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Eyewitness Report of DC Monday Arrests

There were nine of us, who came from different parts of Oregon, to participate in the three-day events in DC. We all walked in the massive march on Saturday; on Monday two in our group chose to participate in the civil disobedience action.

About 10AM Monday morning, our group walked over to Lafayette Park, which is across the street from the White House. By 12:30 marching groups from Camp Casey and another from the Laity and Clergy group converged onto the park with great cheers from the rest of us. By now, we were about 1,000 strong. [ Read More ]

What it was like: an account of Sept. 24th D.C.

The demonstration in DC was like a convention. One lady my age touched my arm and asked, "Who would have ever thought we would have to do this again?" Then she vanished into the crowd. We all had to show up at this convention to convince ourselves that there were others in a nation of over 280 million people occupying half a continent who have not gone stark raving mad. We were the others who gathered together at Washington DC on the 24th of September, 2005 and at points all over the USA and all over the world. We move to gather again, to get to know each other. These are not "demonstrations," because it is no longer possible to demonstrate the obvious. This was and will be a gathering of strength, of information, of momentum. It was like seeing hope. It was like seeing the future as it will be; green, whether in local sustainable communities or in recovering forests outside the ruins. [ Read More ]