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Reportback from a rebellious woman: S24-Seattle

You are a rebellious woman. I will talk to your husband but not to you. You are a rebellious woman.

On the way up to Seattle we passed the time filling in madlibs packed by the spirit of creation, a mother with fire and love in her heart. Mothers must terrify the pro-Bush "Christian" death worshippers who called me a rebellious woman as I passed their contingent of two by Westlake Center. Females need one seed, then create on their own... life in all its uncomfortable, uncontrollable glory. To have your own power, your own voice, to seize your life as your own insults the death cultists, threatens their existence, gnaws thru the shabby veil of their reality construct and shows them their uselessness, base cowardice and petty, peevish, shoe-licking opportunism. They must silence all but the 3rd tier death-worshipping zombies from which they draw the small amount of spark it takes them to somnambulate and try to spread their filth. And forget the Christ they say they worship. A man if not a god who died for what he believed and shared a compassion which threatened the already parasitic power structure. [ read more ]

S24 - Seattle Pictures: The Good: cheerleaders gave the small anti-imperialist contingent a much-needed boost in ENERGY. if they hadn't been there, it would've been a little drab. i wish i had pictures. The Bad: the arrest of some guy and the docile liberal reaction to it. "oh lets just all get on the sidewalk" this one old hippy guy was like "i say we all get off the street and go listen to some more speeches!" [ read more ]

What I did to get arrested: "And I wonder what that poor guy we saw getting arrested did to deserve it?" Funny you should ask. According to the police report, the reason I was arrested was "pedestrian interference". I have two ideas why they chose me. First, I asked what law I was breaking by standing in the street (they never answered me by the way). Second, I suspect I was recognized by a few of the cops (at the J20 event for example, I managed to piss a cop off enough he had to leave the front line, pointing at me saying, "he's the first to go!" I think I've gotten the attention of a few of them...). [ September 24th Protest in Seattle ]

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