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Protesters Met Vancouver Mayors' Prayer Breakfast Attendees

Bigotfest attendees met by sidewalk protesters in the morning's still darkness
The annual Mayors' Prayer Breakfast in Vancouver was sponsored by the Full Gospel Business Men's Fellowship (FGBMF), a group that denied a Muslim to lead prayer, denies women membership, and is known to support "traditional" families. Some of us called asking mayors not to participate, or not participate on taxppayer time. The FGBMF is an intolerant group.

Five protesters were at the Hilton's sidewalk in the morning's still darkness, chilly air, and under sprinkling skies. We carried signs, "Mathew Shepard is my brother," " 'God'" includes all," and you are eating at a bigotfest. One thought the people coming in were real small in numbers. I think maybe 100 came.

The Hilton manager, followed by his security guard, came out to see there would not be trouble. We intended to stay on the sidewalk. Another invited us to come in to eat, that he'd pay our ticket. We asked, could we bring in our signs? Of course not! Another said they included everyone, but I reminded them it was only with THEIR rules.

The prayer breakfast under the FGBMF is pathetic, and ought to cease. We protesters, upon departing, had our own breakfast and coffee at the new indoor marketplace nearby.
Thank you 05.Oct.2005 19:27



Just a simple "thank you" to you.

If there were more people like you and your fellow protesters, then this state, country and world would be a better place.

Keep it up!

Rock On GK 05.Oct.2005 20:43


I really abhor bigotry and I am glad to hear you called those fatcats on it.

more info 06.Oct.2005 01:25


Did you learn anything? 26.Oct.2005 19:44


I am a Christian and have very good friends who are Muslim. I also am a member
of the bussiness men group. I can understand your outrage at what was said but
you please be patient with some of the older folks. Their is alot of greatgrandfathers in the group. Part of my family is native american, central
american. We have known persecution from being different. I am sure that you
were more offended by what happened than the person who was uninvited. I know
the fellowship is really growing in Central and South America. In those countries
if you are not Catholic you are persecuted violently at times. Not being able
to go to a prayer dinner is not really like having your home burned or being
tortured. All christians are not bad people, just be honorable with your elders
even if you disagree with them. Be a peacemaker, it is harder but it is more rewarding in the long run. I admire your compassion for others but we must have
compassion for all.people get hurt on all sides, real men of faith will cover the
situation with healing and love. A Real Man does not need to carry a sign his life
is the only sign he needs to carry. I used to be like you so I understand you, if I hate you I hate myself.