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November 2nd, 2005, we ask area activists to support a citywide student protest that will take place at the military recruiting station in Tacoma at 3 PM. Tacoma is a military town shadowed by two large military bases, Ft. Lewis and McChord. There is an organizing meeting being held at Tacoma Community College 10-6.
We are planning to join other students across the country in organizing a mass rally and picket against military recruitment in our schools and against Bush's war in Iraq on November 2nd, the anniversary of Bush's election. We are organizing to protest and picket outside the military recruitment station at the Tacoma Mall, immediately after school on November 2nd. Contact us to help out, and check out our website for more information. This event has been endorsed by Howard Zinn and Noam Chomsky.

Build for Rally in Tacoma on Nov 2nd: Please read on!

This is a call to anyone who would like to help organize this event. Youth Against War & Racism (YAWR) is staging a citywide student protest at the Tacoma Mall for November 2nd at 3 PM, the anniversary of GWB's election. This YAWR event is one of many that will be taking place across the nation November 2nd, including a citywide student walkout in Seattle. There will be an organizing meeting at the following location:

Tacoma Community College
Thursday, October 6th
6:15 PM
Building 11 at the Internet Cafe (Formerly the game room)

Resist Military Recruiters At Schools

Warning! This fall, military recruiters will be targeting high school students in Tacoma in an attempt to reverse their sagging recruitment numbers to continue their military occupation of Iraq.

Already, over 1,900 US soldiers have been killed and over 13,800 injured in this war, while100,000 Iraqis have died. Tens of thousands of US soldiers have come back with serious mental problems, due to the shock of operating in a war situation. Military recruiters don't mention the horrors of combat and the potential for injury and death when they recruit you.

A War for Oil

It isn't the sons and daughters of the rich who are fighting this war for oil and empire. Instead, the Pentagon targets students from working class backgrounds and racial and ethnic minorities who it thinks can be bought with wild and false promises of future careers and educational benefits. $300 billion has been spent on this war, while funding for our schools has been drastically cut.

We think schools should be places of education, not military recruitment. Across the country young people are standing up to the military recruiters. In May in Tacoma, an attempt by the principal to stop anti-war students organizing an anti-war forum at Foss HS was defeated by organizing a protest on the steps of the school. Students won the right to set up an anti-war, counter-military recruitment table whenever military recruiters come to Foss HS.

This fall students active in Youth Against War and Racism (YAWR) plan to build on this success in other schools in the area. Contact us if you want to set up a YAWR club at your school.

Contact us:
Join Youth Against War and Racism and/or help us build our campaigns. Contact us at: (253) 376-6371 or  TacomaYAWR@hotmail.com. Also, check out our website at: www.yawr.org.

homepage: homepage: http://www.yawr.org
phone: phone: (253) 565-7139
address: address: kilarney@aol.com