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September Critical Mass

This month's critical mass saw the PPB passionately enforcing lighting requirements with the obsessive linear misguidedness of a teen in lust. As a point of reference for this article I have pasted the OSR that was key in my interactions last night.

The ride started out with what appeared to be a one-to-one ration of bicycle officers to Critical Massers. Though the heavy down poor of rain severely limited the turn out last nights ride and lessened the disposition of the officers assigned to the ride ... for me (Jasun Wurster) this ride again reaffirmed why I feel Portland needs Critical Mass. [ read more ]

gray, wet and rolling

Last month only 3 tickets were handed out. More than I would like, but way better than a year ago. In August, one person who was ticketed seemed upbeat because he was warned by the police. (crossing the middle line and other somewhat petty stuff)

This month all seemed typical. I made it to the start just in time to see the mass rolling out on Burnside. We must have been at NW Park and Davis when I noticed a biker had the hilt of a sword sticking out of his backpack.

I jokingly razed him a little about all the weapons he was carrying. (the blade plus 2 u-locks) Alas, I should have kept my mouth shut. [ read more ]