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Avian flu and Bush martial law

I was watching CNN (international) this morning and they had one of those clips with Bush talking about declaring quarentine (martial law) in whole states if avian flu breaks out. Ok so we have seen that the National Guard in basically not enough in each state to impose such tactics and the army is also broke thanks to the protracted petro wars... so which army is this gy proposing???? Maybe Blackwater so as to undermine state rights?



by the way an avian flu pandemic would be one way to make sure we have oil for the next 20 years

they will stop at nothing for their fascist state 05.Oct.2005 07:20

plague buster

think about:

1) a dozen of the world's top microbiologists mysteriously die, disappear, commit suicide or are murdered between 2003-2005. therefore one of the top lines of defense against an epidemic or bio-agent are removed.

2) the rigging of 9-11 as an excuse to invade Afghanistan and Iraq becomes all the more obvious.

3) the ridiculous moron, Brown, is appointed to "lead" FEMA

4) Brown's "response" to FEMA leaves us with a thousand dead in New Orleans, plus a de-facto ethnic cleansing of the city under the machine-guns of hired Blackwater thugs.

5) Bush declares that the problems of the failed response to Katrina need to be "fixed" by allowing US Armed Forces to intervene in the case of "natural disaster" or "terrorist attack"

6) now Bush declares that posse comitatus should be discarded so that US Armed Forces can "control" an outbreak of avian flu

what does all this add up to? think about it! Bush, or more correctly his masters, are practically telegraphing that they will introduce some kind of "flu" which they will use as a means of declaring martial law to "isolate" the affected population.

for any of us who rise up and cry "LYING TRAITOR BASTARDS!" they mildly declare "oops, you must be "infected," off to the "quartantine zone" for you!"

and this Bush is the grandson of the man who built concentration camps in Nazi Germany for cash!

face it, we are already infected! infected with the treacherous scum of AIPAC, PNAC, OSP, who would slay us to slake their insatiable thirst for power and money.

indictments and impeachment proceedings have to start NOW or you will find yourself in the "zone" soon enough!

How long b4 we act? 05.Oct.2005 07:47

heading for the hills

If this doesn't get people's attention, what will? Bush has basically announced his plan for martial law, and it seems to be causing barely a ripple of interest. Just substitute for "avian flu" any number of other possible crises, including terrorist attack or even threat, impeachment proceedings, or natural disaster. You can see that Bush is just dying to set the military loose on us, to give himself unimpeded dictatorial powers.

It's time to organize and plan to resist.

bioweapon test on peace activists in DC; now Bush wants "flu martial law" 05.Oct.2005 10:31

connecting dots

Most Governors entirely oppose this use of the National Guard for "flu" particularly when the U.S. military is the world's #1 source for bioweaponry.


Columns < http://www.freepress.org/columns>
Bob Fitrakis < http://www.freepress.org/columns/display/3>

Bob Fitrakis is the author of /The Fitrakis Files: Spooks, Nukes and Nazis./He is editor of the Free Press and freepress.org. He has a Ph.D. in Political Science and a J.D. The story of the 2004 stolen election in Ohio he co-authored with Harvey Wasserman is listed as number three in Project Censored's most censored stories of the year.

*Did Bush administration attack peace movement with military grade biological bacteria?*
October 4, 2005

What do we make of the Saturday, October 1 Washington Post headline "Poison Found in Air During Anti-War Protest"?

Washington D.C. Public Health Director Greg A. Pane posed the right question in the Post article, "Why that day? That's what is not explained." Pane pointed that it was "just this 24-hour period and none since."

The Post noted that Pane found ". . . it was puzzling that the finding was from a day when the mall was packed with people."

Puzzling? Indeed. Biohazard sensors detected tularemia bacteria at the mall on Saturday, September 24.

Equally puzzling was an earlier Post report: "Weekend protesters hit travel snags." The article reported that Amtrak trains from New York City were turned back, cancelled or delayed from heading to the nation's capitol for the biggest peace demonstration since the Vietnam War era. Also, Metro subway cars coming into the capitol were disrupted by repairs.

Federal officials are still pondering the death of five people on U.S. soil and scores of others who were infected with U.S. military-grade anthrax in the fall of 2001.

The wholly implausible "working hypothesis" put forward by Pane is that the bacteria found in rodents, rabbits and other small animals just happened to occur on the same day the trains failed to run on time and more than quarter of a million people assembled to directly challenge the Bush regime's illegal war in Iraq.

Coincidence theorists. You gotta love 'em and their great faith in believing in the statistically improbable occurrence of events, rather than an alternative hypothesis: that friends of Bush (FOBs) planted the tularemia bacteria, just as they most likely sent anthrax to Democratic senators and the media.

Tularemia is one of six major bacterial bioterrorism agents, according to the Sherlock Bioterrorism Library serving the U.S. Army Medical Research Institute of Infectious Diseases at Ft. Detrick, Maryland.

The BBC notes that tularemia is "one of the most infectious germs known to science," and that it "takes just 10 microbes to bring on disease in humans."

Tularemia emerged as a "plague-like disease" during a 1911 outbreak of "rabbit fever" in Tulare Lake in California. The disease progresses rapidly in humans with patients suffering from headache, fatigue, dizziness, muscle pains, loss of appetite and nausea. The disease progresses to inflamed and reddened face and eyes. The disease next attacks lymph nodes and glands, often with life-threatening complications.

Fortunately, tularemia is relatively rare in nature. According to the Illinois Department of Public Health there are generally five or fewer cases that occur each year naturally. The Kansas City Missouri Health Department tells us that most cases that occur naturally are found in "south, central and western states," not Washington D.C.

Unfortunately, tularemia has been long used as a military biological weapon. We should consider the presence of tularemia a shot across the bow to the peace movement from an administration willing to cheat, steal, torture, lie and kill to further its political agenda. Karl Rove, the president's brain, brags of his worship of Machiavelli and will do anything to keep his Texas prince in power.

This history of tularemia suggests it is a long-standing weapon used by fascists, militarists and authoritarians.

Japanese germ warfare research units operating in Manchuria between 1932-45 admit to possessing the tularemia bacteria.

The Sunshine Project reported in May 2003 that the German Ministry of Defense "remains engaged in a controversial biodefense research project involving tularemia bacteria that has been genetically engineered to withstand antibiotic treatment."

Both the United States and the Soviet Union possessed the military strain Francisella tularensis during the Cold War. Dr. Kenneth Alibek (formerly known as Kanatjan Alibekov) the number two man in the former Soviet Union's biochemical operations describes in great detail in his book "Biohazard" how the Soviets deployed Francisella tularensis against the Nazis in the Battle of Stalingrad.

In another one of those bizarre coincidences, Ken Alibek was also involved in the U.S. anthrax project run by the nonprofit Battelle Memorial Institute in Columbus, Ohio. Considered the DIA's and the CIA's favorite nonprofit contractor, Battelle has been involved, according to the New York Times and the Columbus Dispatch, with manufacturing the infamous trillion spores per gram Ames (as in Iowa) silica-impregnated anthrax. Officially, the work is done for "defensive" purposes in order to produce a vaccine.

Battelle was in partnership with BioPort of Lansing, Michigan in officially producing the anthrax vaccine for the United States.

The New York Times reported in 1998 that BioPort's owners included Admiral William Crowe, Jr., a former chair of the U.S. Joint Chiefs of Staff and Ambassador to Britain during the Clinton years. One of Crowe's partners is the mysterious Fuad El-Hibri, a German citizen of Lebanese descent and a reported business associate of the bin Laden family.

BioPort is partly owned by a top-secret British biowarfare consortium Porton International. Laura Rozen pointed out in a salon.com article that El-Hibri, then BioPort's CEO, "made a fortune" for Porton International from its monopoly on the anthrax vaccine during the first Gulf War.

The New York Times reported that the CIA ran a top secret anthrax project through Battelle code-named "Clear Vision." There was also another anthrax project at Battelle's central Ohio West Jefferson labs called "Project Jefferson."

Alibek has been listed as both a classified consultant with the CIA and Battelle. A 1998 New Yorker article outlines the joint work of Alibek and William C. Patrick, III. Patrick wrote a report on the potential of sending anthrax through the mail.

Unless federal officials are willing to think the unthinkable, but obvious, and have the tularemia samples independently tested, we'll never know whether a deliberate attack occurred against peaceful U.S. citizens exercising their First Amendment rights, or some freakish and bizarre coincidence occurred.

In another coincidence, it was the Battelle Memorial Institute that "botched" the exit polls in the 2002 election that would have served as protection against the unexplainable defeat of Senator Max Cleland of Georgia who was up 9-12 points in the tracking polls just prior to Election Day.

The Free Press calls for an independent investigation of the tularemia bacteria found on the mall on September 24, not to be conducted by any federal officials in the Bush administration or Battelle. With Minister Louis Farrakhan calling for a Million More March on Washington for October 14-16, it is more important now than ever.

Bob Fitrakis is the author of /The Fitrakis Files: Spooks, Nukes and Nazis./He is editor of the Free Press and freepress.org. He has a Ph.D. in Political Science and a J.D. The story of the 2004 stolen election in Ohio he co-authored with Harvey Wasserman is listed as number three in Project Censored's most censored stories of the year.

Washington Post link: Biohazard article < link to www.washingtonpost.com



Bush Attempts to Sell Military Takeover In Case Of "Flu Outbreak"; Majority of U.S. Governors Reject Bush's Suggested Use of Calling Nat. Guard for "Flu"

Bush Cites Military Takeover In Case Of Flu Outbreak

*Paul Joseph Watson | October 4 2005*

During this afternoon's White House press conference President Bush confirmed that he would attempt to *impose military curfews and quarantines* < http://news.yahoo.com/s/ap/20051004/ap_on_he_me/bush_avian_flu> in case of a flu pandemic occurring in the United States.

The comes on the heels of a majority of the nation's *governors rejecting* < link to www.prisonplanet.com at gunpoint.

Bush stated, /"If we had an outbreak somewhere in the United States, do we not then quarantine that part of the country, and how do you then enforce a quarantine? When -- it's one thing to shut down airplanes; it's another thing to prevent people from coming in to get exposed to the avian flu. And who best to be able to effect a quarantine? One option is the use of a military that's able to plan and move."/

*CLICK HERE FOR THE AUDIO CLIP* < http://prisonplanet.com/audio/bush_flu.mp3>

This is the same justification that Bush used throughout the Hurricane Katrina debacle. The crisis was made worse by *intentional federal sabotage* < http://www.prisonplanet.com/articles/september2005/060905femasabotaging.htm> of the relief efforts that were being conducted by the local government in New Orleans. FEMA were cutting communication lines and denying food, water and oil shipments to the critically affected areas. This led local Sheriffs to set up armed patrols to keep FEMA out of their county zones.

The elimination of Posse Comitatus via natural disasters which are then intentionally sabotaged by government, is one of the Bush administration's major goals. Bush has openly announced his plan to have the *Pentagon usurp power < http://www.usatoday.com/news/nation/2005-09-17-katrina-military_x.htm>* over State's rights.

Posse Comitatus allows for the use of the military for relief efforts only, not for law enforcement. This is why Bush is *trying to eliminate* < http://www.chron.com/cs/CDA/ssistory.mpl/politics/3377358> the 1878 law, because his ideal of military involvement in crises is one of quarantines, checkpoints, mandatory vaccinations, curfews and evacuations, and not of providing relief or infrastructure protection.

We have been warning for years that natural disasters would be used as a means of placing active duty military on the streets of America. People are not buying into the scam that we need a police state to fight Al-CIAda terrorists so this is the next step. Today it's hurricanes, in five to ten years it will be the threat of asteroids and meteors.

The message is the same, you have no right to protect yourself and we will confiscate your firearms if you even try. The truth is that throughout history government has never been able to adequately protect the people and to forcefully take that mantle only makes matters worse.

Is the threat of a bird flu pandemic a red flag or is it simply a means of creating a false scarcity so that everyone runs out and buys the antidote fearing an imminent outbreak?

We should be wise to remember that the revelation that the *Bush cabinet was on Cipro* < http://www.judicialwatch.org/1967.shtml>, the anthrax fighting antibiotic, only emerged in the media after the anthrax attack was in process, not before.

Therefore it seems more likely that this is a ruse to line the pockets of the government affiliated pharmaceutical companies.

One thing is clear, if this outbreak did occur then the justification to suspend Constitutional rights will be flaunted to its maximum exposure. *Back in April* < http://www.prisonplanet.com/articles/april2005/050405martiallaw.htm> President Bush added pandemic influenza to the list of diseases for which quarantine is authorized.

China's zealous martial law tactics in dealing with SARS, home detention, curfews, mandatory vaccinations, restriction of travel, are the model for what could unfold in the US.

The federal blueprint for the exact same scenario was released and picked up by the *Associated Press* < http://www.prisonplanet.com/articles/august2004/260804fluoutbreak.htm> a year ago.

This will make ID cards and airport security checks look like a tea party.

And when this flu pandemic happens who will we blame? Surely not US scientists playing around with the deadly 1918 Spanish flu virus at "less than the maximum level of containment" according to the *New Scientist* < http://www.prisonplanet.com/articles/october2004/211004fearescape.htm> magazine.

Bush's comments are clearly intended to acclimatize people to accept martial law in times of crisis caused by natural disasters or health pandemics.

With *two more major hurricanes* < link to news.yahoo.com predicted to hit in October we should all remain vigilant and speak out against the government hijacking crises in order to implement their jack-booted police state agenda.


Bush Admin Using Mein Kampf As Instruction Manual 05.Oct.2005 10:59

Ben Douglass bendouglass@cheerful.com

It is not surprising that Bush is going to mobilize the military for something that should be left up to doctors and scientists. If Bush could mobilize the military against the theory of evolution I'm sure he would give it a go.

I am really wondering to what extent the "Bushaviks" have studied Germany under Hitler's rule. The complacent German people acted (or in-acted) the same way Americans are doing now under Bush. It's a Halloween story come true!!!!!

This is really stupid and suspicious 05.Oct.2005 12:37

eva destruction

I saw Wide Angle with Bill Moyers speaking about the avian flu. What the expert he spoke with said is that a drug called Tamiflu could help aleviate the severity of the flu, making it survivable. Get this though- Bush and the government are making no efforts to stock-pile this medicine. Efforts on this according to the guy Moyers spoke with said this should be started now- but nothing is happening. I'm sorry but martial law which permits shooting people to cope with the flu outbreak is stupid. Shutting off the roads and the airports leading into an infected city would probably be the most extreme REALISTIC thing to do to cope with an outbreak. Not bullshit martial law.

tamiflu 05.Oct.2005 13:07


For what they are worth... just a couple of tidbits, if I remember them correctly:

1. There are strains of the bird flu which are showing resistance to Tamiflu. There is another product which showed some effectiveness, but I'm not sure where it stands.

2. There is only factory (company) which produces Tamiflu, and it cannot produce enough of it to supply the world. There are long waiting lists for the stuff, and the US was quite late getting in the request. Apparently there aren't any generics. So, here is a potentially life-and-death matter for many, many people, and the world's leaders are willing to sacrifice the public to the god of private patents instead of working to build production facilities capable of producing enough of the stuff to help protect the population.

I should reiterate that I am not an expert at all in this stuff, the above was just a thought that came to mind. If I am wrong in how I presented the situation, I'd welcome the critisism.

"Tamiflu" is a live vaccine 05.Oct.2005 17:58


which can transimit the flu virus. It is a nasal spray, very effective means of transmission. It isn't popular with clinicians who consider such issues, like the smlallpox vaccination wasn't. Beware.

avian flu - who will die, who will panic 05.Oct.2005 18:09


I spoke to someone I know who works at a clinic last night and he said that the best thing you can do during an outbreak is to wear a common medical mask, wash your hands a lot, and don't touch your eyes. A vaccine to save us will be extremely unlikely as the US is 8th in line for vaccine, having not prepared in advance, so don't expect it. My friend suggested that the main people who will die are the elderly, babies and immune-compromised, so most between those ages (maybe 6-60) are more likely to survive. Millions are expected to die, but they're more likely to be the weak, than the strong. So the best thing you can do is not get it.

Cutting off a city where people have the infection - in 2005 with jet air travel - seems ridiculous. The infection will spread the same as SARS did, faster than people can keep up with it and around the globe.

The main issue right now is that they SEEM TO WANT PEOPLE TO START TO PANIC.

I assume this will be the culminating, penultimate fear mongering for them, so they can *really* herd people into proverbial pens to shop.

Think of it this way, all this really means - if troops come and cut off whole states or whatever - is that the sheet that's covering the window just slipped a little, and you saw, alittle more clearly, that you are living in the matrix, in a prison with economic bars.

One More Ashcroftian Ploy 06.Oct.2005 16:49


This set of circumstances (prospect of incurable flu pandemic...threat to "social stability", if not "continuity of government", CoG) is another tweak from the corporate/military elite and their satraps (the runt, Bush, for one) to keep the feed lot on edge, in fear and pave the way for further usurpations and repression.

It would not be beyond reason that the flu would be deliberately propagated in "problem" regions of the empire, portions of the "homeland" included, allowing the "fumigation" to do its work sealed off from the more compliant, "loyal" adjacent regions by military cordon.