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KBOO Bike Show

The KBOO Bike Show
Wednesday, 10/6
9:00-10:00 am
LIVE: KBOO.fm -or- 90.7fm

Highlights of this month's show:

===>>== Live guest Evan Madel, Executive Director of the Bicycle Transportation Alliance (BTA) on the safety of our streets in light of the rash of deaths and serious injuries.

===>>== Live guest Forrest Burris will speak about the ghost bike project that memorializes cyclists who have been killed by cars by erecting bright while bicycle statues at the scene of death. Forrest was spurred to action after his brother, Chris, was killed this summer while riding his bike in Portland.

===>>== Robert Ping from the BTA will call in to report on Walk + Bike to School Day which will be in progress during the show.

===>>== And of course we'll be taking your calls!

Please make a financial contribution to KBOO to show your support for the KBOO Bike Show. What other radio station around gives air time to the issues of cyclists? We tell it like it is, from the streets, as real utilitarian riders. Sara and I have put countless hours into the program over the last three years and KBOO has been there for us every step of the way. 80% of our funding comes from listeners, so with your support we can do even more.

PLEASE go to www.KBOO.fm or call 503/232.8818 and make a contribution right now.

YOU SAVE MONEY by riding your bike, so please consider turning a little of that over to KBOO.


p.s., we won't be on the air this membership drive since we're a once-a-month program that doesn't fall during the membership drive dates, but I'm heavily invovled in the membership drive and it would really mean a lot to me to know that contributions have been made by cyclists!
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