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The Activist Class

A NYT Magazine feature on Hillary Clinton, titled "Mrs. Triangulation", gives a perceptive and somewhat acid profile of her, while also somewhat cynically sketching out what the modern democratic party is becoming. The article coins a term new to politics: "THE ACTIVIST CLASS" --

"The activist class believes, essentially, that Democrats in Washington have damaged the party by trying to negotiate and compromise with Republicans - in short, by trying to govern. The "Net roots" believe that an effective minority party should disengage from the governing process and eschew new proposals or big ideas. Instead, the party should dedicate itself to winning local elections and killing each new Republican proposal that comes down the track. To the activist class, trying to cut deals with Republicans is tantamount to appeasement."

-- NYT Magazine ("Mrs. Triangulation")
Activists versus professional pols! Hmmmm.

To cut deals with Bush or not to cut deals . . . that is the question?

What will Hillary do, now that she has noticed that the rabble at the roots actually exist? What will she say the next time the talking heads toss tough questions her way?

Is Hillary still assured of the 2008 nomination?

Tune in tomorrow for the next episode of "Hillary In Charge".