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Welcome to the fascist circle jerk

Website provides subtle indoctrination to instill the finer points of predatory capitalism into the young and naive willing vessels of the right-wing spawn.
As the foothold of fascism/federalism in the psyche of the American Right loses ground, in the wake of unending embarassment to the administration and GOP leadership, familiars serving their masters grasp for the minds of the next generation. When it comes to warplanning on the battlefield of the mind, the Reich's long fore-sight strikes with evil mis-truths into the sub-concious of our young and innocent, ensnaring their troops for the next battle a generation down the road. These Reich/Right familiars unknowingly serve their master the Dark Lord who seeks to maneuver his fifth column of pawns into the positions necessary to destroy American Society, all the while bestowing the trappings of wealth and luxury onto his most faithful servants. Let is be known, this master to which they serve (in his most perfect deception,) is the same master the Nazis served, and the trail of evidence can be followed back through modern American history to WWII Germany. I thank God that recently evidence has been brought to light bearing on the Administrations historical ties to Hitler's Germany and when sought the ties can be traced back through most especially the CIA and GOP leadership, all the way bearing witness to unholy atrocities domestically and abroad. Packaged in a seemingly benign wrapper are these seeds which plant a core pseudo-intellectual ideology, which entrench the folly of ignorance and arrogance into the mind of the naively subjected. In the blogosphere now engaged in the act of unholy mental masturbation, this seed rains down below upon the lay-masses. Behold an example of how the Beast recruits his armies of undead troops and patrons; besides church that is: http://www.intellectualtakeout.com/