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It Is Time To Wake Everybody UP!!!!!

Free Video 9-11 as it happened. Under 20 minutes. Will open your, their, everybodies eyes. Download it. Throw it on at home, at school, at church , in your local bar, email it, host it, talk about it.
I took the best of what I could find, put it all together, gave it a soundtrack, and hopefully it will do what it is intended to do, wake some people up. Wake Everybody up! This is not for sale. This is not paranoid ramblings about lazers and aliens. It is just the Raw footage from that day. Watch as the blast pattern outpaces the chunks falling, watch the cement disintergrate into powder. If you wanna watch it over and over again in slow motion, use your remote. There are only two repeats on this video and thats cuz I could only find the sound on a slowed down clip from the netherlands.

here's the links, but the easiest way is to google "blastedreality.net" follow the links, if the page says "the Blast Point" in expanding letters, you are there. Follow instructions.


Copy it. paste it. host it. show it to your friends, family, strangers.

homepage: homepage: http://www.blastedreality.net

huge chunk of US military admin. & Bush Admin. deserve death penalty 04.Oct.2005 17:50


Thanks. Some shots I had never seen before. Particularly useful I think in showing the WTC controlled demolition is the section about comparing other controlled demolitions. In that comparison, particular aspects of the WTC controlled demolitions that are parallel to the others are:

1. (not shown on the film) the multiple witnesses reports (written in articles I have read) of WTC having "flashes" near the base of the building before it came down. Some said 6 flashes. The WTCs had 6 main weight bearing steel boxes. Some said they heard a "crackling sound" as well.

2. (in the film) you get to see these characteristic flashes before a controlled demolition. You can hear a crackling sound as well.

3. (in the film), all the witnesses who hear "explosions like gunfire"--and then you see on all the other controlled demolitions, voila, explosions like gunfire.

4. (in the film) how they cave in on themselves in dust, in these controlled demolitions, WTC and others.

5. "squibs" (in the film) mistimed or required as structural pre-detonations at particular levels shoot out before the structure is turned to dust: particularly visible when they occur on levels that are not even collapsing and still solid. Happens in many controlled demoltions, and you can see several other squibs in the comparison controlled demolitions.

6. the "pyroclastic" flow of the smoke and pulverized concrete, no one found large objects in the piles of dust that remained at the WTCs and all the steel had been successfully split up into convenient sections for quick (and illegal) transport offsite. Thanks for nothing, Giuliani. Hope you get the death penalty for accessory to mass murder. In the comparison controlled demolitions, you get to see that same pyroclastic flow.

7. (in the film) first time I have heard of two separate earwitnesses talking to completely different network media on hearing "three explosions" before the WTCs came down.

8. (in the film) all the network media journalists "not in on the fix" who report in their live broadcasts on firemen and others hearing explosions and bombs in the buildings.

Silly 05.Oct.2005 17:24

Fredric L. Rice frice@skeptictank.org

It's amusing. The videos don't show anything even remotely resembling a controlled demolition. And it's equally silly because the person who put this together included actual controlled demolitions which look completely different than the World Trade Towers' collapses.

Yes, Bush is a Nazi and yes, he's a war criminal. And also undeniable this fascist regime has used the Saudi Arabian attacks against America for consolidating their fascist regime.

But not, the World Trade Towers were not bombed from within. These's ZERO evidence to support such a silly notion and these video extracts show undeniably that they were not controlled demolitions of any kind.

It's fun to pretend, of course. Fun to believe that one's awake and "iun the know" while the rest of the world is asleep, willfully ignorant, incapable of "seeing the truth."

But the reality of this brutally monsterous fascist regime doesn't need make believe added to their list of crimes against humanity.

multi media 05.Oct.2005 22:56

Psyche Cops

due to your intro and the feedback of one trusted contributor - I'm going to have a look at your film revX.

my feedback soon.

meanwhile - you are welcome to steal this noise if it is of any use to you:

sorry 05.Oct.2005 23:49


"But the reality of this brutally monsterous fascist regime doesn't need make believe added to their list of crimes against humanity."

I appreciate your sincerity, but there is plenty of mounting evidence besides that of explosives within the twin towers that suggests the attacks of 9/11/01 were in fact an inside job. This isn't make believe, the evidence HAS mounted and hopefully someday soon a critical mass of people will begin to courageously explore the issue. It seems as though this is beginning to take place. Not to sound like a cornball, but you might want to consider jumping on the bandwagon. Of course, I wouldn't want you to do that until/unless you discovered for yourself why you should.

I'd suggest you read David Ray Griffin's two books: "The New Pearl Harbor" and "The 9/11 Commission Report: Omissions and Distortions". He offers what I consider to be the best analysis of what did NOT happen that day, and that is what the government tells us happened. When you've finished reading those two books, you will be a changed person.

Actually, you missed it completely. Silly... 06.Oct.2005 07:21

Rev X reverend_x@blastedreality.net

Four demolitions, four complete disimilarities of appearance. Same sound though... oh, and the blast wave out paces the speed of freefall by about 160%until round floor 40 something. But I did not put this together to narrate or instruct. The question was all I wanted to sow. Griffin does a perfect job of answering it. BTW Darkwind, care to share your progress on the quest with the rest of the class? What are you doing with your keen insight?

Tube within Tube design... pretty durable architecture
Tube within Tube design... pretty durable architecture

Some suggested reading 06.Oct.2005 15:23


Try downloading this:

 http://wtc.nist.gov/pubs/NISTNCSTAR1-6Draft.pdf (warning: it's 17.8 megs and will take quite a bit of time if you're using dial-up)

What you particularly want to examine are the photographs reproduced as figure 6-6 on page 241 of the .pdf and figures 6-17 through 6-21 on pages 255 through 258. Note that you can see the exterior columns in the impact areas buckling (with deflections of several feet) under the abnormal loads caused by the impact damage and the fires, shortly before each building collapsed.

You don't need a doctorate in structural engineering to understand that when compression members start bending like that, you're getting awfully close to GAME OVER. There's no need to invoke bombs to explain the collapse of these buildings. The incipient structural failure is visible to the naked eye.

I tend to agree with Fred. The conspiracy-theory branch of the entertainment industry is doing a very grave disservice to the cause of rational political discourse, first, by distracting people from scrutinizing what the Bushit regime is actually doing with pseudoscientific fantasies about what they might have done and second, by providing a very convenient tarbrush of obvious looniness to be used against anyone raising legitimate, properly supported criticism of government policies.

You are joking, right? 08.Oct.2005 03:09


Are you referring to the bent aluminum coverings? Deflections? Abnormal load? Fire increased the mass? That Doctorate would be helpful. The towers were designed to take just that kind of damage. Do you really think the architect put two of the world's tallest structures, side by side, on the edge of one of the world's busiest travel destinations without any consideration that they just might get hit by a plane? It was the 70's! The FAA didn't start cracking down on drunk pilots until the 90's. The Empire State Building was whacked by one of our own bombers in '45. No structural damage. Sure, slower plane, but heavier...mass times velocity...and the B-25 was made of steel, not aircraft aluminum and the ESB is reinforced cement, drastically weaker than a steel structure. The NIST report is nothing more than an example of how much bad science one can buy for $20mil. Figures don't lie, but liars figure. Their equations? Check their assumed values. Just as Popular Mechanics did, the NIST also used incorrect numbers to do their math. I call you attention to the floor diagram on pg 149. Does this diagram bear any relation to the actual photo I posted earlier? No.
And incidentally, why have the two of you both come to the conclusion that your energies are better served attacking my efforts than going after the many other crimes of Bushits you've mentioned? I honestly am too busy to peruse and refute any of the work of other progressive activists... I guess you two are just that much more driven than I. Kudos to you.
1 more thing. You attempt to logically prove a negative, then submit corrupted data as validation, implicate the messenger as a loon, and as if your triumpharate of basic fallacies is not enoug, you both misdefine the word skeptic. That word implies a logical and reasoned doubt. The word you should have used is "idiot". Obfuscation aside you lack an argument yet persist in confrontation without the possibility of achieving your apparent goals. Yes, the word you should have used was definately "idiot". No offense intended. Just offering a bit of clarity of definition.
what is this diagram of?
what is this diagram of?