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Witness Globally, Lobby Locally

S24 Mobilization national lobby day, on the home front: delivering the mail to Oregon's Federal legislators, with a special message for residents of the third district
On Sept. 26, representatives of Veterans for Peace Chapter 72, Code Pink Portland, St. Luke's Lutheran Church, WILPF, Oregonians Against the War, and OPW visited the Portland offices of Senators Smith and Wyden, and Representatives Blumenauer and Wu. We delivered messages urging the legislators to take action to bring the war to an immediate end, which included: a formal letter from the members of VFP72 (see attached .pdf file), individual letters and petitions, and more than 1,300 post cards to the two senators, 1,000 of which were signed at the Saturday Bridge Vigil. Letters were delivered to Rep. Darlene Hooley's office on Sept. 27.

The interaction with the legislators' staffs was predictably courteous and bland, with the exception of Earl Blumenauer's staff, who were clearly happy to see us and with whom we carried on the only real lobbying dialog of the day (see below).

How many people (approximately) attended:


Anything of special interest that occurred:

During our visit to Earl Blumenauer's office, his staff told us that the Congressman's position on the Iraq war is shifting to one of withdrawal. That's shift-ING. You can read about it at


They emphasized that he is seeking feedback from his constituents, as the last line of the web page says.

He needs a nudge. He's not in the anti-war camp yet, but he could be.

If you're in the third Congressional District *, please take the time to send him a message, however short, telling him to bring the troops home. Here's some text you can cut and paste:

Bring the U.S. troops home now.

Re-establish Iraqi sovereignty immediately.

Allow the Iraqi people, not foreigners, to make the decisions about the future of their country, including security and the structure of their economy. They must be permitted to control Iraq's reconstruction, and the corporate invasion of Iraq must be ended and the privatization laws passed under the occupation repealed.

Establish a program under which the United States will pay for the reconstruction of and reparations to Iraq, in accordance with international law.

* If you don't know, don't be embarrassed. Here's the "find your legislator" link:


homepage: homepage: http://www.vfpchapter72.org

Blumenauer voted for the war in June 27.Sep.2005 23:48

Lynn Porter

 link to www.govtrack.us

 link to www.bloomberg.com

Blumenaur, and the rest of our House reps, voted for the 2006 Defense appropriations bill, which included $45 billion for the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. They will keep on doing this until we make them feel the heat. Go to their town hall meetings and tell them, loudly and disrespectfully, that they must vote against appropriations for the war. This is the only way Congress has to stop the war -- cut off the funding. Make them move.

Blumenauer is anti-war 29.Sep.2005 23:17


Blumenauer has voted against the war at every step: against the resolution in the International Relations Committee and in the whole House, and against every funding bill, repeatedly. One vote - as part of a much larger bill - doesn't mean he "voted for the war."