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Washington Mutual Fund Vivisection @ HLS

America's supposedly hippest Bank has been caught
(blood) red-handed investing in Huntingdon Life
Sciences, HLS. HLS tests drugs like Vioxx, artificial
sweeteners like Splenda, cigarette smoke, pesticides,
and food colorings "safe" on animals - while humans die
as a result of the ill-effects of these products. Visit
www.insidehls.com for more info...

The 'home of the free checking' was
also the home of guilt-free cruelty... until now.
The Washington Mutual Group of Funds [High Yield
Fund] holds 188,430 shares in Life Sciences
Research (LSRI - OTCBB) which is the generically
catchy holding company for HLS!

Washington Mutual invests people's hard-earned
money in HLS without their disclosing the scope
and nature of this business they are financially
supporting. In early September SHAC USA Inc sent
WaMu formal letters notifying WaMu executives and
Fund managers of this possibly tragic oversight.
Weeks have gone by with nary a response.
Flyer for your creative pleasures...
Flyer for your creative pleasures...
Animal cruelty isn't just for the conservative
banks anymore. By putting hip face on its
investment in a lab criminally exposed for
punching beagle puppies, WaMu has signaled that
it is no different than any other conventional
firm when it comes to making money at whatever
cost to the earth, the animals, and our humanity.
No amount of catchy slogans, market-tested color
schemes, and innovative teller layouts can mask
the cruelty to animals WaMu signs off on at HLS
by holding this fund.

Like all other banks though, WaMu can and should
follow the precedent set by so many other world
wide financial institutions that have seen the
ethical error of their ways and publicly divested
from the lab. With a pledge to never again
support the HLS criminal enterprise, WaMu can
serve as positive example to a business community
weary of Huntingdon's future that compassion and
capital can intertwine. Through public protest,
closed accounts, negative publicity, and that
'personal touch' the international SHAC campaign
is famous for - getting one of HLS's biggest and
most well known investors out of the picture.




Washington Mutual Group of Funds is managed by
Gary Pokrzywinski. Gary will determine the fate
of HLS with WaMu and he needs to hear from you!
Please send him polite, but deeply informative
emails about what Huntingdon does, the dangers
they pose, and the controversy it carries. While
polite, emails need not spare Gary the gruesome
details of past investigations and the current
daily death toll made possible by investors like

 Gary.Pokrzywinski@wamu.net - Senior Portfolio



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shit 06.Oct.2005 07:48

Working Class Mama

All right, what bank(preferably located in SE) is the most ethical? I guess I should have known better than to use Washington Mutual.
Also, when I close my account, to whom should I direct my concern and reason for closing it so that it may be(without a doubt) counted as one of the accounts closed because of the HLS investment? Oh hey maybe a whole group of us could do it all at once in a big public display. Anyone up for an after account-closing sit in?

Animal Rights 06.Oct.2005 21:48

Gary Pokrzywinski

Believe it or not, our bank believes in animal rights. Our home web page clearly states in our mission:

To build strong, profitable relationships with a broad spectrum of consumers and businesses.

We will do this by delivering products and services that offer great value and friendly service, and by adhering to our core values of being fair, caring, human, dynamic, and driven.


To be human is to have a scientific mind and animals have long provided us with the means to conquer disease, and help the many at a minor expense to the few. In the animal kingdom there is much seemingly cruel acts of violence, it is the cycle of life. But in a controlled and intentional fashion, our use of animals is no less than our own part of the cycle.

I pick stocks and mutuals to help people become financially better off.

Just as the eagle may take a conie.

I appreciate your writing and would hope that you would still consider any of our other services which can be found online. Washington Mutual is committed to Portland and to serving the entire Northwest.

Gary Pokrzywinski
Senior Fund Manager
Washington Mutual Financial Services


What?! 07.Oct.2005 08:11

Working Class Mama

Since when is punching puppies in the face part of the natural cycle of life? HLS' torturing animals to test needless products is far different from the experimentation on animals to cure disease(which I also don't support because all animals' bodies function differently and the majority of findings have been faulty and sometimes dangerous for humans). Obviously Gary has not read/heard a damn word that's been said. Time to scream a little louder.

vivisection is not a lifecycle 07.Oct.2005 13:43

the eagle

"controlled and intentional fashion, our use of animals is no less than our own part of the cycle". I am disturbed by this comparison Gary. Vivasection, and vivasectors are not part of a natural life cycle,they are instruments of controlled torture and intentional cruelties developed soley for profit, and made fashionable by coldhearted, corporate, money mongers that are far more capable of exceeding the cruelties of natures wrath. Gary, during your life cycle would you like to be burned,poisoned,electrocuted, disemboweled,have electrodes stuck in your brain, be deprived of food and water,be isolated, and scared your entire life destined only to small metal cage, living in wait to die, and the screams you hear, are your own?
I will discontinue doing business with Washington Mutual untill the day that you stop doing business with Huntingdon Life Sciences. You don't want to keep their blood on your hands. Do you?

animal testing results inaccurate at best 10.Oct.2005 15:44

luna moth

What will be remembered by historians is the time period that human scientists believed that animal testing would provide accurate results when applied to humans. We could call this the "pharma-hype" era because most of the animal testing hype is put out by pharmaceutical corporations. Other corporations test toxic chemical substances on rats (who often tolerate much more toxins than humans) than release the product to market soon after the rats appear undisturbed. The sooner that a new product is tested on animals, the sooner said product can be placed on the consumer market..

For an frightening twist, some pharma products are being tested on people in Africa. This is the theme of the movie "Constant Gardener" where a fictitious pharma corporation brings free trials to African villages. They record who lives and who dies, then go back and make changes to the trial product and rerelease. This also happens in reality as trial "AIDS" pharma products are distributed in Africa before entering more affluent western markets..

Would like to offer some advice to animal rights activists. The arguement of "animal cruelty" is probably less effective because it is open to debate on ethics and other ambiguous concepts. An easier way to stop animal testing is to argue that it is unsafe and ineffective. Not to mention that the primary reason for animal testing is to get the product on the fast track to the commercial market..

Another reasonable arguement is that if people lived healthier lives without exposure to known carcinogens, we wouldn't need all these post-symptomatic medical/pharma treatments to begin with. Most chemotherapy isn't able to cure cancer, it just kills cells (cyto-toxic like AZT) of the cancer along with many other beneficial and vital cells caught by the wayside. If the cancer don't get you first, the chemotherapy eventually will..

This may sound like fantasy land for those realists out there (What? No carcinogens in the ecosystem? What are you, some kind of a primitivist? We all know that carcinogens are important to the economy!) but the truth is calling out to everyone. We need to be honest about the reasons so many people are becoming sick and begin to practice preventative care instead of post-symptomatic care as often practiced by pharmaceutical corporations and western medicine. Yes, that means eating healthy and eliminating exposure to toxins in the environment. That means shut down the petroleum refineries in Houston, LA, Richmond and other cities where predominantly lower income African people are exposed to carcinogens in petrochemical smog on a daily basis. Get the problem at the source and the demand for chemotherapy (and animal testing) will decrease..

For people who poison their bodies with unhealthy food products, we need to offer alternatives that are affordable. Certain neighborhoods make living a healthy lifestyle nearly impossible, this can be remedied by replacing fast food greasy heart attack shacks with food not bombs vegan cooking or any other non-corporate eatery that values the health of their diners..

What it comes down to is people are settling for less instead of actualizing their true potential on this Earth. We accept animal testing, junk food, smog and other corporate intrusions instead of living a quality life free from cruelty, pollution and illness. There are other societies who live free from disease because their nutritional needs are met. They don't drive cars or drink coca-cola, but they sure can dance away into the night!!

Washington Mutual's Position 10.Oct.2005 19:34

Gary Pokrzywinski Gary.Pokrzywinski@wamu.net

A Happy Columbus Day to all! The bank was closed for the holiday today. It was a well deserved three day weekend for the staff and myself, but I feel I must respond to Working Class Momma, The Eagle and Luna Moth.

I hope you all realize that we cannot allow ourselves to get to caught up in emotionalism, whether it is the panic the precedes the dumping of stocks or the reticence to bank with a company that invests in scientific equities. We hate to lose customers for any reason and WaMu believes that reason alone is not an incentive to bank with us. Which is why we offer free checking with no minimum deposit if you open a savings account and have direct paycheck deposit and safety deposit boxes are free if you buy your mortgage with us. I hope The Eagle will continue to use us for financial assistance. I would also hope that only foreign terrorists who committ violence on innocents people receive electric shocks and disembowelment. I don't think anyone wants any animal to experience that outside of what is appropriate for humanity's sake.

I cannot argue with Working Class Momma about punching puppies in the face. It is horrible to consider a cute puppy being inadvertantly injured (my daughter has a puppy) but again, I don't think anyone wants any animal to experience that outside of what is appropriate for humanity.

I have killed moths in my closet and have now lined it with cedar, thereby, negating the need to kill moths. I believe positive action is what is recommended. On the other hand, as Luna Moth states, animal cruelty is an "ambiguous topic." If punching a moth in the face is ok, then why not a puppy? Of course I am making a point here I would never condone hurting a puppy outside of paper training and simple obedience lessons.

I will, nontheless, look into Huntingdon Life Science and see what kinds of animals are being used. I don't think pets are being injured, but i will look into it.

Gary Pokrzywinski
Senior Fund Manager
Washington Mutual Financial Services

what corporations are behind animal testing? 12.Oct.2005 14:55

luna moth

To understand why animal testing is happening, we need to look closely at the pharmaceutical corporations and their profit from human disease. Whether Huntingdon Life Sciences tests puppies, kittens, rats, chimpanzees, insects or any other animals is irrelevent. The point is that ALL animal testing is based on several myths concocted by the pharmaceutical and chemical corporations, going back to the pre-WW2 Nazi chemical conglomerate IG Farben (now Bayer-Hoechst, Syngenta, etc.) and their trading partners across the Atlantic DuPont and Standard Oil (Rockefeller/JP Morgan holdings). This is just the tip of the iceberg when looking at the sources of animal testing myths by petrochemical pharma corporations. The Nazis attempted to compensate for the skewed (innaccurate) results of animal testing by forcing chemical/pharmaceutical products on concentration camp inmates. The US imperialists followed their Nazi leaders by continuing this trend post WW2. Prison inmates in the US are often the unknowing subjests of trial pharma drugs, especially psychiatric drugs..

When animal tests go wrong;

Thalidomide is one example of a product tested on animals that went to market presumed safe. The German chemical corporation Chemie Grünenthal tested the pharma product of rats and recorded no adverse results. Soon the product was released as Contergan (Kevadon in US) as relief for women experiencing pain during childbirth. Other countries in Europe also carried out independent animal tests and also found no adverse results. The tragedy occurred when over 1o,000 women who had taken thalidomide gave birth to children with flipper limbs instead of hands (phocomelics) among other deformities..

"In fact when the link between human foetal abnormalities and thalidomide was established (through clinical observation), the world-wide explosion of animal testing, using a large range of species, proved very difficult to duplicate the abnormalities. (16) Writing in his book Drugs as Teratogens, J.L. Schardein observes: "In approximately 10 strains of rats, 15 strains of mice, eleven breeds of rabbit, two breeds of dogs, three strains of hamsters, eight species of primates and in other such varied species as cats, armadillos, guinea pigs, swine and ferrets in which thalidomide has been tested teratogenic effects have been induced only occasionally." (17) Eventually after administrating high doses of thalidomide to certain species of rabbit (New Zealand White) and primates could similar abnormalities be found. However researchers pointed out that malformations, like cancer, could occur when practically any substance, including sugar and salt, be given in excessive doses. (16)

All this just reaffirms what many doctors and scientists have been warning for a number of decades-animal experimentation misleads science and any similarity to the human situation is merely a coincidence and cannot be verified until the experiment is repeated on humans. Experimenting on animals is like playing roulette. (18)"

rest of thalidomide article @;


To better understand the links between animal testing and pharmaceutical corporations, one needs to understand how pharma corporations are profiting from human disease. After all, if we were all healthy, who would pay all that money to pharmaceutical corporations?

Dr. Philip Rath has some great info on the manipulations of the pharmaceutical corporations. It comes down to pharma corporations suppressing healthy nutritional supplements to push their petrochemical based products, guaranteed "safe" after animal testing..

"The investment business with disease of the drug cartel has cost the lives of hundreds of millions of people, more than all the wars of mankind combined. If the people of the world do not act now, diseases like AIDS, cancer and cardiovascular disease which are killing four out of five people today, will continue for generations to come. Only if we, the people of the world, act now will we be able to liberate ourselves from the yoke of the drug cartel. The hidden World War III, the global war between the drug cartel and the people of the world, is well defined:"

continued @;


other pharma hoax info;


Who is behind transporting endangered species to animal test sites?


What is role of American Chemistry Council in continuing unsafe animal testing to hasten release of potentially carcinogenic toxins?

"The American Chemistry Council planned to kill animals in acute toxicity studies of the already well-characterized substance butadiene. Moreover, the levels to which they proposed to expose animals in these lethal poisoning tests were, literally, explosive."


Scum of the week award goes to ACC;

"The scum of the week is the American Chemistry council (ACC). They have funded inhalation studies and other experiments at HLS. We can prove that the ACC tested Phenol Vapour at HLS on guinea pigs and rats. The guinea pigs were exposed to the substance for 7 hours a day for five days a week. Five of the twelve guinea pigs died. These were then cut apart and examined which revealed that they had liver, lung, heart and kidney damage. Pregnant rats were exposed to Phenol Vapour and shortly after they gave birth the baby rats died.

Think how those animals must have felt towards the end of their lives slowly dying and all because of the American Chemistry council. But let1s not dwell on the animals they have killed, think about the animals of tomorrow."

The ACC will not comment on their involvement with HLS. Contact the ACC and tell them what you think of them:



HLS is simply a bad investment for many reasons 12.Oct.2005 16:16


I don't have dealings with Washington Mutual though if I did I would certainly end those dealings. I will also be quite clear with people that they are not worth investing with since there doesn't seem to be much research into at least some of their investments. There are many reasons I could list not to invest in HLS but here are a few that come to mind:

1. They're notorious record of animal abuse (most famously their employees punching of beagle puppies in the face). (You can watch the videos here:  http://www.shac.net/HLS/exposed/broughton.html)

2. The extremely active grassroots campaign against them which, in the UK, forced them out of the country and now continues, in the US, to force them out of this country. Their business partners continue to be successfully pressured into ending those partnerships, which makes their financial future dubious at best.

3. With regard to the usefulness of animal experimentation from an investment perspective here's my thoughts: There's going to be a continuing academic debate about the usefulness of animal experimentation. However, this is not particularly useful from an investment perspective. What is useful is the fact that animal experimentation is not particularly predictive to humans. Even the most staunch defenders of animal experimentation would (I hope) not claim that animal experimentation is more than maybe 20% predictive to humans (to be generous) and if they did they'd have to be clear about their qualifiers (or be accused of lying). The important point is that animal experimentation is never going to become more predictive, or in other words animals are not going to become more like humans biologically. However, other forms of testing do have the potential to become more predictive to humans. So, from an investment standpoint I would be putting my money in with those developing the alternatives because companies like HLS are really only propped up by the idea that animal experimentation is necessary for promoting human medicine. As that idea continues to crumble beneath the combined weight of scientific criticism and viable alternatives people are quickly going to want to move away from supporting animal experimentation. And that will be a windfall to those with the foresight to have seen it.

A couple final thoughts to Gary:

"I hope you all realize that we cannot allow ourselves to get to caught up in emotionalism"

Just because you do not understand the argument being made does not mean those making it are being emotional. Do the research yourself and I have no doubt that you will reach the conclusion that investing in HLS is a bad idea, for the reasons listed above, or the many other reasons, or perhaps for no more reason than you would not want your daughter to ever find out that you helped support a company that abused puppies. ;)

Also, please feel free to report your conclusions. I could not in good conscious recommend your services because not only are you invested in what many, including myself, regard as an immoral company but because you have not done what I would consider sufficient research into the companies in which you've chosen to invest. However, if you actually do the research and make the changes that you will need to take than at least I can tell people that you are willing to take input seriously and act upon it, which might be quite important to people who could be potential customers. No one can be expected to make all the correct choices but we can expect people to make better choices when new information presents itself. Some might say that's a good measure of quality in a financial manager.

Closure 22.Oct.2005 03:02

Refyused refyused@yahoo.com

Just thought I'd show some support and let you all know I will be closing all of my Washington Mutual accounts. I can handle a minimum deposit on my checkings and savings accounts if it will help fight supporters of animal cruelty. While I have appreciated WaMu's services, I feel I do not need them. I'd much rather be at a slight inconvenience with another bank, and make a point that I believe WaMu is supporting a company undeserving of support.

I do not believe testing ANY agents, chemicals, antibiotics, or other drugs on aminals is right. Nor do I believe they need to be tested on them. If we as humans wish to have a medicine, perhaps those who want them so bad would be willing to volunteer to be the guinea pig in lab tests? What would happen if all these lab techs who run these tests on animals were forced onto a cold, metal table, strapped down and stuck with syringes full of experimental drugs, only to be thrown into a 6x6 wire cage to rot for the entirety of their lives? Whether or not the drugs tested on these people would be "worth their suffering" is not relevant, because they'd be forced to be test subjects. This is simply me trying to make a point - why do we as humans believe that we have the right to force other living beings to partake in our tests? I mean, suire.. As humans we've learned to speak, develop technologies our ancestors would be afraid of had they been introduced while they lived.. Sure, we take animals as pets, we cook our food, we grow vegetables, we brew our own drinks. Regardless of all these things that some would argue make us the superior race, we still have the basic instincts of all living creatures - we breathe, eat, drink, reproduce, raise our young and die.

The only thing all of our advanced technology and "evolutionary superiority" have done for us is corrupt us. That's the bottom line and it is beyond contestation. We are a corrupt species. You don't see greed in any other species.

Anyway, I will be closing all of my accounts, including my business accounts, and re-opening them with a new bank until Washington Mutual ceases to support any organization or corporation which harms animals. I will also be encouraging all of my business partners, clients, friends, family, relatives, and mutual acquaintences to do so, and that would be a very long list should I keep names.

Gary, I hope you do the right thing...the humane thing. It'd sure make WaMu look more compassionate, and compassion goes farther than sopporting corruption and abuse.

Thank you.

Disappointed 25.Oct.2005 17:44


I feel compelled to close all my WaMu accounts as well after reading Gary's comments. He just can't seem to grasp that animal experiments do NOT work and that it is NOT our right to even consider using animals for research.

Alot has already been said about the cruelty and ethics of animal research so I won't repeat them. All I can say is that as of today, I will close all my WaMu accounts and sell my WaMu stock. I will urge all my family and friends and acquaintances to do the same.

I am really disappointed in Washington Mutual.