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Fall Permaculture Classes

Permaculture classes offered in October, November and December will be a complete permaculture design course.
October 14—16. Introduction to Permaculture. Three day course covering the basics of permaculture and including discussions on Peak Oil, how permaculture principles apply to our economic structures and access to land. Instructors - Toby Hemenway, Joe Leitch and Pam Leitch. Friday, Saturday, Sunday. $135.

November 4—7. Four day course covering Soil, Water, Local Food Production. Learn about creating healthy soil, rain water, greywater, food forests and how permaculture applies to urban organic gardening. Instructors - Toby Hemenway, Joe Leitch and Pam Leitch. Friday through Monday. $180 or $45 per day.

December 1—4. A four day course including natural building, appropriate technology and permaculture design. Practice applying permaculture design to a site with instructor help. Prerequisite—Introduction to Permaculture. Instructors - Toby Hemenway, Joe Leitch and Pam Leitch Thursday through Sunday. $180.

Unless otherwise noted, all classes begin with registration at 9:00 a.m. and end at 5:00 p.m. Please bring something to share for a pot luck lunch.

Work trade option for those who are not employed, under-employed or activists: pay for your classes by working on our land for 4 hours for each day of class that you take, plus a $5 fee for each day of class.

homepage: homepage: http://www.portlandpermaculture.com
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