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Wyden on Air America now

posted 4:36pm
Wyden on Air America now
dont know if he has been interviewed yet 02.Oct.2005 16:43



sorry more info here 02.Oct.2005 16:45


wyden is on the Laura Flanders show, this the on the internet not 620 AM

Why Wyden? 02.Oct.2005 16:50


Alfred E. Wyden 02.Oct.2005 16:55


heh heh

Now he on as of 6:24 PM 02.Oct.2005 18:24


kpoj or air america

Disappointing 02.Oct.2005 18:41


Laura Flanders picks up the phone, I ask if I could ask Wyden why he voted for CAFTA, Fast Track,(that's all i could think of) and she informs me that the last hour of the show is the "book hour" and she may not pose this question to Wyden due to the "Book Hour" having nothing to do with whatever.

The general kiss-assery is making me sick.

She asked him about why he voted for John Roberts and that's about it.

not worth the ear 02.Oct.2005 18:57

billy's robot

Do you think anything but shit voids from this honorable senators mouth?

Can he say fillibuster and take his dick out of americas ass?

Why am I pissed at the system?

There would be no unemployment and a solar system of substantial merit on every house in this country if the war effort was placed on a sustainable energy effort by this time since 9/11.

Knowing this fact, what good is he and the system he represents. Yes this maybe hyperbolic but the facts at hand tells me he is one side of the coin of hell.

A hell that is a system of such great structural momentum, based on growth, which can't easily reconfigure and stupered in denail. Without leadership the senate, may well be a weapon of ultimate mass destruction.
I am Dead but your country is still lead by Assholes
I am Dead but your country is still lead by Assholes