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Sandy oregon for Fouad Kaady

saturday october 8th
Please keep in mind that this will be very peaceful, and is directed at the system and its lack of accountably and training for dealing with people who are under severe trauma, distress or in any way mentally unstable. This cannot turn into a hateful situation. That would be the last thing Fouad would want. However, most of all, we need to pray not just for the family of Fouad, but also for the police officers and their families. One life has been already destroyed, and a family is now left in ruins. The pain and agony of this has, and is overwhelming for the family. The last thing that should happen now is the destruction of more families, even to those officers and their families. We must forgive them and that does not by any means include any lack of accountability or justice. Please no personal attacks on the officers for I can tell you that this will by all means, regardless of criminal or civil court proceedings, be and has been mentally painful for these officers. I believe that the reporting that one officer went to Las Vegas was incorrect, in fact they are in counseling. Police accountability is the problem here, and unfortunately, it all has to do with money. I have been trying to help with this problem for years over six years, since I had my own experience with lack of Police accountability. I see an answer to the problem, and it seems quite simple to me. All the officers should be required to have large insurance liability in case misconduct should be found and the injured people, or in Fouads case the family should try and get some kind of justice, for regardless of any amount of money, it would not be worth one minute of Fouads life. That way at least the police agencies can actually take action against a Police Officer and try to make amends rather than do all that is necessary to clear them, even when fault is completely blatant, without the worry of paying for damages. As it stands today, if a citizen does succeed in winning a civil suite against say Clackamas County, that money would be paid for by all the taxpayers. Every profession requires liability insurance; Police agencies should not have an exception to this practice. I believe that if it were so, we would find an immense shift in Police accountability procedures. We do live in a capitalistic society, and many times that is very unfortunate.

Our community has its roots in Syria and Lebanon, many from the Christian Valley, we are devoted Orthodox Christians. We are not a people of hate, war, or revenge. We came here with a message.

Please come, meet the family, and show support for us.

I am also going to post "The Pond of Peace", which I started writing after I was assaulted two years ago and left for dead. I was at one time unable to speak correctly, read or write. I taught myself to read and write again, and the gains I have made have been a miracle. I promise you that if you read this and are able to comprehend it, it will be rewarding, for I have found that many people have been unable to, one hint, it is set in the future. Maybe it will give some insight to our people and community.

yeah! 05.Oct.2005 16:51

go zaki!

That sounds like a pretty smart analysis. Thanks Zaki.

about compassion and expectations of performance 05.Oct.2005 17:27


Compassion and forgiveness are essential companions as family, friends and associates continue the arduous quest to learn in exacting detail, all the factors coming to play as Fouad and the police officers encountered each other. They are particularly neccessary in the event that the effort to learn what happens reveals any degree of callous disregard for the life of an unarmed, injured person by a police officer. Emotional, antagonistic, vengeful acts of recrimination only delay progress towards discovery of causes of tragedies and changes that can be introduced to avoid them in future.

At the same time, people must be very firm in their expectation of reasonable, truthful answers from parties associated with someone who has been the vicim of a tragedy or other injustice. This is particularly important where those parties include police officers the public has hired to protect them.

It becomes increasingly likely that some of the public is rather vague about exactly what to expect from a policeman when he encounters persons who may not be fully responsible for their behavior. This has to change, because it is unacceptable for police officers to continue executing people on the spot for declining to submit to police orders under these circumstances, particularly when threats to a police officers life are avoidable by implementation of more appropriate responses to a given situation.

Measures must be taken to thoroughly familiarize armed police officers with the public they serve to the extent they can establish fundamental mental functionality of persons they encounter, then, based on the lethality of the threat that person represents to an officer or the public, take an appropriate response.

There is a revolution going on in the kinds of relationships occurring between various sectors of the public today. Because of increases in population density, we are becoming much closer in proximity to each other. As a result, it's increasingly common to encounter persons whose actions suggest doubt about their ability to be responsible for that behavior. We who are of compassionate hearts and minds, inherit an increased responsibilty to look out for each other and see that nobody comes to undue harm.

Police officers, at least some of whom are among that community of hearts and minds, are our public servants whose personal safety continues to be foremost in the performance of their work. As such, they need appropriately defined guidelines consistent with the character of this greater population density, and appropriate courses of actions made available so they can help us more effectively ensure that nobody comes to undue harm.

While their personal safety continues to be foremost, newly defined guidelines and appropriate courses of actions need to developed for police officers obliged to confront increasing numbers of possibly mentally unstable members of that population.