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Start your own "4 Against War" and "5 Against GOP Lies" MINI-PROTESTS everywhere!

Millions across the country are ready to protest. Here's a unique idea of how, when, and where, promoting uniformity of voice regardless of the specifics each group raises. THE HOOK: Rather than have 100 people all shouting and waving their signs at a specific street corner, why not have small groups of 4 on 25 STREET CORNERS throughout town? If 100 cars pass each group every hour, that's 7500 sets of eyes seeing our message in three hours.
Think of it. The cracks in the Republican regime are starting to show. Now WE can drive a wedge into that wall from which Humpty W will have a great fall. Our voice will be undeniable.

WE CANNOT LET THE MOMENTUM OF ANTI-WAR PROTESTS in Washington D.C. and elsewhere SATURDAY, SEPT. 24, be lost or covered up. WE CANNOT LET THE CORRUPTION OF THE GOP be spun away.


Here's how:


?Unite all the Voices of Change
Make the best use of our numbers with weekly


ON WEDNESDAYS WE WILL GATHER in groups of four as
4 Against War

ON FRIDAYS WE WILL GATHER in groups of five as
5 Against GOP Lies

HOW we gather: Protests should be from afternoon commute hours to early evening. Every group MUST have a sign 30 inches high by 40 inches wide (or thereabouts) with either "4 Against War" or "5 Against GOP Lies" on it displayed in front of the group's legs. Cut hand holes to hold it from the top (and perhaps wear gloves too). Other signs will be held above the group.

WHERE TO GO in your area: The places to have the most impact are of course the main arteries onto bridges and freeways, where traffic is thick and slow. Protest groups should go to the points closest to these bridges and onramps with SUBSEQUENT PROTEST GROUPS finding spots back "upstream" five to ten blocks. Reverse that mode for suburban off-ramps.

WHEN: Wednesdays to protest the war and Fridays for Bush & the GOP

UNIFORMITY IS THE KEY to keeping the message consistent

Get all the details at  http://www.impeachbush.tv/miniprotests

Not affiliated with the Democratic Party, or any other entity (as yet). This is a
complete grassroots organization. Find your message. Make a sign. Make a stand. Do it weekly.


I've posted a thoroughly detailed description of these protests, how to hook up with others, and how to preserve the integrity of the message at the above url. Please check it out when you can.

Imagine what a statement these mini-protests would make on the coattails of the epic protests in September. WE'RE NOT GOING AWAY. WE WILL GET OUR ANSWERS. YOUR LIES WILL NOT GO UNPUNISHED. MONEY WILL NOT BUY YOU OUT OF THIS ONE. It is the beginning of the end for the GOP stranglehold on government, and we will be a part of it. Republicans will have to break ranks or see their current jobs as the end of their political careers. A Republican who votes strictly on the party line, never considering his conscience or his constituents will come to be known as an FTR, or FINAL TERM REPUBLICAN. When the Bush/GOP house of cards starts to crumble, the FTR's will have sealed their political fates by their voting records. The public will eventually get wise to the ways the GOP has encouraged corporations to send jobs overseas, weakened the school systems, reworked EPA laws to the benefit of polluters, and created a mammoth deficit that all of us will have to pay for so the elite rich (their campaign contributors) can reap their unjust tax breaks. Those that willingly put the desires of a few thousand people ahead of the needs of nearly 300 million will pay with their careers. The FTR's will retire to live in shame, their only comfort at their country clubs.

But let's get on this and get visible BEFORE THE SECOND SUPREME COURT APPOINTMENT GOES TO THE VOTE. We have to show the world we can't stand for blind cronyism any longer.

Good luck to us all,

(for the sake of security)
Improbable Todd

homepage: homepage: http://www.impeachbush.tv/miniprotests

Spread the wealth -- Great Idea 05.Oct.2005 13:00


I too have been doubting the effectiveness of mass demonstrations in downtowns where no one sees them and even NPR won't cover them. I also posted this idea some time back, and keep thinking that it would be more effective if 2 - 4 persons went to their street corner at a specified time when traffic is high, (Fridays at 5?) and protested the War with signs and candles, or dressing in black, or whatever. To some extent, this was pulled off dureing Cindy Sheehans protests. I'm not active in any of the local groups, but would certainly participate in such an event.