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Judith Miller's Lawyer is William "Abort Black Babies" Bennett's Brother

Criminal lawyer Bob Bennett is one of Judy Miller's several attorneys retained.

see photo here:

New York Times reporter Judith Miller hugs her attorney, Robert S. Bennett, after leaving the federal courthouse Friday in Washington.

Jailed Reporter Is Distanced From News, Not Elite Visitors
The New York Times's Judith Miller talked to 99 visitors between July and Labor Day.
 link to www.washingtonpost.com

One Washington reporter covering the case observed to [Editor & Publisher] me: "I notice that Bob Bennett is now listed as one of Miller's lawyers; that would explain the PR burst. That's how he does cases."
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The Judy File
 link to www.huffingtonpost.com

" . . . remember Miller's attorney (Bennett) is the same attorney that sat next to Bill Clinton when he lied (under oath) about a BJ during his Paula Jones deposition."
 link to www.huffingtonpost.com

Abort all black babies and cut crime, says Republican [William J. Bennett]
 link to www.guardian.co.uk
What's your point? 01.Oct.2005 10:38


Is he not allowed to practice law because his brother's a pompous racist?

what's yours, "Expat" 01.Oct.2005 12:20



Some recent articles on this subject........... 01.Oct.2005 19:41