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Common Joe's Modified Nolan Chart

Modified Nolan Chart with Common Joe's take on the USA's corner-filling political personalities. Do you agree? Do you think its pigeon-holing nonsense?
Modified Nolan Chart
Modified Nolan Chart
Intended only as a framework; not 100% truth.
Background please 05.Oct.2005 12:35

reader 2

What's a "Nolan Chart"???

The Political Spectrum 05.Oct.2005 13:19

common joe


The Nolan Chart is one method, among many, for portraying people's political proclivities compared to others'- i.e. how one person's political/social/economic beliefs compare with the range of beliefs common to the culture for which the chart supposedly pertains. To be seen, the thumbnail above of the modified Nolan chart must be clicked. Paste link above into your browser's address field, hitting "enter" or "return" to read a more complete definition of the "political spectrum".
-common joe

pigeon-holing nonsense, definiately 05.Oct.2005 21:08


I think its pigeon-holing nonsense.

1. Humanocentric concerns only registered.

2. One dimensional entrapment grid: sometimes people can be different politically on different issues They don't act like programmed robots.

3. Sometimes people can take different stands based on the stands that others are taking, not simply because of what they believe in. It's not a predictor of any kind of alliances in other words.

4. Presumes all parties want to hold to a Western democratic framework that works. And there aren't any more. Many groups don't even want to stick to that framework. No way to put that into the whole "stable" diagram when you have people like theocrats for instance, or neocons "rightists" that came out of being Trotskyites. It's definitely pigeon-holing nonsense.

5. Green politics are left out--when it is something both left and right. Around 80% of the U.S.--with little difference whether they call themselves left OR right, want environmental laws strengthened and seriously enforced. Can this little flatland graph register such a sentiment, or even because of its categories, admit that it is real? Nope. That shows me the whole framework is a dangerous cocktail party conversational piece and nothing more.

With that being said, cocktails anyone?

Propaganda 06.Oct.2005 23:26


The quotations in the lower right quadrant presuppose an uncritical, no, foolish acceptance of the unvarying US government propaganda for the last century or so.

Since your axis show only the political dimensions permitted by that government for public discussion, they are probably meaningless.