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Oregonian Correction: Bridge Vigil Had 3,000 Attendees

How does The Oregonian get away with reporting on events without facts?
Anyone who was interested in the peace movement in Portland may have seen the tiny Sunday Oregonian reference to the 9/24 Candlelight Bridge Vigil. The article said there were 100 or so attending. WRONG. If you were there, you knew this reporter was not there. On Wednesday, The Oregonian printed a correction: the county's bridge operation supervisor reports that 3,000 were there on the bridge with candles. (but still no picture of this absolutely dynamite visual image). How can the public learn the facts if reporters don't attend events or report what really happened? And, how can we move people to take their first babysteps toward peace and unity if they aren't told the truth, that they are joining what is now a majority of Americans, a great big Portland constiuency!?

Correction was printed - typical Corporate Media mucky-muck 29.Sep.2005 12:58


I called the OG editors they informed me that a correction was ran on 9/28

Here it is:

Wednesday, September 28, 2005


An anti-war demonstration Saturday evening on the Hawthorne, Morrison and Burnside bridges grew to a much larger crowd than had been estimated at the beginning of the event in a story in The Sunday Oregonian. Fayez Hjouj, the Multnomah County bridge operation administrator, roughly estimated the crowd over several bridges to be as many as 3,000 people.

Get it right next time Fuckos!!!