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FDNY Chaplin Resigns after 911 remarks

NY Fire commisioner junks chaplin, Habib
truth is imflammatory
truth is imflammatory
When the chaplin resigned Friday after a published Newsday interview giving his belief "something other than Al-Quaida brought down the world trade center", ap writter micheal weisenstien got a scoop.

The commisioner Scoppetta prior to Habib swear in that..."no prior indication that he held those veiws."

Clearly this article published in my news paper is for what purpose?

a. conspiracy theorists-watch your mouth.
b. Official doctorine is cracking.
c. both

Hint article's title, "FDNY Muslim chaplin resigns after inflammatory remarks"
yet another purge 01.Oct.2005 09:19

and still the truth is unchanged

inflammatory remarks would have been better as "demolishing remarks". Because he's right: because the Towers were obviously imploded.

When Bushites fire even a chaplin for talking the truth you are really talking a Soviet purge culture going on here in the USA...

What's next? "Purging" firemen who talked about WTCs coming down "like it was detonated?" I'm sure we have all seen that video. Or the other firemen who said he heard "bombs going off in the building?" And finding nothing "larger than a keypad" after searching through the wreckage?

The whole world knows: Bush is a fraud. the 2000 and 2004 elections were a fraud, and 9-11 was an inside job. A criminal terrorist clique is in charge of the U.S. government and it wants to topple every country in existence to fulfil its ideological program of New World Order.

What next? 01.Oct.2005 20:18


RUmors of wars???

I need Revolution 02.Oct.2005 01:24


"Bush is a fraud. the 2000 and 2004 elections were a fraud, and 9-11 was an inside job. A criminal terrorist clique is in charge of the U.S. government and it wants to topple every country in existence to fulfil its ideological program of New World Order."

Activists of all stripes (except for the colonial activists in the White house and Pentagon) need to begin understanding the above statement so that we can FINALLY build the necessary alliances for the first time since the Inside Job of 9/11 took place. We need to "get back" to where we were after Quebec City (in a way). We need a literal Revolution in some form. And um...asap. Time is running out. If another catastropic event occurs in this country, God forbid, LET THERE BE NO DOUBT that the perpetrators are right here inside this country and their skin color for the most part is pale beige. I don't want to hear any more denial about who the real terrorists are. And we have to begin looking at them as "actual" terrorists because I fear that behind closed doors, they view themselves the same way...grinning. Talk about scary.

"For 100 lives of men I walked this earth, and now I have no time..." Gandalf the White

NY Daily Fishwrap 03.Oct.2005 17:56


Loved how the NY Daily "News" treated the story. They joked about the "Grassy Knoll" and "Crazy" conspiracy theorists. They joked also about people who think "no jumbo jet crashed at the Pentagon". I dig the fact that they even mention these things because it will inevitably just send people surfing about for these stories to see what the fuss is all about. Most New Yorkers have seen "JFK", the Oliver Stone film, and realize the government is full of shit. The 'News' even said Oswald did it all by himself (just like that other troll, Noam Chomsky). Nobody really believes that! Mayor Bloomberg belittled the chaplain in a most disgusting manner. These NY assholes are really in a tizzy now, especially with the impending fall of the Bush regime via indictments that will resemble dominoes falling all the way to the Oval Office. Just ONE Democrat with true patriotic tendencies could break the 911 conspiracy of silence if he/she wanted to. Unfortunately it's going to take a special prosecutor just like Watergate. Delay just got his second indictment, and Scooter Libby's momenrt in the spotlight will surely yield the sight of Carl Rove in the docket. Can Bush and the Prince of Darkness be far behind? There is a huge (if unheralded) movement among religious communities to expose the facts of 911, spearheaded by David Griffin and other theologians. There are many Christians who are not aligned with the hard right that despise Bush and are not afraid to help engineer an expose of the government's involvement with the events of 911. The people who brought down the Towers, shot a missle at the Pentagon, and murdered at least three planeloads of innocent passengers are among the most evil characters that ever lived. The ludicrous excuse that a handful of third-world idiots pulled this off with 'box-cutters' is the stupidest, lamest conspiracy theory ever devised. Even dumber than Oswald's 'Magic Bullet'. New York is the guaranteed capital of demonic mechanizations to keep this fable alive. It's nothing but a bad karma place, and I advise any residents still attatched to the place to get out while you still have a chance.With the right 'Event' NYC could easily become the biggest FEMA 'Stadium' of them all, with NO WAY OUT once the bridges are commandeered.