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kboo - 0930 am 'we're not making this up' news

the morning news
1. Salmon advocates are bringing back the lawsuit
against irrigation on the upper Snake River. (That
plus the revised Endangered Species Act will get you a
turkey sandwich.)
2. The State Fish and Game police are using decoys -
no not in order to bag a duck or buck - They are after
hunters. And they bare reeling them in. Trouble is
getting the decoys reupholstered.
3. Portland is hosting the National Summit to Save Our
Elections. David Cobb will be there, Jo Ann Bowman
will be there. Tom Hartmann will be there. (And you
can be there too. Log to www.summit.oregonvrc.org.).
4. ONS: Several groups are joining together in an
attempt to call attention to Oregon's state-sanctioned
"toxic brew" in the Willamette River. (This seems
like a no-brainer; The opposition; "No! No! We love
the amateur chemistry and fecal matter in our
5. The House of Representatives has taken up
legislation to overhaul the Endangered Species Act.
This new improved ESA will make it easy for landowners
and businesses can roll over decades of progressive
reform. (This all of a piece. Remember the recent
Supreme Court 'Kelo' decision that made it possible
for the government (which is a euphemism for private
corporate interests) to take your land and hand it
over to developers? All I can say is, when its gone
its gone.)
6. Lawrence 'Next Year In Jerusalem' Franklin has
agreed to a guilty plea Franklin is a former Defense
Department analyst who apparently found it necessary
to take his work home. He took classified documents
to his house and some of them wound up in the hands of
pro-Israeli lobbyists. (What a surprise!)
7. Judith Miller got out of jail courtesy of Scooter
Libby who said essentially: "Go ahead! Tell them
everything! No one in the Bush private club is going
to get a scratch on him/herself. We are all going to
ride off into the private sector sunset after gutting
the public one."
8. The SEC has given subpoena power to investigations
looking into the stock sale Bill Frist. Hospital
Corporation of America was about to post a
less-than-rosy earnings report. Doctor Frist must
have sensed illness and sold all his stock just before
The Fall.
9. Bill Bennett (Reagan's Secretary of Education) says
that if all the Black babies were aborted the crime
rate would go down. He actually clarified and
restated this sentiment.
10.Ronnie Earle is the Travis County Texas District
Attorney responsible for the DeLay indictment. Earle
was about to retire a year ago. The he got downwind
of Tom DeLay and couldn't take the smell. Earle has
nothing to lose. He is not trying to hang onto his
job and he doesn't owe anyone any unsavory favors. My
guess is he's going run this one all the way.
11.A Flu pandemic could take out 150 million people
unless we are prepared. Judging from past performance,
planet earth will be 150 million people lighter
post-pandemic. (I can already hear Condoleeza lauding
the development opportunities now that we aren't all
so crowded...)
12.Lula da Silva has survived something that has all
the classic signs of a National Endowment for
Democracy inside job.
13.Nicaraguan ministers have denounced what they say
is a slow-motion coup (actually a run-up for the big
coup planned for Brazil.)
14.Colombia has suspended the extradition of
right-wing paramilitary warlord. Uribe's peace plan
threatens to put cases against major drug lords on the
back burner.
15.FSRN: A nationwide strike against privatization
paralyzed India yesterday. (Since the US is already
pretty much paralyzed by privatization, no one
bothered to strike in solidarity with the
16.Brace yourself: another 87 pictures (and 4
videotapes) from Abu Ghraieb are about to come out
thanks to the ACLU. The administration was initially
worried that it would undermine the public image of
the US in the Arab world. They were reassured to
learn that it absolutely couldn't sink any lower. So
enjoy those pics!
17.Dutch tax authorities have allowed a woman to
deduct expenses incurred taking a one-year course in