we might have learned about the government's torture program earlier, and we might not have had Abu Ghraib and other torture scandals," he says.

The President says he's responsible for the Katrina disaster 05.Oct.2005 19:39

The Owl

The President is Chertoff's boss.Why isn't he firing him?

Because Chertoff got his job for covering up Bush's Saudi friends, and Chertoff needed 911 for his Israeli Zionist brothers.

These Zionists love Israel more than the G-d they profess.

If he can't get the US military, he'll call UN under Agenda 21 05.Oct.2005 19:52




October 5, 2005 -- Bush, Bird Flu, and Martial Law. At a White House Rose Garden press conference yesterday, George W. Bush responded to a question about the danger of a bird flu pandemic by stating he wants the authority to use the military to enforce mandatory quarantine zones in areas infected by the virus. Bush wants Congress to overturn the Posse Comitatus Act of 1878, originally enacted to limit the military's role in domestic law enforcement in the post-Civil War South.

Bush's vision for America coincides with what he and his neo-con cabal have implemented in their "democratic" Iraq: military checkpoints, breaking and entering into homes, the use of deadly force against civilians, and forcible relocation of civilians.

White House answer to bird flu outbreak: send in the military and declare martial law. Welcome to the Fourth Reich.

Essentially, instead of addressing the need to stockpile vaccines like Tamiflu and coordinate the activities of the Centers for Disease Control, National Institutes of Health, the Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service, and the U.S. Public Health Service, Bush wants to declare martial law and suspend the Constitution in the event of a bird flu outbreak. In his current state of paranoia and drunkenness, Bush has transitioned from comical faith-based to outlandish fascist-based strategies. The regular military is not keen on the idea of enforcing martial law in the event of a bird flu outbreak. They see the National Guard as being primarily responsible for bird flu emergency operations.

Bush's military option statement: "If we had an outbreak somewhere in the United States, do we not then quarantine that part of the country, and how do you then enforce a quarantine? When -- it's one thing to shut down airplanes; it's another thing to prevent people from coming in to get exposed to the avian flu. And who best to be able to effect a quarantine? One option is the use of a military that's able to plan and move."

Bush's amazing grasp of the subject of the potential pandemic: "The reporting needs to be not only on the birds that have fallen ill, but also on tracing the capacity of the virus to go from bird to person, to person. That's when it gets dangerous, when it goes bird-person-person."

Although Bush continues to admit that mistakes were made in federal Katrina preparation and recovery, the results of his inaction and incompetence have been staggering. Local officials in New Orleans and the surrounding region are reporting a much higher death count than what is being reported through official channels. A number of children and the elderly are still unaccounted for. (Bush and his cronies' "compassionate conservatism" in Katrina and Rita particularly hit hard those in nursing homes: dozens of the elderly drowned in Louisiana nursing homes from Katrina while others, fleeing Rita, were transported along with highly flammable oxygen tanks on an unsafe evacuation bus in Houston and were incinerated when the bus exploded on a Dallas highway).

And in something that would be commonplace in the old Soviet Union, Bush's neo-cons want to control the dissemination of information about the weather. A recent Commerce Department instruction to the National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration, which operates the National Weather Service, requires media members who receive briefings from the agency to be pre-approved. Only the Bush administration could politicize something like the weather. However, in an era of global warming and more violent weather patterns, the Bush regime wants to spin the weather.


It is interesting that Bush spoke of the need for Congress to pass his enhanced, no-sunset provisions Patriot Act after calling for the overturning of Posse Comitatus. Such an act would give Bush the dictatorial powers he has, on more than one occasion, opined that he would enjoy.

It should be recalled that Congress originally passed the Patriot Act during an anthrax attack on the offices of the Senate Democratic Majority Leader and the Chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee. Although the anthrax used in the attack was traced to a strain maintained by the U.S. Army Medical Research Institute for Infectious Diseases (USAMRIID) at Ft. Detrick, Maryland, the perpetrators were never found. Recently, biological hazard sensors in Washington, DC detected traces of the highly-infectious tularemia (rabbit fever) bacteria on the Washington Mall during the anti-war demonstrations held in the nation's capital, a gathering that brought together over 300,000 people from all parts of the country. An anthrax attack on Congress during Patriot Act passage, tularemia found during anti-war demonstrations, bird flu being used as an excuse to scrap Posse Comitatus and impose martial law? Cui bono? Who benefits?

Tularemia (Rabbit fever) bacteria detected on Washington Mall during recent anti-war protest